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1/22/2022 9:53:04 AM

Told ya' ...
Happy Thanksgiving 2021 << >>Post Follow-up
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msg #158093 11/23/2021 9:17:06 AM
Have a great Thanksgiving everyone and ...
get out of your LONG positions before you lose all your money.

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1/23/2022 8:48:06 AM

I just saw one of the most stupid news headings ever ... "Is the market crashing?"
Well, duhhhh ... I put out a warning before Thanksgiving 2021.
NOT rocket science.

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1/24/2022 6:21:28 AM

So many new traders in the last 2 years. Most don't have any idea what a pullback,
correction or crash even looks like.

Stocks trading below their 200 day moving average are at about 70 - 75%. Six
months ago, it was almost opposite.

Too many people rely on watching the indexes. They are artificially propped up
by the largest weighted stocks. The majority of stocks have been falling for

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1/24/2022 7:10:09 AM

@ Snappyfrog,
Re: "The majority of stocks have been falling for

Many are down more than 50% since I posted my original message @ Thanksgiving.
I could see it coming a mile away.
And, furthermore, I DON'T expect a recovery anytime soon.

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1/24/2022 7:12:19 AM

BTW, just so I don't sound self-righteous .. I held on to ONE stock - a covid play.
Still holding and I've lost a ton ...
I don't expect to recover that money - ever.

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1/24/2022 7:53:45 AM

I'm just glad I got out of BTC and ETH. I made less than 1 percent on BTC and 17% on ETH.

I monitor the Greg Mannarino chat room and there are so many people on there crying the blues because Greg has been saying, buy the dip. Not many using TA.


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1/24/2022 8:45:49 AM

That is why there is SDS

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1/24/2022 8:33:41 PM

I would like to offer a contrarian view. This is not a crash. It is a re-balance from growth stocks to bonds.

When the Fed lowered interest rates to essentialy zero, no one wanted bonds. Who wants a potential return of .01%? Any growth is better than zero interest which is what bonds and CDs have been offering. So everyone piled into growth stocks and abandoned bonds. Bonds took a dive, growth stocks soared.

Now the opposite is happening. Fed is raising interest rates 3 times this year, likely 4. Bonds will have interest again. Everyone is dumping their growth stocks and re-balancing to bonds.

Not a crash, just scales moving up and down on each side. This is cyclical and hardly the first, second, third, or Nth time this has happened. It's also why value stocks didn't take as big a hit. As of today, the NASDAQ (growth stocks) is down 14% compared to the DOW (value stocks) only down 7%. Growth stocks will reach their (deserved) nadir and begin the climb back up.

Caveat: if the Fed can't reel in this inflation, then the exodus in growth stocks will continue and few will be coming in to buy (read: it keeps going down).

Just another point of view and most definitely not financial advice. As always, research and come to your own conclusions.

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1/24/2022 9:59:00 PM

Everyone remembers the great Covid correction and it came back from that.

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1/25/2022 11:13:58 AM

You know after posting last night of the early 2020. I looked at different charts that was back in early spring of 2020 say February and by early march when markets kicked back up. There were a lot of great oversold buying opportunities. So let the selloffs continue. I see why Buffet said buy when people are fearful.

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