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General Discussion · Only The Geniuses
msg #157656
9/24/2021 5:50:04 PM

I wouldn't call myself a genius, but I'll toss in an answer from back here in the peanut gallery.

C. Ride out your loss & switch end of day.

If your system and back-testing is based on close-of-day, then you can't make up new rules on the fly. You make your trades on the close of the day. Otherwise, you're no longer playing your system.

Think of a system that's based on weekly charts. If Tuesday you got a "get out" signal, but your back-testing is based on the close of each Friday, would you get out? The answer should be no. You ignore the in-between times and take action on your system's closing period.

The same applies no matter what time frame you're using.

General Discussion · How to code Closing Range
msg #157593
9/17/2021 9:50:37 AM

set{x1,close - low}
set{x2,high - low}
x3 <= 0.25

add column x3

Filter Exchange · Need help to write filter
msg #157559
9/12/2021 11:57:29 AM

See my response in this post as it answers your question:

As for your specific solution:

/* Highest Low in last 10 days */
set{L10DH,low 10-day high}

/* Flashy stuff and things */
not otcbb
add column L10DH {Highest Low in Last 10 days}
draw price line at L10DH

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157552
9/11/2021 8:29:32 PM


I believe Cheese is referring to this post:

To clarify, it was kossvet's idea to enter at the close of Friday and sell Monday. My idea was to set a 1% trailing stop-loss at 2% profit to possibly capture some more gains.

Filter Exchange · TRO'S CROCK POT 2.0
msg #157403
8/17/2021 8:34:50 PM

The variable up2% is not a defined variable. Use up2.0 instead.

set{diff, up2.0 - 2.0%belowopen}
add column diff

General Discussion · Stocks that beat the SP500
msg #157398
8/17/2021 5:21:43 PM

Here are tickers that beat the S&P over a 1-year period.

add column sector
Relative Strength(^INX,252) > 1.0
252-day slope of Relative Strength(^INX,252) > 0

chart-time 1 year

Filter Exchange · how to get a lowest of lows of last 8 days for a stock?
msg #157141
7/3/2021 12:30:17 PM

not otcbb
add column low 8 day low
draw price line at low 8 day low

Filter Exchange · Option Filter : any profitable improvement ideas
msg #157130
6/30/2021 8:26:15 PM

Cheese, a neutral options strategy wins when the underlying stock stays in its current range, i.e. neutral. You don't want the stock to rise too much nor drop too low, but instead stay within the two prices determined by the break even points. They are also known as non-directional strategies.

The filter I posted shows you the range those stocks are trading in. The filter returns stocks that are right at the midpoint of the existing range, which is the best time to enter a neutral strategy.

Stock Picks and Trading · BB Squeeze NWFL
msg #157111
6/29/2021 9:03:14 PM

It's been in a protracted TTM_Squeeze, too. This thing is ready for a breakout. Good catch.

Filter Exchange · Option Filter : any profitable improvement ideas
msg #157110
6/29/2021 8:53:17 PM

Here is a neutral options filter (Iron Condor, Iron Butterfly, Short Straddle, Short Strangle).

Disclaimer: You will lose money with options if you don't know what you're doing. Not financial advice. Trading options can and will likely lead to losses.

market is not etf
close > 10
average volume(30) > 1234567

Price touched center linear regression line(60)

add column LRS(60)
add column upper
add column lower
LRS(60) between 0.0009 and -0.0009

set{upper,high 60 day high}
set{lower,low 60 day low}
draw price line at upper on plot close
draw price line at lower on plot close

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