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General Discussion · How can I script the Moving Average of the Low of High daily price(s)?
msg #154505
10/30/2020 2:41:20 AM



draw Low_ma on plot price
draw ma(20)
draw High_ma on plot price

General Discussion · days ago is when?
msg #154504
10/30/2020 2:34:25 AM

When you run a filter, it tells you the number of results on the right side, below the "Filter Assist" box. There, it tells you from what day and date the results are from, e.g. "575 results from Thursday October 29, 2020." In your filter, 1 day ago would be Wednesday October 28th, 2020. No need to put "0 days ago" on filters.

When the market closed today, it was still Thursday October 20, 2020. I am writing this message on Friday at 2:30am, but results are still for Thursday. They will remain so until roughly 20 minutes after the market open on Friday.

open is below MA(50) 1 days ago
and close is above MA(50)

Filter Exchange · Filter for High volatility pennystocks
msg #154441
10/26/2020 11:05:37 AM

Based on average true range. You can change the following value to suit your needs:

volty > 1

close < 1

set{atrh,atr(14) 52-week high}
set{atrl,atr(14) 52-week low}
set{atrd,atrh - atrl}
set{volty,atr(14) / atrd}

volty > 1

add column volty
draw volty
sort column 5 descending
chart-time 1 year

Filter Exchange · Help with this filter
msg #154417
10/23/2020 9:25:02 AM

It's weird. Any time I try to add a statement that contains "trigger 1 day ago" the filter breaks. As in it doesn't return any results. Take the line away and results come back.

I've tried the following:

trigger 1 day ago equals 0

add column trigger 1 day ago

count(trigger 1 day ago < 1,1) equals 1

They all break. Yours works nibor100?

General Discussion · A very unexpected use of Donchian Center & Lower Bands
msg #154396
10/20/2020 5:54:49 PM

Here is a visual of Cheese's observations. Definitely going to need advanced sub for this one.

styliten modified 10/17/2020 3:36:32 AM


/* LRI(5) moving price band in red */

and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.40)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.35)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.30)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.25)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.20)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.15)

/* Moving Resistance Band in Green*/

and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(8, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(9, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(10, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(11, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(12, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(13, 0), 25) on plot price

/* Moving Bottom Band in Purple*/

and draw clri(Donchian Lower Band(3, 0), 18) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Lower Band(4, 0), 18) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Lower Band(5, 0), 18) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Lower Band(6, 0), 18) on plot price

/* ********************************************************************************************** */
/* ********************************************************************************************** */

/* */
/* snappyfrog 10/19/2020 8:29:31 AM */
/*Written by Xarlor after my request for something that matched WeeklyandDailyMACD from ToS*/

set{Weekly_MACD,wk1 - wk2}

set{Daily_MACD,dy1 - dy2}

set{Weekly_and_Daily_MACD,Weekly_MACD + Daily_MACD}

draw Weekly_and_Daily_MACD
draw Weekly_MACD on plot Weekly_and_Daily_MACD
draw Weekly_and_Daily_MACD line at 0

chart-time 4 months

/* Cheese's Uptrend
prices are above both of sty's ribbons
snappy's Weekly_and_Daily_MACD above Weekly_MACD */

set{x1,count(close > clri(Donchian Center Band(8,0),25),1)}
set{x2,count(close > clri(Donchian Center Band(9,0),25),1)}
set{x3,count(close > clri(Donchian Center Band(10,0),25),1)}
set{x4,count(close > clri(Donchian Center Band(11,0),25),1)}
set{x5,count(close > clri(Donchian Center Band(12,0),25),1)}
set{x6,count(close > clri(Donchian Center Band(13,0),25),1)}
set{x7,x1 * x2}
set{x8,x7 * x3}
set{x9,x8 * x4}
set{x10,x9 * x5}
set{x11,x10 * x6}

set{y1,count(close > clri(Donchian Lower Band(3,0),18),1)}
set{y2,count(close > clri(Donchian Lower Band(4,0),18),1)}
set{y3,count(close > clri(Donchian Lower Band(5,0),18),1)}
set{y4,count(close > clri(Donchian Lower Band(6,0),18),1)}
set{y5,y1 * y2}
set{y6,y5 * y3}
set{y7,y6 * y4}

set{z1,count(Weekly_and_Daily_MACD > Weekly_MACD,1)}

set{uptrend1,x11 * y7}
set{uptrend,uptrend1 * z1}
uptrend > -1

/* Cheese's Downtrend
prices are below EITHER of sty's ribbons
snappy's Weekly_and_Daily_MACD below Weekly_MACD */

set{j1,count(close < clri(Donchian Center Band(8,0),25),1)}
set{j2,count(close < clri(Donchian Center Band(9,0),25),1)}
set{j3,count(close < clri(Donchian Center Band(10,0),25),1)}
set{j4,count(close < clri(Donchian Center Band(11,0),25),1)}
set{j5,count(close < clri(Donchian Center Band(12,0),25),1)}
set{j6,count(close < clri(Donchian Center Band(13,0),25),1)}
set{j7,j1 * j2}
set{j8,j7 * j3}
set{j9,j8 * j4}
set{j10,j9 * j5}
set{j11,j10 * j6}

set{k1,count(close < clri(Donchian Lower Band(3,0),18),1)}
set{k2,count(close < clri(Donchian Lower Band(4,0),18),1)}
set{k3,count(close < clri(Donchian Lower Band(5,0),18),1)}
set{k4,count(close < clri(Donchian Lower Band(6,0),18),1)}
set{k5,k1 * k2}
set{k6,k5 * k3}
set{k7,k6 * k4}

set{l1,count(Weekly_and_Daily_MACD < Weekly_MACD,1)}

set{downtrend1,j11 + k7}
set{downtrend,downtrend1 + l1}
downtrend > -1

Filter Exchange · Weekly and Daily MACD on Same Graph
msg #154377
10/19/2020 2:47:41 PM

Thanks for sharing how you put this indicator to use, snappyfrog.

I understand your entry points and they do look quite enticing. You mentioned you use this indictator to let your winners run. What is your exit signal? Weekly_and_Daily_MACD crossing below Weekly_MACD or zero? Profit target? Something else?

Good stuff!

General Discussion · Scan for Weekly Charts
msg #154376
10/19/2020 2:36:05 PM

From the usage guide:


Chart-display is a very specific phrase that tells a chart to be converted to weekly mode. Like the other chart options, this does not affect screening results; instead it provides another way to draw the chart. By telling StockFetcher to place the chart in weekly mode, all of the plots, including price, are converted to the appropriate weekly values. Any measures or indicators that were a part of the screen are also converted to their weekly counterpart. As an example, below is a screen that looks for a 10 and 50 day moving average crossover.

MA(10) crossed above the MA(50)

Adding the phrase chart-display is weekly to this screen doesn’t affect the individual matches; however, it does convert our averages from 10 and 50 day to 10 and 50 week averages. The new example is:

MA(10) crossed above the MA(50)
and chart-display is weekly

While providing the ability to analyze weekly charts, this addition can be confusing when verifying that a particular condition occurred. Therefore, it is important to be careful when using weekly charts.

Filter Exchange · Linear Regression Slope based on Moving Average
msg #154355
10/17/2020 10:35:06 AM

Does this help?

draw 20 day slope of ma(10)
draw 20 day slope of ma(20)

General Discussion · Weekly and Daily MACD combined please ?
msg #154347
10/16/2020 10:26:21 PM

set{Weekly_MACD,wk1 - wk2}

set{Daily_MACD,dy1 - dy2}

set{Weekly_and_Daily_MACD,Weekly_MACD + Daily_MACD}

draw Weekly_and_Daily_MACD
draw Weekly_MACD on plot Weekly_and_Daily_MACD
draw Weekly_and_Daily_MACD line at 0

chart-time 1 year

Filter Exchange · Weekly Reversal Strategy
msg #154338
10/15/2020 2:45:13 PM


Did you really mean to set weekly exit like this

set{exit,count(close crossed below ema(10),1)}
exit > -1

Yes, I meant the weekly exit to be the close crossing below EMA(10). That's what the author alludes to as an exit, though it is not explicitly stated in the video. He may have slightly different criteria, but it definitely seems to be based on price crossing EMA(10) in some fashion.

I tried playing around with Parabolic SAR after your post. It performed worse than the EMA(10) exit, at least on the default setting and a few other settings I tried.

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