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General Discussion · Good study guide for going long during this volatile time.
msg #155180
1/3/2021 4:06:35 PM

@ safeTRADE

Very Interesting!!!

Stock Picks and Trading · Happy New year!!
msg #155171
1/1/2021 3:43:58 PM

Happy New Year to you too!

General Discussion · A very unexpected use of Donchian Center & Lower Bands
msg #155150
12/31/2020 3:31:15 AM

Your very Welcome!

General Discussion · XIV FEB 5, 2018 Three Year Memorial
msg #155113
12/26/2020 3:40:31 PM


General Discussion · Merry Christmas to all!
msg #155086
12/24/2020 5:51:08 PM

Merry Christmas to all SF user's . Hope you and your Family have a Happy and safe Christmas.



Stock Picks and Trading · AMRS
msg #155045
12/21/2020 9:19:54 PM

Thanks GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

General Discussion · Question to you all on my suggestion to have......
msg #155034
12/20/2020 6:38:04 PM

The “up-level” subscription isn't a bad idea at all. Just depends what SF is willing to do. SF work's fine for me in scans and setup charts.

I use SF for the scans and TC2000 web version / Silver version (9.99 a month) for my charts. Also Finviz for scans also sometimes. Some traders out there think you need to pay a lot of money for some monthly fancy setups. We all get the same price action and volume. Its what we add to that gets the setups we want.

The only thing so far with TC2000 Silver version is they shut down mid-mornings to 11 PM CST on Saturday's for maintenance.

General Discussion · Question to you all on my suggestion to have......
msg #155025
12/19/2020 11:35:14 AM

Your Welcome!
Merry Christmas to you also!!!

General Discussion · Question to you all on my suggestion to have......
msg #155022
12/18/2020 9:33:13 PM

Can't hurt.

General Discussion · UVXY Missing From Search
msg #154990
12/17/2020 12:30:33 PM

I had some issue's a few days ago when price wasn't updating the normal delay. Mine was like it quit updating around 11 AM CST.

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