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if condition in SF?njjstocks57/16/2024 6:15:38 PM
Converting A Resultant Number To A Percentagegruender37/11/2024 5:38:05 PM
Public offering and closinghballa37/11/2024 10:56:37 AM
Exclude OTCBB/Othernjjstocks147/4/2024 8:04:33 AM
Rare Market Cap Error: NASDAQ vs Yahoo Finance / Finvizstyliten07/3/2024 7:18:31 PM
Stop Lossessnappyfrog56/28/2024 7:27:53 PM
max() seems not to work with variables from set{}?aristid7316/22/2024 2:56:54 PM
AAGIYstyliten16/20/2024 12:31:36 PM
Market Cap / Shares outstanding data errorstyliten06/19/2024 12:18:18 PM
counting the number of crossoversse56/18/2024 2:23:37 PM
Sector ETFs in one indicatorsnappyfrog76/14/2024 10:45:14 PM
'Special' Symbolslorypanna26/9/2024 6:23:18 AM
Can someone please clarify to me why the DMA is so significa...BlackBars266/9/2024 1:25:23 AM
Occurrences -- Count() Questionlis55/27/2024 3:00:10 PM
Price Alertssbeckers05/23/2024 12:25:59 PM
!0/21 week convergence help please?Smpoll45/20/2024 7:53:05 PM
volume spike within certain amount of daysdunno55/9/2024 10:39:51 PM
POLITICS GOES HERETheRumpledOne7525/9/2024 10:27:54 PM
Sort by Symlist PositionRPbb2021$$75/7/2024 7:19:12 AM
4HR time frame chart MA scan?shanedogg15/6/2024 3:34:54 PM
A look at the $SPX - MA 50 , MA200Mactheriverrat274/23/2024 8:24:06 PM
Custom DMA functionstyliten04/23/2024 2:40:23 PM
Watcha been humming lately? Share ure favorite tunes...nikoschopen2724/19/2024 12:23:38 AM
Weekly count of one standard deviation moves15minofPham144/5/2024 3:51:06 PM
Help with script scan to be scanning for "2 days ago"traderedcheong13/24/2024 10:22:48 AM
Not getting the intended resultsJohnT32873/15/2024 2:49:44 PM
screen questioncasterlink13/14/2024 4:45:51 PM
NewbieGSHutch43/8/2024 8:03:31 PM
Avg high > open % on only up and down weeks15minofPham272/21/2024 9:52:53 AM
Stockfetcher - is it dead?rafting101172/20/2024 10:31:53 AM
Daily Chartoperez8652/16/2024 3:51:21 PM
Consolidation between 2 price linesjjmcguire02/15/2024 10:59:11 PM
Filter expression for trying to find high price in last 4 we...rudeStock22/15/2024 10:05:34 PM
Before the Stock Open Scanneroperez8632/15/2024 4:58:34 PM
Filter Help - Wrong Resultscompren12/11/2024 1:15:21 PM
StockFetcher’s Limited Newer Apple Pad User-Abilitymarine222/9/2024 7:33:45 PM
Undefined Resultsbutlerinthehome12/9/2024 11:56:56 AM
Question to Canadian Traderstimfor12/8/2024 11:35:02 PM
Weekly chart to match Daily chartsnappyfrog152/4/2024 9:52:49 PM
Gap Up/Down 2 SDs15minofPham22/2/2024 1:53:23 AM
Count of value in between two user valuespush528042/1/2024 12:35:09 PM
Value of Big 7snappyfrog101/24/2024 11:15:38 PM
Close to Open GapDrakcap21/22/2024 7:34:09 AM
watching sp500 plus spx and goldaristid73111/12/2024 7:16:04 AM
help me set my filterbadarusa112/30/2023 2:12:00 PM
Basic Question On How Moving Average Formulationmsteve212/26/2023 7:26:28 PM
rsi(14) a bove 40mohammadss11011/30/2023 10:03:40 PM
Earnings and divedendsSmpoll211/10/2023 10:15:52 AM
Forget the S&P 500. Pay attention to the S&P 493dwiggains011/9/2023 4:49:52 PM
Looking for Help Building an ANTS (MVP) filterschaballa211/3/2023 11:03:30 PM
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