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msg #150502
1/24/2020 7:34:15 PM

Speaking of "repo" ...

Good luck, longs!
All I've got to say is, never be the last drunk to leave the party.

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msg #150484
1/23/2020 8:02:57 PM

@ Mac,
Re: "MO"
I was talking about "Missing Out" (as in "FOMO").
Cheese thought I was giving a "hot tip" ... MO.

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msg #150463
1/22/2020 1:40:43 PM

Ok, got it! I should be bullish FOREVER 'cuz "they" (the powers that be) learned from 2018. The same 2018 that made me lose trust in the markets.
Okay, I got it! These guys are in DAVOS and they're NOT kidding.



Enjoy your day ... and the free money.

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msg #150458
1/22/2020 10:10:04 AM

Is that what you're smokin'?
I did NOT say I was bullish.

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msg #150457
1/22/2020 10:05:42 AM

As per my post last week, here's where I disagree with Klein ...

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msg #150355
modified 1/16/2020 11:12:09 AM
I also want to bring to your attention that the VIX has not been @ 10 since .. (edited) for a long time.
This is strange to me ...
Every week, we hit new highs, but the VIX doesn't react.
Larew's tweets are must reading.
NO ONE is buying puts.
No one is hedging.

Klein: Posted by Klein on 1/22/20 9:33 AM
"VIX at 12 usually indicates a market top"

Me: Yeah, okay. But, it ain't happening.
This time IS different and frankly, as I've mentioned before, this is part of the Prz.'s MAGA plan.
Not griping --- just sayin' ...
I'm surprised he'd expect "the little guy" to jump in at these levels.
It's real hard for me to buy something that was 90% cheaper less than a year ago.

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msg #150449
1/22/2020 9:08:34 AM

From Joanne Klein on Stockcharts:
"We are in the 10th year of a Bull Market (longest in history). "

Personally, ...
why daytrading in a secular bull market was too much work ... and a waste of my time and money.
Only gamblers think they can time the market .. and they usually come up short.
Frankly, knowing what type of market climate you're in, is more valuable than any short-term filter.

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msg #150448
1/22/2020 8:26:44 AM

@ cheese,
"MO" means "missing out" (i.e., FOMO).
U didn't buy MO, right?
You were kidding right? LOL!

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msg #150435
1/21/2020 11:44:37 AM


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msg #150410
1/19/2020 8:16:25 AM


"It sucks being the only sober guy in a bar full of drunks. That is until they barf all over themselves."

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msg #150405
1/18/2020 6:10:34 PM

@ cheese,

Reading material ...
If you're suffering from FOMO, read this ...
"Don’t be left behind? Don’t be left holding the bag more likely."

No response is necessary.
The record is here for historical purposes.
I'm interested in how this'll play out in an election year!


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