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msg #153974
9/8/2020 3:16:36 PM

WIZ - you can either buy and hold and in the long run you will beat the S&P because Storm Guard will move to bear ETFs. You are correct, you will give some back until Storm Guard kicks in. Buy on the dip or after a decent correction. Good for taxable accounts. Also, remember you can play the chart and always sell. I

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153859
9/1/2020 11:16:26 AM

Look at the very bottom of the page.

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153855
9/1/2020 10:06:40 AM

WIZ will be holding:

Daily Report: 08/31/2020 09:39 PM PT
Rebalance Evaluation at Market Close: 08/31/2020
Rebalance Effective at Market Close: 09/01/2020

Symbol Weight ETF Name
LQD 10% iShares iBoxx Investment Grade Bd ETF
USIG 10% iShares Broad USD Invm Grade Bond ETF
QQQ 10% Invesco QQQ ETF - Extended
IWY 10% iShares Russell Top 200 Growth ETF
MGK 10% Vanguard MegaCap Growth ETF
VOOG 15% Vanguard S&P 500 Growth ETF
ARKK 20% ARK Innovation ETF
ARKW 15% ARK Web x0 ETF

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153446
8/6/2020 11:38:30 AM

Nibor - I understand now. Most of the ETFs in that filter are not included in the current allocations of WIZ. I was trying to show how WIZ performed against a variety of ETFs since its 11/1/19 inception date.

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153443
8/6/2020 9:36:06 AM

Nibor - You stated "the comment you have next to the symlist in the filter you posted seems to indicate that is a list of ETFs that WIZ held on 7/16/20." Do you have a message number I can reference? I do not know the post you are talking about. With that said, as far as I know, WIZ has not switched from bullish to bearish stance since inception. So technically, WIZ has been allocated to holding 6 Bullish ETFs and 2 bond ETFs. If SwanGuard would have been in play, WIZ would have gone to the bearish side. Have you looked at the data in the Monthly Spreadsheet on the site? Remember Merylyn publishes the ETFs 24 hours in advance so anyone could go on the site, look up the new allocations, and purchase the underlying ETFs if one chooses to do so instead of WIZ. You can buy and sell as you wish.

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153442
8/6/2020 9:13:24 AM

Nibor - Sorry you bought the book. You can get if free here

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153408
8/4/2020 12:35:48 PM

With SwanGuard, WIZ would have moved to safe haven ETFs on February 26 and moved back to the 80/20 allocations on April 9th, which would have equated to a 35.15 YTD gain.

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153407
8/4/2020 12:26:09 PM

Offset this filter at 189 days, which is when WIZ went live.

Fetcher[SYMLIST(mdy,qqq,vgt,fdn,rpv,efa,ief,shy,wiz,spy,tlt,jnk,gld,lqd,hyls,tlh,blv,angl,hyg,myy,dog,corp,sh,agg,slv,usmv,splv,scz) /* WIZ porfolio a of 2020 07 16 */

set {rateor1, close - close 28 days ago}
set {rateor2, rateor1 / close}
set {rateor, rateor2 * 100}

set {rs1, relative strength(^INX,28)} /* S&P 500 Index */
set {rs2, relative strength(^DJIA,28)} /* Dow Jones Industrial Average */
set {rs3, relative strength(^RUI,28)} /* Russell 1000 */
set {rs4, relative strength(^IXIC,28)} /* NASDAQ Composite */
set {rsavg1, rs1 + rs2}
set {rsavg2, rs3 + rs4}
set {rsavg3, rsavg1 + rsavg2}
set {rsavg, rsavg3 / 4}

/* SHARPE RATIO (the higher the ratio the riskier the investment) */
set {srclose, close 28 days ago}
set {srreturn, close - srclose}
set {srpercent, srreturn / srclose}
set {rfreturn, 0.0015417}
set {srperf, srpercent - rfreturn}
set {etfstdev, cstddev(close,28)}
set {etfvol, etfstdev / ma(28)}
set {sharpe, srperf / etfvol}

set {score1, rateor + rsavg}
set {score2, score1 + sharpe}
set {score, score2 / 3}

close is > 5

draw ema(21)
draw ema(63)
draw NVI on plot NVI
draw PVI on plot NVI

add column separator
add column rateor1 {change}
add column rateor {ror}
add column rsavg {rel str}
add column sharpe
add column score
sort column 10 descending
chart-display is weekly

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153406
8/4/2020 12:18:06 PM

Sandjco - you are correct, WIZ did not avoid the downfall. With this said as of August 1st, Merlyn has implemented SwanGuard. One can technically buy and hold WIZ forever if one chooses to do so. In a bull market, WIZ allocates 80% to the strongest Equity ETFs and 20% to the strongest 2 bonds funds out of their universe of 500 ETFs. based on their selection algorithms. During a bear market, WIZ will reallocate to safe-haven ETFs like TLT, GLD, HYQ, LQD, IEF. Merlyn is claiming WIZ would have gain 38.6% in 2008. I think WIZ is a great option, especially if you want to buy and hold for the long run to lower your long term capital gain taxes. So in essence all of the work is done for you. There are some current cons right now like low volume. WIZ went live on November 1st.

ANNOUNCING: SwanGuard Vaccination is Here!

All Strategies with StormGuard-Armor enabled will now additionally be protected in the future from sharp, nasty, Black Swan events (like the COVID-19 crash) by our new SwanGuard algorithm.

Stock Picks and Trading · WIZ holdings
msg #153401
8/4/2020 10:55:30 AM

Nice Graf!

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