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Filter Exchange · Murder Hornets Scan
msg #157657
9/24/2021 8:07:40 PM

Snappy,how are the signals generated? Is 5 signals going long better than 2?
Does the entry trigger have anything to do with price crossing over the moving averages?
What's the most profitable hold time? Thanks,Miketranz...

There are actually 6 signals which are listed below:

Signals ****
Set{cdm_7,count( cma(DMA(7,-5),7) > cma(DMA(7,-5),7) 1day ago,1)}

set{c_13, count (close > ema(13),1)}
set{c_30, count (close > ema(30),1)}
set{rs_53, count (rsi(14) > 53,1)}

set{pvi_22, count (pvi > pvi 22 day low, 1)}

set{wd_up, count (Weekly_and_Daily_MACD > Weekly_MACD,1)}

The scan brings up stocks that have at least 2 signals AFTER having less
than 2 signals the day before. It doesn't matter which 2 signals hit first although
DMA and price closing above the EMA(13) tend to happen first.

These stocks can run hard or fail tomorrow, just like with any scan results.
However; I've found that when price moves up the following day, the signals
can quickly rise to 5 or even 6. As soon as I see the signals drop from 6 down
to 5, this is my signal to be looking for an exit. If the trade is weak, it may only
go up to 3 or 4 signals before falling. I would still look for an exit when the
signals level off or start falling.

My exit can then be based on resistance, trend lines, etc. But, I normally
will set a trailing stop loss and let the sell happen automatically, if I am trading
stocks. If options, then I have a set mental stop for the amount I am willing to give back.

I use the two Stochastic oscillators to give me clues on the strength of the
move and whether it might be a short or longer swing trade.

I like them to make a fast / slow line cross below the 50 line, the lower the
better. The Stochastic (20,20,2) tells me about short trades and the (40,40,4) the longer runs.

Filter Exchange · Murder Hornets Scan
msg #157639
9/23/2021 9:24:26 AM

Wow, thanks meatyboy

Filter Exchange · Murder Hornets Scan
msg #157632
9/22/2021 6:01:58 PM

ZachyTrader, it doesn't show on the bullish scan until there are 2 signals. I then look for a higher open or high the next day for entry. Exits are based on resistance, trend lines or weakness on the oscillators.

General Discussion · Filter not working
msg #157585
9/14/2021 12:21:48 PM

nibor100, you are correct again.

General Discussion · Hull Moving Averages
msg #157584
9/14/2021 12:20:08 PM

Crossovers are not how this was designed. Hull said to look at the turns for quicker entries. This is still a neat way of setting up his request though.

"Although crossover signals (e.g. where a shorter-term MA crosses a longer-term MA) are popular with many types of moving averages, HMA creator Alan Hull does not recommend using crossovers with HMAs, because that technique depends on looking at differences in lag between the two moving averages, and the lag has already been greatly reduced in Hull Moving Averages. Instead, he recommends looking at turning points to identify entries and exits...."

Filter Exchange · Need help to write filter
msg #157577
9/13/2021 10:49:45 PM


awesome, some great ideas for me to work with now!

General Discussion · Filter not working
msg #157571
9/12/2021 3:28:24 PM

" I thought that Count returned only integers but apparently not."

It does return integers, so I set it to less than 1 (.99) so as not to show anything above 0.

General Discussion · Filter not working
msg #157568
9/12/2021 2:58:40 PM

Run this and go back 1 day.

apply to symlist(ORGN)

Set{rsi71, count( rsi(7) > 50 ,1)}
add column rsi(7)
add column rsi71
draw rsi71 < .99
/*show stocks where rsi71 = 0 */

chart-time is 3 months

date offset 13

General Discussion · How to create my custom Retrace Indicator?
msg #157566
9/12/2021 2:08:54 PM

I don't remember who posted this originally, but the DMA 5% filter picked it a few days ago also. I find this a good filter for pullbacks.

/*Go long when DMA IS 5% above price AND when you see a reversal signal at the bottom i.e "Doji", "D-cross","B-Thrusting Line",or exhausted volume spike. The trend is confirmed(add to position) when the ema(3)crosses above DMA, and start taking profits when ema(13)crosses above DMA.*/

market is not OTCBB
market is not ETF
EMA(3)crossed below DMA(28,-14) in the last 10 days
and EMA(3) > EMA(3) 1 day ago
and EMA(13) is below DMA(28,-14)
and average volume(90)is above 1000000
and volume is above 1000000
and close > 3
and DMA(28,-14) > 5% above close
Add column RSI(14)
Add column slow stochastics(5,3)

set{ emaUp, count(ema(3) > ema(3) 1 days ago, 1)}
draw emaUp

set{ cogUp, count(cog(5) > cema(cog(5),3) 1 days ago, 1)}
draw cogUp

Filter Exchange · Murder Hornets Scan
msg #157562
9/12/2021 1:31:56 PM

Thank you Cheese

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