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4/23/2019 11:31:41 PM

and ema(8) is above ema(21)
Draw ema(8)
draw ema(21)

*/ e8e21 is number of consecutive days ema(8) above (+)/below(-) previous EMA(21) */
set{e8e21b,days( ema(8) is above eMA(21) ,250)}
set{e8e21a,days( ema(8) is below eMA(21) ,250)}
set{e8e21, e8e21a - e8e21b} and add column e8e21 {e8e21}
do not Draw e8e21

Set{cntema8crossaboveema21,count( eMA(8) > eMA(21) ,1)}
draw cntema8crossaboveema21

Set{cntema8crossaboveema21b,count( eMA(8)< eMA(21) ,1)}

draw cntema8crossaboveema21b

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4/24/2019 12:47:20 PM

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4/24/2019 7:13:35 PM

Mac, this is too easy. Doing an hour or so of "hit or miss" backtesting, the results seem to merit further exploration.
So far, I am using ema8 crossing above ema21 plus 2 day slope of ma200 being positive as a trigger. I am sorting on the number of days ema8 is below ema21 multiplied by the 2 day slope of ma200
The range of stocks is my usual optionable and average vol(30) > 5000000.
Thanks for the tip,

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4/24/2019 10:40:50 PM

Graf, would you mind sharing the filter that uses the positive slope of ma200 as a trigger? Thanks.

Mac, thank you for posting the simple EMA cross. Ron

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4/24/2019 11:17:35 PM

Your Welcome all !

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4/25/2019 8:49:25 AM

The following filter indicated EXA and EBAY as possibles this morning. I am picking EXA as the gap up in EBAY is problematic. However pre- market activity leaves me undecided.
Average Volume(30) > 5000000
/*242 candidates*/
chart-type is line
chart-time is 1 year
draw ema(8)
draw ema(21)
set{trig1,count(ema(8) crossed above ema(21), 1)}
set{trig2,count(slope of ma(200) > 0, 1)}
set{trigger, trig1 * trig2}
draw trigger
trigger equals 1
set{lt, days(ema(8) > ema(21), 250)}
set{lasttrig, lt 1 day ago}
add column lasttrig
add column slope of ma(200)
2 day slope of ma(200) > 0
set{x, lasttrig * 2 day slope of ma(200)}
add column x
sort on column 7 descending

Good Hunting All,

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4/25/2019 10:39:57 AM

Mac and Graf,

You both have freely shared so many good filters. Thank you so much
for your generosity. Just like TRO, you give because you can.

When you have a moment, could you please create two new READ-ONLY threads
named "BEST OF MAC (read-only)" and "BEST OF GRAF (read-only)",
store and update your best current filters there? Even just the URLs
of specific pages are fine.

I would never ask about your proprietary trading secrets, only a prioritization of
your many good filters.

I just think that it would be a great service to the forum community (old hands
and newbies) to know which ones of your already published filters
are considered the current best. You can always update the inductees
to your Hall of Fame later on.

Thank you both, again.

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4/25/2019 10:51:36 AM

Since I’m new and learning..... what cheese said!

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4/25/2019 10:56:39 AM

Mac and Graf, I agree with Cheese. Your posts are terrific and they help everyone. "Best of" current filters would be awesome. TRO and others please feel free to post your own "Best of" filters. Maybe someone could post a "Best of" filter for Kevin. Thank you all very much and Good Trading.

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4/25/2019 11:10:01 AM

Graf, What is your exit trigger for the ema8/ema21 cross filter? Thanks. Ron

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