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Filter Exchange · Just another GUPPY filter
msg #152945
7/4/2020 2:51:07 PM

Happy Independence Day
Any thoughts on NSC, FCN, INGR, SDIV?
/* the guppy averages ver2 7/4/2020 */
Average Volume(30)>5000000
draw ema(03)
draw ema(05)
draw ema(08)
draw ema(10)
draw ema(12)
draw ema(15)
draw ema(30)
draw ema(35)
draw ema(40)
draw ema(45)
draw ema(50)
draw ema(60)
draw IFT(5,9)
/* July 4, 2020 */
/*how "tight" are the averages */
set{var1b, EMA(60) - EMA(3)}
set{var1a, var1b / EMA(3)}
set{var1, ABS(var1a)}
add column var1 and draw var1
sort on column 5 ascending
var1 < 0.001

Filter Exchange · Swing Trading with Larry Connors
msg #150677
2/5/2020 2:25:00 PM

check out Kevin-in-GA post msg #93841

General Discussion · Stratasearch not working & website gone?
msg #150578
1/29/2020 3:23:58 PM

The thread might be there, the website is gone. I'm looking for info on an alternate system.
Thnx, Graf

General Discussion · Stratasearch not working & website gone?
msg #150559
1/28/2020 7:39:21 PM

Anyone found a substitute for StrataSearch??????????

General Discussion · Ratio chart/ relative to S&P
msg #150420
1/20/2020 12:55:01 PM

Here's a start, does this help
/** RSI vs SPY RSI **/
Average Volume(30) > 1000000
draw RSI(15)
add column separator
add column RSI(15)
set{spyrsi, ind(spy,rsi(15))}
draw spyrsi on plot RSI(15)
add column spyrsi
/** get spy ratio **/
set{spyrat1, rsi(15) - spyrsi}
set{spyrat2, spyrat1 / spyrsi}
set{spyratio, spyrat2 * 100}
draw spyratio
/* sort on spy ratio */
add column spyratio and sort on column 8 descending

General Discussion · Merry Christmas and New Year's Wishes!
msg #150002
12/24/2019 9:50:37 AM

Bah! Humbug!
:-) Graf

General Discussion · What are the best Hannibus / Hemp Stocks?
msg #150001
12/24/2019 9:39:15 AM

My most used exit signal is Daryl Guppy's "count back line (CBL). I also keep an eye on price aboveWMA(150) and Schaff Trend Cycle.
Merry Christmas, Graf

General Discussion · What are the best Hannibus / Hemp Stocks?
msg #149988
12/23/2019 11:50:27 AM

Taking a shot at CRBP. crossed above WMA(150), volume increasing, topped recent high.
average volume(30)
draw proc(5,1)
draw WMA(150)
add column separator
add column proc(5,1) and sort on column 6 descending

General Discussion · A big Congrats to Ed S. (aka Nibor100)
msg #149985
12/23/2019 9:30:56 AM

@Ed S

General Discussion · Guppy Investigations
msg #149962
12/21/2019 3:04:17 PM

Is SWN getting ready to do its thang?

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