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General Discussion · MMM
msg #150528
1/26/2020 11:44:59 PM

The CDC recommends the N95 respirator against the coronavirus.
For people who live in heavily smogged areas like Riverside, CA, it is not all that strange
to see people wearing respirators at the bus stops.
The N95 masks seem to be the next best things and perhaps more widely accepted.
Your dentist and assistant most like will wear masks and gloves so little chance to catch
cornonavirus from them. They are probably more scared of you.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150453
1/22/2020 9:38:51 AM

karennma, you and Joanne Klein are right to stay bullish. Smart move. Power to you!
I am with the bulls who stay close to the exit door.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150452
1/22/2020 9:36:00 AM

karennma, it was a scalp with a small gain. just pure dumb luck. I took a chance because
MO is supposed to be a good way to play cannabis.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150436
1/21/2020 1:33:01 PM

ok, bought some, thanks, karennma

Stock Picks and Trading · Village Elder Short -Sell Filter discussions
msg #150426
1/20/2020 11:49:20 PM

KSK8 and Village Elder,

Please consider including a RISK WARNING when you post your trades (even simulated or paper trades)
e.g. Trading involves risks, including risks of bankrupcy and unlimited losses. All trades and results posted are hypothetical.

Risk warnings may be good for you and for your readers

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150412
1/19/2020 12:15:22 PM

Thank you, karen.
I try to stick to the probabilities and actionable basics mentioned in the earlier years
Right now, RSI(2) are at high levels.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150407
1/18/2020 8:59:34 PM

Very timely info. Thank you, karen.
Speaking of FOMO, this is a really good article that is dear to my heart right now.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150396
1/17/2020 2:55:53 PM

klynn55 wrote
can't speak three sentences without repeating himself

President Trump seems to have health risks, which in turn coud represent downside risks
for overbought US markets, and for many funds essentially owning the same small sets of
hot stocks.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150395
1/17/2020 2:36:07 PM

Thank you for the chart, karennma
Greed and fear are fighting inside me.
I think the markets will correct and I want my stocks to go up.

General Discussion · * GRIPE *
msg #150390
1/17/2020 10:04:48 AM

No doubt the S&P500 has a built-in upward bias and President Trump did inherit the good with the bad
from past presidents. President Trump's tactics may be heavy handed and cunning but he was able to force the Fed and other nations to support his America FIrst policies. America's adversaries are not
nice people.

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