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Filter Exchange · Weekly and Daily MACD on Same Graph
msg #154514
10/31/2020 2:29:45 PM

Thank you, snappy.

I like your filter and I would like to make sure that I'd use it to the full potential that you intended.

I used your filter to look at the TCON example mentioned in another thread, and it seems to me
that your "draw Weekly_MACD on plot Weekly_and_Daily_MACD" would have kept TCON buyers
out of trouble when TCON was not a good buy, while capturing all three opportunities for gains
in the past two years.

But for instruments like SPY, which has a built-in long-term upward bias, we could divide our
alloted capital into three tranches, one for each signal from your bottom three line charts.

How do you use your filter?

General Discussion · If you could make ONE request for enhancement, what would that be?
msg #154512
10/31/2020 12:19:45 PM

I'm impressed. You come up with solution so quickly,

If snappyfrog's DRAW CMA(PVI,22) is appended to Xarlor's filter with Ed's suggested solution,
then CMA(PVI,22) could show the way to a big opportunity for your TCON example around Jan 2019.

Just a thought.

Filter Exchange · Help with this filter
msg #154493
10/29/2020 10:48:01 AM

@ nibor100 and graftonian

Thank you for coding your MACD-based STC and your IFT(5,9) ideas.

Your MACD-based STC is true to Doug Schaff's intentions.compared to the EMA-based "STC".
Your MACD-based STC correctly reflects the values and threshold levels.

Although the EMA-based STC is mainly a workaround for basic subs,
its smoother, rounder gradual move may have appeal to some,
compared to the sharper edges of the MACD-based STC.

General Discussion · If you could make ONE request for enhancement, what would that be?
msg #154476
10/28/2020 11:17:22 AM

Dear Stockfetcher Support,

You've already allowed paid subscribers to Ignore by Author.
Please also allow paid subscribers to Ignore by Post.

Ignore by Post allows paid subscribers to streamline a 56-page thread to a 6-page thread.
Ignore by Post makes it easier to customize to individal taste and to follow the main points

Stockfetcher has thousands of posts spread over hundreds of pages, which could be a
big turn-off to prospective new members.

Ignore by Post is both a productivity improvement tool and a customer success,
customer retention tool.

Ignore by Post should be a quick win for Stockfetcher I.T. gurus.

Please give serious consideration to this win-win-win suggestion.

Thank you.

Filter Exchange · Help with this filter
msg #154457
10/27/2020 1:13:12 PM

Thanks, Ed

Yes, I know that the STC that you and graftonian developed using MACD
is the correct one, and it does reconcile with the STC on other platforms.

The STC that other sF members developed using only EMAs is not good
enough for STC purists. But for basic subs who don't need to reconcile
the STC values, then the "STC using EMAs" can give us a rough idea.

Filter Exchange · An attempt at a backtest script
msg #154449
10/27/2020 2:01:22 AM

Excellent tool. Thank you.

Filter Exchange · Help with this filter
msg #154448
10/27/2020 1:19:37 AM

How does this list of picks compare to yours?

/* */
/* graftonian 10/22/2020 2:58:21 PM */
/* graftonian 10/23/2020 7:32:25 PM */

/*Hull Moving average cross/ Schaff Trend Cycle/ Volume increase
****************************Basic Criteria*********************/
average volume(30) greater than 50000
close between .50 and 200
close greater than close 1 day ago
sort on column 5 descending
/**********************The Rules*****************
Buy on the first current occurance of Trigger = 3
Sell on Price cross below H50 or Price below 3 day count back line,
whichever is higher.
set{slow1, cwma(close, 25)}
set{slow2, 2 * slow1}
set{slow3, cwma(close, 50)}
set{valslow, slow2 - slow3}
set{H50, cwma(valslow, 7)}
set{slow1A, cwma(close, 5)}
set{slow2A, 2 * slow1A}
set{slow3A, cwma(close, 10)}
set{valslowA, slow2A - slow3A}
set{H10, cwma(valslowA, 3)}
/*********************SCHAFF TREND CYCLE**********************/
set{range, MACD (23,50,9) 10 day high - MACD (23,50,9) 10 day low}
set{var2, MACD (23,50,9) - MACD (23,50,9) 10 day low}
set{var3, var2 / range}
set{var6, cema(var3, 3) 10 day high}
set{var5, cema(var3, 3) 10 day low}
set{var7, cema(var3, 3) - var5}
set{var8, var6 - var5}
set{var9, var7 / var8}
set{var10, cema(var9, 3)}
set{STC, 100 * var10}
draw STC
draw STC line at 25
draw STC line at 75

/* partial STC code by olathegolf */
/* */
set{var1, ema(23) - ema(50)}
set{highest, var1 20 day high}
set{lowest, var1 20 day low}
set{range, highest - lowest}
set{var2, var1 - lowest}
set{var3, var2 / range}
set{var4, var3 * 100}
set{stc , cema(var4, 5)}
add column stc
draw stc line at 75
draw stc line at 25
draw ema(23)

/******************Volume % above 30 day average**************/
set{VolX, volume / CWMA(volume, 21)}
draw CWMA(volume, 21)

/*********HullMA cross count*****/
set{HullCrossCount, count(H10 above H50, 1)}
/* draw HullCrossCount */
/******STC crossed 25 count******/
set{STCcrosscount, count(STC above 25, 1)}
/* draw STCcrosscount */
/**********Volume % count********/
set{VolCount, count(VolX greater than 1.2, 1)}
/* draw VolCount */
/************Sum the count calculations (trigger)**************/
set{trig1, HullCrossCount + STCcrosscount}
/* set{trigger, trig1 + VolCount} */
/******Display results********/
add column trig1
add column VolCount
/* trigger equals 3 */
H10 above H50
STC above 25
VolX greater than 1.2
do not draw trigger

General Discussion · A very unexpected use of Donchian Center & Lower Bands
msg #154397
10/20/2020 7:24:17 PM

@styliten @snappyfrog @xarlor

Very kind of you. Thank you so much.

I can't help but think of a few people in the past who used the insights here for their own businesses.

The three of you should really think about getting together, or maybe even team up with some other
smart and good people like davesaint86, graftonian, and Ed S nibor100, etc and brainstom your
own startup or paid subs service.

msg #154390
10/20/2020 1:01:28 PM

@nibor100 @snappyfrog
I made two minor edits
draw indicator1 /* on plot price */
draw indicator2 on plot indicator1 /* on plot price */

nibor100 10/20/2020 12:39:15 PM

/* */

/* Adding set statements for Daily and Weekly MACD */
/* I don't have advanced subscription, so maybe someone that does can let me know if it worked ok */

set{Weekly_MACD,wk1 - wk2}

set{Daily_MACD,dy1 - dy2}*/

set{Weekly_and_Daily_MACD,Weekly_MACD + MACD}


AVERAGE VOLUME(10) > 1000000

/*angle of MA slopes, or your choice of indicator 1 and 2*/
set{indicator1, Weekly_and_Daily_MACD}/*set here*/ add column indicator1
set{indicator2, Weekly_MACD}/*and here*/

draw indicator1 /* on plot price */
draw indicator2 on plot indicator1 /* on plot price */

set{slopeind1, 2 day slope of indicator1}
set{slopeind2, 2 day slope of indicator2}
/*set{radiansind1, slopeind1}
set{radiansind2, slopeind2}
set{atanind1, atan(radiansind1)}
set{atanind2, atan(radiansind2)}
set{hcircle, 180 / 3.14159}
set{angledegind1, atanind1 * hcircle}
set{angledegind2, atanind2 * hcircle}*/
set{angledegind1, 57.30 * atan(slopeind1)}
set{angledegind2, 57.30 * atan(slopeind2)}
add column angledegind1
add column angledegind2
set{CrossingAngle, angledegind1 - angledegind2}
add column CrossingAngle
/*add the crossing angle and angledeg10ma*/
set{MomentumAngle, CrossingAngle + angledegind1}
add column MomentumAngle

/*filter and sort*/
/*indicator1 crossed above indicator2 */ /* COMMENTED OUT */
/*sort on column 8 descending*/

/*bells and whistles*/
/*set{xxx, close}*/
draw price line at close

DRAW angledegind1 LINE AT 20 /* angledegind1 for maturing tech stocks likely not above 20 ? */
DRAW angledegind1 LINE AT -20

General Discussion · A very unexpected use of Donchian Center & Lower Bands
msg #154386
10/20/2020 12:00:17 PM

@styliten @snappyfrog @xarlor

Thanks for sharing and coding.

There seems to be some synergy after I appended your filters shown below.
One seems to complement the other quite well.
For example, around the last week of July 2020, prices together with
sty's ribbons and snappy's MACD sent out a louder message
that the bull case has weakened.

This is how I might use your filters:

prices are above both of sty's ribbons
snappy's Weekly_and_Daily_MACD above Weekly_MACD

prices are below EITHER of sty's ribbons
snappy's Weekly_and_Daily_MACD below Weekly_MACD

anything else means UNCLEAR, so I would WAIT FOR clearer market directions.

Thanks again.

styliten modified 10/17/2020 3:36:32 AM


/* LRI(5) moving price band in red */

and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.40)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.35)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.30)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.25)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.20)
and draw Center Standard Error Band(5, 0.15)

/* Moving Resistance Band in Green*/

and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(8, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(9, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(10, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(11, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(12, 0), 25) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Center Band(13, 0), 25) on plot price

/* Moving Bottom Band in Purple*/

and draw clri(Donchian Lower Band(3, 0), 18) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Lower Band(4, 0), 18) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Lower Band(5, 0), 18) on plot price
and draw clri(Donchian Lower Band(6, 0), 18) on plot price

/* ********************************************************************************************** */
/* ********************************************************************************************** */

/* */
/* snappyfrog 10/19/2020 8:29:31 AM */
/*Written by Xarlor after my request for something that matched WeeklyandDailyMACD from ToS*/

set{Weekly_MACD,wk1 - wk2}

set{Daily_MACD,dy1 - dy2}

set{Weekly_and_Daily_MACD,Weekly_MACD + Daily_MACD}

draw Weekly_and_Daily_MACD
draw Weekly_MACD on plot Weekly_and_Daily_MACD
draw Weekly_and_Daily_MACD line at 0

chart-time 4 months

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