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3/12/2019 9:53:48 AM

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msg #146774 3/1/2019 3:56:31 PM

EVRG($55.06)...stcross = 1(yesterday), (not triggered using my criteria as yet)

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3/17/2019 1:10:14 PM

Ed S,
I was both facinated and mystified by the code you posted on 2/28. Great job. I had to "reverse engineer"
your work and substitute some rather unwieldy variable names in order to keep the logic straight in my tired old brain.I tacked on a few Groenke filters (as I understand them) and offer this for your perusal.
/*Ron Goenke visions V, continued*/
Average Volume(30) > 10000000
chart-time is 100 days

set{unique1, close * high}
set{unique, unique1 / open}
set{unique50back,DATE(20190102, unique)} /* adjust date till daysfrom0 = 50 */
set{daysfrom0, days(unique is equal to unique50back, 100)}
add column daysfrom0
set{200dayHi, close 200 day high}
set{200daylo, close 200 day low}
set{pricerange, 200dayhi - 200daylo}
/* F= the fraction of PriceRange (can be .01 to .99) */
set{F, .25} /* change F here */
set{bl1, F * pricerange}
set{buylimit, 200daylo + bl1}
draw buylimit on plot price
set{pointA, 200daylo}
add column separator and add column pointA{A}
set{halfF, F/2}
set{deltaB, halfF * pricerange}
set{pointB,buylimit + deltaB}
add column pointB{b}
set{vrb, pointB - 200daylo}
set{dailyvrb, vrb/50}
set{lineABincrement, dailyvrb *daysfrom0}
set{lineAB,200daylo + lineABincrement}
draw 50 day slope of lineAB on plot price and do not draw lineAB
set{pointC, 200daylo + deltaB}
add column pointC{C}
set{lineACinc, deltaB/50}
set{lineACincrement, lineACinc * daysfrom0}
set{lineAC, 200daylo + lineACincrement}
draw 50 day slope of lineAC on plot price and do not draw lineAC
draw Upper EMA Envelope(50,5) and draw lower ema envelope(50,5)
draw 200daylo on plot price
/* Now to calculate TAI */
set{2x50ma, 2 * ma(50)}
set{br1, BuyLimit - close}
set{br2, br1 / bl1}
set{BuyRank, 10 * br2}
set{TAI1, 2x50ma - close}
set{TAI2, ma(50) / TAI1}
set{TAI3, 1 + TAI2}
set{TAI, Buyrank * TAI3}
draw TAI
draw TAI line at -10
draw TAI line at -5
draw TAI line at 10
add column separator
add column TAI and sort on column 11 ascending
TAI between -5 and 10
set{BelowBuyLimit, count(close < buylimit, 1)}
add column BelowBuyLimit
set{daysontherise, days(close < close 1 day ago, 10)}
add column daysontherise

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3/17/2019 2:46:24 PM


Thanks, I’ll take a look at it in more depth when I get back home from playing handball today.

Ed S.

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3/17/2019 3:03:05 PM

Very interesting work you have done here with coding. My only question is why does Point A
not start at the 200 day low. It appears to start 5 or so days later. I do think this setting correctly
places the V on the chart. Think it is because the use of 50 days is used as the default number.
Some of these stocks hit their 200 day low earlier. Just my thoughts as I went through the code.


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3/17/2019 11:30:43 PM

should the y value of point a be at the current 200 day low or the 200 day low 50 days ago? Think I'll throw on a diagonal call spread on 'TEVA

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3/18/2019 7:35:54 AM

Here is a pic of the of the coding rules.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Point A is the 52 week low. Hope this helps.


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3/18/2019 5:32:28 PM


1. Your Visions V filter is clearly much easier to follow the logic than mine was and you picked up on am important criteia that I had missed, which was that Groenke is using stock closing prices for his 52 weeks High and Low values, 10 weeks High and Low values, etc. instead of the lowest low price and highest high price which is what I had used.

Not sure why you have picked 200 days for your filter but it seems to work well.

2. Your set{unique, unique1 / open} statement has probably definitely solved one of my filter's issues with finding a one of a kind variable to be fixed for 50 days of stock history.

3. I find interesting your F variable, that is used for setting the Buy Limit, can be changed from the default value of .25. Are you planning on experimenting with different values with the F variable in the future or have you already?

a.It appears you've decided that the ensuing 'half F" and 'deltaB' variables should be fixed relationships to the F variable. (I have no idea)

4. In order to be able draw a proper Visions V for any stock in SF, we would still need to solve the issue of Point A, the leftmost end point of the V drawing, moving off of the lowest low, when there are multiple values for the 52 week low/200 day low during the past 50 days.

This only happens when the very lowest low value occurs later than the first date of the V. (I have some more strange ideas I'm planning on trying, but I'm not too hopeful at this point)

Ed S.

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3/19/2019 11:59:34 AM

Ed S,
Thanks for the critique.
I can answer one of your questions. I used days rather than weeks only because I generally screw things up when using weekly variables. after reading posted by bushynose, I may be pushed into paying more attention to the weeklys.
As to your other questions, I can only answer "it seemed like a good idea at the time."

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3/19/2019 12:10:40 PM

03/18/19 TEVA diagonal bto may 15 call cost $1.94
ivr 0.4 sto apr 18 call est prof $1.06
Current price is $2.12, not bad, 9%

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3/19/2019 12:48:42 PM

Nice graft

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