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Filter Exchange · Turtle Trading
msg #155944
2/24/2021 10:29:52 PM

Fire away.

Stock Picks and Trading · Flat Patterns
msg #155846
2/17/2021 5:05:56 PM

Here is another look at slope of MACD(12,26,9)

set{fast_slope, crsi(macd(12,26,9) fast line,3))}
dow 30
set{f45buy, count(fast_slope crossed above 50,1)}
set{f45sell, count(fast_slope crossed below 89,1)}
draw macd(12,26,9)
draw fast_slope line at 90
draw fast_slope line at 50
draw f45buy
draw f45sell
draw Slow Stochastics Fast %K(13)
draw macd(3,8,5)

General Discussion · What's the most elegant way?
msg #155728
2/13/2021 12:41:50 AM

Here is a filter TRO wrote back in 2007. See if it fits what you are trying to accomplish.



set{E513b,days(ma(5) is above ma(46),100)}
set{E513a,days(ma(5) is below ma(46),100)}
set{M1X, E513a - E513b}

set{E534b,days(ma(10) is above ma(230),100)}
set{E534a,days(ma(10) is below ma(230),100)}
set{M2X, E534a - E534b}

set{E1334b,days(ma(46) is above ma(230),100)}
set{E1334a,days(ma(46) is below ma(230),100)}
set{M3X, E1334a - E1334b}

set{diff1, abs(ma(10) minus ma(46) )}
set{diff2, abs(ma(46) minus ma(230) )}
set{diff3, abs(ma(10) minus ma(230) )}

add column diff1
add column diff2
add column diff3
add column pctdiff

add column SEPARATOR

add column M1X
add column M2X
add column M3X

/* change .21 to whatever you want */

diff1 below .21
diff2 below .21
diff3 below .21

DRAW MA(230)

close above 20
volume above 1000000

sort column 5 ascending

Filter Exchange · Calling all FILTER Geniuses! **GAP FINDER**
msg #155639
2/8/2021 4:42:01 PM

From the code that looks like a TRO(therumpledone) filter. Credit should probably go to him.


Public Filter List · Low Dollar Posted with no comment(The RenzoNator)
msg #155532
2/1/2021 10:30:49 PM

Fetcher[set{macd233, crsi(macd(2,3,3),3)}
set{macd588, crsi(macd(5,8,8),8)}
set{longaboveshortbelow, 50}
set{short2, count(macd233 crossed below 50,1)}
set{cover2, count(macd233 crossed above 50,1)}

set{xx, high + low}

set{xx2, xx + close}

set{xx3, xx2 / 3}

set{vmult, atr(10) * 1.5}

set{vstopu1a, low 5 day low + vmult}

set{vstopu2a, xx3 + vmult}

set{vstop, min(vstopu1a 1 day ago,vstopu2a)}

set{vstopu1ax, high 5 day high - vmult}

set{vstopu2ax, xx3 - vmult}

set{vstopdn, max(vstopu1ax 1 day ago,vstopu2ax)}
set{buy, count(close crossed above vstop,1)}
set{sell, count(close crossed below vstop,1)}
set{trend_buy, buy + RSquared(close, 20)}
close between 1 and 8
volume > 1000000
sort column 5 descending
add column RSquared(close, 20)
draw vstop on plot price
draw macd(5,8,8)
draw buy
draw sell
draw Williams %R(10) line at -50

add column buy
add column trend_buy

General Discussion · Ten Days of Darkness Coming?
msg #155259
1/11/2021 5:10:55 PM

This country never was, is, nor will it ever be what the original idea intended it to be. It was
designed as an experiment to see if men could govern themselves. At that it failed.
Humpty has fallen off of the wall and there are no King's horses and no Men to put it back
together again. No one can fix this mess and it will continue to unravel until finally it
will implode. Men were not ready to assume this kind of responsibility of self governing.
The unthinkable has happened, what was once thought impossible, suddenly is. Enjoy what
is left of it for as long as you can. We have been reduced to third world status and most do
not see it. The good news for me is I am nearing the end of my physical life and will not
experience much of it. For my children and grandchildren this is just starting for them.

Peace, out.

General Discussion · Good study guide for going long during this volatile time.
msg #155182
1/4/2021 5:22:30 AM

set{sh_out, shares outstanding + 100}
set{shout, sh_out / sh_out}
set{shout%, shout * 100}

set{turnvol30, obv(30) / 1000000}
set{turn30, turnvol30 / shares outstanding}
set{turn%, turn30 * 100}
set{%turn, indposition(turnvol30, 60) * 100}

set{60daytrend, count(high reached a new 55 day high in the last 1 day,60)}
set{10daytrend, count(high reached a new 55 day high in the last 1 day,10)}
set{60daybuy, count(high reached a new 55 day high in the last 1 day,1)}

set{buy, count(macd(5,8,5) fast line crossed above 0,1)}

close > 15
shares outstanding < 100
average volume(30) > 1000000

draw buy

draw pricepercent on plot rsi(14)
draw weekly rsi(2) on plot rsi(14)
set{50, 50}
draw 50 on plot rsi(14)
draw buy60 on plot rsi(14)

draw %turn on plot turn%
draw shout% on plot turn%
set{75, 75}
draw 75 on plot turn%

set{pricerangedif, high 55 day high minus low 13 day low}
set{closedif, close minus low 13 day low}
set{Pricediv, closedif / pricerangedif}
set{pricepercent, pricediv * 100}

add column pricepercent{price%}
add column %turn{volume%}

add column separator
add column turn30{turn}
add column turnvol30{obv30}
add column shares outstanding{shares}
add column separator
add column buy
add column 60daytrend
add column 10daytrend

add column separator
add column aroon oscillator(25){aroon25}
draw aroon oscillator(25) line at 50
sort column 8 descending

set{m4, ema(4)}
set{m8, ema(8)}
set{m20, ema(20)}
set{m7, ema(7)}
set{m14, ema(14)}
set{m21, ema(21)}
set{m13, ema(13)}
set{m26, ema(26)}
set{m50, ema(50)}

draw m4 on plot m20
draw m8 on plot m20

draw m7 on plot m21
draw m14 on plot m21

draw m13 on plot m50
draw m26 on plot m50

draw ema(13)
draw ema(20)
draw ema(50)
draw ema(200)
draw ema(300)
draw macd(5,8,5)
draw rsi(2)

draw 60daybuy
set{buy60x, 60daybuy * 100}
set{buy60, buy60x * .25}

set{p50x, count(pricepercent crossed above 50,1)}
set{p50xc, p50x * 100}
set{p%50x, p50xc *.25}
draw p%50x on plot aroon oscillator

I have added a long signal and increased the volume to 1 million. A word of caution: i have not
traded this filter. Use at your own RISK.

Stock Picks and Trading · Picks and Pans Since Jan 2020
msg #153625
8/18/2020 4:02:00 PM

set{limite, count(rsi(2) crossed above 94.9,1)}
draw price line at limitexit

add column limitexit

draw limite
draw rsi(2) line at 95

Seems like it works fine to me.

General Discussion · Convert Daily Mini Guppy into a Weekly Guppy PLot
msg #153416
8/4/2020 2:58:46 PM

place weekly in front of your averages as;

weekly ema(10)

Filter Exchange · Repost of earlier filter in General Discussion
msg #151559
3/30/2020 10:55:49 AM

set{vxxc, ind(vxx,close)}
set{vixc, ind(^vix,close)}
set{vxvc, ind(vxv,close)}
set{spyc, ind(spy,close)}
set{spxl, ind(spxl,close)}
set{vix3, ind(^VIX3M,close)}

set{vxvvix, vxvc / vixc}
set{vixavg, cema(vxvvix,10)}
set{vxvvxx, vxvc / vxxc}
set{vxxavg, cema(vxvvxx,10)}
set{vxxavg20, cema(vxvvxx,20)}

set{riskon, count(vxvvxx > or = to vxxavg,1)}
set{riskof, count(vxvvxx < or = to vxxavg,1)}

set{risk_on, count(vxvvxx crossed above vxxavg,1)}
set{risk_off, count(vxvvxx crossed below vxxavg,1)}

draw Upper Bollinger Band(13,.8)
draw Median Bollinger Line(13,.8)
draw ema(8)
draw riskon
draw riskoff

draw vxvvxx on plot vxxavg
draw roc(5,1) line at 0
draw roc(5,1) line at 50
draw rsi(2)

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