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General Discussion · all time high
msg #156026
3/4/2021 2:39:52 AM


The following snippet of filter code from the Xarlor library of filters, shows within 5% of 52 week high both above and below which you can easily modify for 10% if that's what you were looking for.

Ed S.

set{5b,high 52 week high * .95}
set{5a,high 52 week high * 1.05}
close > 5b
close < 5a

Filter Exchange · Slope of Ma(50) above 0
msg #156014
3/3/2021 12:19:24 PM

Beware of SF's "between statement" as sometimes the results will include stocks with either or both of the values that are supposed to be un-included boundaries.

For example, run either of the clickable filters, and sort the close/Last column a couple of times to see the overlaps if they exist.

Ed S.

General Discussion · How can I change this Guppy filter to avoid performance restrictions?
msg #155995
3/1/2021 5:24:21 PM


1. I believe you left off an EMA(5) in your set of I_top statements.

2. I opened up another browser in windows that had no knowledge of my advanced subscription and I was able to run it without performance restrictions with your problem line activated.

However, if I comment out your symlist line it will not run due to performance restrictions. I'm guessing that multiple passes thru the logic of your entire filter either over a number of days and/or a number of stocks is the source of the performance problem.

3. Under my advanced subscription, it returns 4,055 stocks, using that problem line.

Being curious I added 3 columns: add column l_width, add column l_width 1 day ago, add column l_width 2 days ago,.to see how large that value might be on the other days that the value doesn't have to be below 20.

I was surprised that none of the 3 columns had values > 20, when I sorted each descending, which seems to me that SF is forcing results to be limited to all 3 days having a value lower than 20 which I was not expecting.

I was expecting cases where 2 days ago the width might be 22, 1 day ago 21, and today 19.5 but clearly I was wrong about that.

Just some ramblings,
Ed S.

General Discussion · EDGERATER discussion
msg #155992
3/1/2021 12:50:56 PM

Video below shows what the best trading day of the month is over the past 10 years and year by year:

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Upcoming golden cross
msg #155976
2/27/2021 2:28:44 PM

Look under the Examples tab, and about the 15th Example is code for Golden Cross.

However, SF does not have the ability to forecast when an upcoming golden cross could or would occur...

Ed S.

General Discussion · How to code finding last week's high?
msg #155969
2/26/2021 5:26:37 AM

The following line might get you what you want:

Close < weekly high 1 week ago add column weekly high add column weekly high 1 week ago

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Absolute value issue
msg #155948
2/25/2021 9:43:20 AM


I think Graf took too quick a look at it as you are correct it is not returning what you want.

When filters don't return what I want I start adding add column statements for every variable that I set and other pieces of info also to help figure out what is going on as shown in the filter below.

It appears you are expecting too much out of your ABS statements.
Take a look at the ABS example under the Indicators forum for proper wording.

Ed S.

close between 20 and 21

set{yday, abs(close - open) 1 day ago} add column yday
set{tday, abs(close - open)} add column tday
add column yday minus tday
add column open 1 day ago
add column open
add column close minus open 1 day ago
tday < yday

Filter Exchange · basket correlation filter
msg #155937
2/24/2021 11:33:10 AM

A couple of additional filter lines, that may be of interest to some, for adding different graphic comparisons to spy.

compare with spy

add column relative strength(spy,30) > -1

Ed S.

Stock Picks and Trading · Darryl Guppy inspired trading
msg #155934
2/23/2021 3:52:52 PM


Count Back Line filter in I kind of in the ball park?

Ed S.

apply to symlist(fultp,bsqr,ko,f)

SET{d1swlo,COUNT(LOW 1 day ago ABOVE LOW ,1)}
SET{swlo,d1swlo * d2swlo} add column swlo draw swlo
set{swlod, days(swlo equals 1,20)} add column swlod {days since swing low} draw swlod

set{hi1st, VarOffset(high,swlod)} add column hi1st
set{hi2, VarOffset(high 1 day ago,swlod)} add column hi2
set{CountBackLine, VarOffset(high 2 day ago,swlod)} add column CountBackLine
draw price line at CountBackLine

General Discussion · Any weekly chart trader's here?
msg #155910
2/21/2021 12:37:55 PM

no backtest link that i'm aware of
Ed S.

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