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Filter Exchange · How do I PRINT Results WITHOUT the filter at the top?
msg #152879
7/1/2020 9:57:52 AM

If you don't want to open the CSV file in Google sheets, you could choose Notepad, Word or even Internet Explorer.

Also you could choose to have the filter results emailed to you every trading night and you'll have the list right there in your email client.

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

Filter Exchange · How do I PRINT Results WITHOUT the filter at the top?
msg #152846
6/29/2020 9:20:03 AM

1. Click the little Asterix symbol with the drop down arrow,
2. Choose Download to CSV
3. Open in Excel and print or any program of your choice that accepts CSV files

Ed S.

General Discussion · Guppy Investigations
msg #152705
6/22/2020 4:14:10 PM

Of these 2 stocks would you expect Sage to have a potentially greater move upward since its been a much longer time since its last 15/40 cross?

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · Price Coming Off of a PVI Low
msg #152698
6/21/2020 4:40:12 PM


A large part of it might just be the universe of stocks that your basic criteria of the first 4 lines of your filter carves out of the overall market.

I ran a filter with just those 4 lines and observed the following:

1 month ago returns 119 stocks, 16 were losers, 18 ended with gains > 100% largest 1,563%
3 weeks ago returns 102 stocks, 9 were losers, 12 ended with gains > 75%
2 weeks ago returns 83 stocks, 30 were losers, 13 ended with gains > 50% largest 202%
1 week ago returns 73 stocks, 27 were losers, 9 ended with gains > 25% largest 162%

I did not check for their highest highs during those 4 periods but I suspect some that ended as losers might have had gains at some point as it seems to be bit of a volatile group.

Ed S.

General Discussion · When do these charts update?
msg #152676
6/18/2020 10:17:44 AM

I ran a test on the chart updates this morning from 9am to 10:19am and the first update since yesterday's close occurred at 10:01am and the 2nd update occurred at 10:19am.

For those new to SF the charts don't update unless you rerun the filter and reselect the stock, in other words if you leave your chart window open all day no change will occur, at least in Firefox browser.

However, I did discover that if you leave your separate chart window open and click on the chart and then hit F5 key the chart will update without having to rerun the filter.

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

General Discussion · verifying results
msg #152660
6/16/2020 1:34:37 PM


1. A couple of other ways to check your filter for DDOG on April 15th is either add this line to your filter

date offset is 43 days (note you have to change the #days depending on the day your run the filter)


date offset is 4/15/2020.

2. You'll note that the SF historical feature that SnappyFrog posted a picture of does not reflect April 15th as a filter hit date for DDOG because that SF historical feature only shows the first date that a filter has a hit for a given stock when there are consecutive days of hits.

3. There is also a way to modify your filter so that you get a graph indication of all of the days your filter hits consecutive or not.

Ed S.

General Discussion · verifying results
msg #152645
6/15/2020 2:04:38 PM

Yes there is.
Post your filter to find out how to do it.
Ed S.

Filter Exchange · When was the last time user request was actually approved/implemented on SF
msg #152550
6/7/2020 8:45:51 PM


Previously you wrote
"My idea of checking them all on the daily basis was also boosted by the fact that that summary charts are indeed available on,EEM,EWA,EWO,EWK,EWZ,EWC,FXI,EWQ,EWG,EWH,INDA,EWI,EWJ,EWM,EWW,EWN,RSX,EWS,EWY,EWP,EWD,EWL,EWT,EWU|B|0

where one can view 25 tickers at once. Further, one can add price comparison to S&P 500 or Nasdaq 100 as a subgraph:"

I'm curious as to why viewiing 25 charts at a time on in Candleglance mode is better than viewing 100 charts at a time on Stockfetcher as I'm failry certain you can add price comparisons to SF charts also?

Ed S.

Filter Exchange · TTM Squeeze
msg #152520
6/6/2020 6:02:43 PM


A few methods of filter comparison/analysis that I've used in the past:

a. add a line that won't execute such as " low < 0" at the very end of the filter in question then run the filter and you''ll get the following error message:
No Stocks Matched your filter.
Click here to learn why.
When you click on "here" you'll get a list of lines of the filter and to their left how many results were left after each line ran.

b. For lines that you are not sure of what they do comment each of them out with /* and */ and keep running the filter with different ones commented out to see what happens

c. add a column to each line that has a 'set' variable command to see what the variable value is when the filter is run, you can have at least 20 columns.

d. duplicate your sf browser tab by right clicking and selecting duplicate tab so you have the same filter running in both tabs then in the first tab select a group of lines and hit CTRL-X and rerun that filter to see what happens and compare its results to the duplicate tab run of the original filter.

Then go back the first tab and put your cursor where you started the selection of the CTRL-X block and hit CTRL-V and all the lines will be returned
keep doing that with different blocks of lines and you'll see different stuff happening.

Hope this helps,
Ed S.

Filter Exchange · This might be impossible
msg #152471
6/4/2020 5:15:46 PM


1. A filter to find TRVN on Apr 8th, per your post request of Jun 1, is provided below,

Note that most of the stock results from that time had >75% gains sometime during the following 2 months.

2. You could not find TRVI, per your post of Jun 2, because Kossvet has not posted his Volume modified filter yet....we are all still waiting....

Ed S.

average volume(5) > 100000
close < .60 close > .45

draw ma(5)
draw ma(10)
draw ma(20)
date offset 39 days /*takes filter to April 8th*/

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