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7/10/2017 9:24:43 PM

Thanks Kevin; I am truly grateful for your coding suggestion! Yayyyy no more pulling out the calculator!

Right now, I'm still struggling shifting thru the forum threads for a simple code wherein it would count how many times a stock has gone up "x" percent over "y" timeframe.

Ultimately, I'd like to have 2 to filter the candidates of stocks the cycle consistently and one that will generate the picks....


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7/10/2017 11:48:06 PM

Out of SCO and SMH.

Holding XIV and NUGT

Watching XLP $54.13

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7/11/2017 12:24:12 AM

the key is to be disciplined and methodical.
Plan your trade and trade your plan.
I would suggest not to trade against the trend, this may mean less trades or long periods of no action but that's how it works, unless you want to scalp.

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7/11/2017 10:17:59 AM

Thanks Eman for sharing the link! I'll go over the site.

TSLA back in the saddle....!

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7/11/2017 2:50:27 PM

You want the ROC() function. That does exactly what you want.

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7/12/2017 9:01:10 PM

Sold options for TSLA and NUGT today for gains.

Picked up SCO; holding XIV.

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7/14/2017 2:39:52 AM

Holding SCO and XIV. Watching AAPL, FB and AMZN

Post Mortem:
INDL - up another 11% since I sold it!
TSLA and NUGT - great exit. wished I didn't place a stop on TSLA. Dunno still if it was a great idea to saddle up again using options in order to stay in the game. It worked this time....maybe it won't next time.
SCO and SMH - got out ahead. Maybe I sold SMH too soon as it went up more.
USLV would have worked...except I tried doing the stinker bid...

What did I learn so far?
- No one really knows what will happen next.
- Plan the trade; trade the plan
- keep it simple
- gotta figure out a way to ride winning trades longer....

Was it "luck" to have a high rate of winners? Guess only time will tell.

There will be other buses!

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7/14/2017 12:23:17 PM get out or not to get out. scale in or not to...plan says wait. In hindsight...I was trigger happy on the entry...expecting that it MAY bounce off the the July 3rd's low of $42. Currently at $42.30. Stop at $41.50? or Scale in when it maybe drops to the $39ish maybe?...which is the plan. Cost was $44.96

$2000 at $44.96 = 44 shares
Plan is to buy $3000 at $39ish dip = 76 shares
120 shares will be $4680 at $39.

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7/14/2017 12:53:42 PM

today was sort of a big day for XIV. SnP broke 2450, meaning it may just run up to 2480 directly now. of course then dipping down to 2370 or so in the next month. sandjco i would hold until you see what happens with healthcare early next week. just my humble opinion.

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7/15/2017 12:32:47 PM

thanks pt!

I've hit profit target on XIV (not sure if profit targets are something I'd like to use or just let it run and figure out an exit strategy that I am comfortable to use).

I'm still killing myself for selling INDL way too early in hindsight!


I wonder if FB is a ST short...

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