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12/25/2019 9:54:17 AM

Will we see $150 1 month out?

About to leave?

Magically bounces....divorced too soon; missed another $10! urgghhh

Thank you Elon! 2020 gonna get me another one!

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12/26/2019 5:36:07 PM

Closed for a quickie on the weeklies...

Will this add up to something?

Will we have follow thur...

AMZN announced Santa was good...

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12/29/2019 3:37:51 PM

Happy New Year everyone! Can't believe I've been here for two years and still learning from all of you!

All the best in 2020 and may all our fills be profitable!

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12/29/2019 4:18:32 PM

Happy New Year to you sandjco and everyone !

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1/11/2020 5:27:19 PM

Hello 2020!

This thread is now closed. I think I've graduated from pre-school! ;=P

New thread and adventures now found here:

As always, I am super grateful for all those who have helped me learn! So much more to read and digest!

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2/15/2020 1:01:07 PM

Didn't think I closed this thread properly and besides...475 posts visually looks better than 474!

How did I use SF?
1. Did my best to read as much as I could and digest. Not everything made sense (code, jargons, personalities, etc...) and till this date, I have not read and digested ALL the important nuggets in SF.
2. Prioritized the posters according to relevance, clarity and consistency of their calls.
3. Kept things simple. Played with the codes and concepts and took what I liked with what I was trying to trade (ETFs usually).
4. Practice and observe...write, re-write and test...rinse and repeat.
5. While a top level coding skill is wonderful...I discovered my very limited coding skills were more than adequate!
6. Understand there are those who freely share (and you wanna help back as well) and there are those...
7. Give value; receive in kind.
8. Zero agenda

I tried to shy away from:
1. What is the "best this" and "best that"..."best" is relative. If someone did find the "Holy Grail", highly unlikely it would be posted or there is 100% certainty that the signal could be followed and executed to the "T" for each and every trader who used the filter.
2. Pissing matches. Doesn't serve the community well in the long run..

I learned I am my biggest enemy and the ability to be patient when greed is knocking on your head every time the market opens is the toughest challenge for me in this undertaking. My goal is to be deliberate in my entries/exit.

For example, playing earnings day is like an addiction due to past insane successes but also the main sources of my losses. Yet, I find it difficult to stay put. I am my own answer....just gotta get there!

Good luck all and as TRO would say...may all your fills be profitable (or something like that!).

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