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msg #152349
5/27/2020 12:28:46 AM

And this is how you lose $$ in a hurry...

Getting de-listed apparently. My learning? Listening to your "gut"? Understanding when "greed" gives you false confidence? Xarlorr's advise hits home...don't change what works....yet I tried to be logical on why HTZ "shouldn't" fail...don't matter; won't matter!

On the bright side...ADS, COTY, FAS, & STNE managed to more than cover the warts.

Don't know what SCI is about but picked up some..

Meanwhile..despite the pandemic getting worse in Brazil...

Good thing I ignored the "news"...

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msg #152270
5/21/2020 4:38:16 PM

thanks for sharing JV!

Stock Picks and Trading · Picks and Pans Since Jan 2020
msg #152261
5/21/2020 8:27:55 AM

Note to self and dear kids...."News" = "noise". The old adage of "if you see it in the news; it pretty much is useless" (or something like that) when it comes to trading played itself out. Talking heads are almost always useless (who was that who said there wasn't going to be a "V" recovery?).

Xarlors' advice to "not change what is working" also rung true. Too much attention paid to current events (allowing expectations to become beliefs) instead of focusing on what has worked for me diverted attention was the biggest culprit in being aggressive trading wise. The best months have been accomplished with no regards to "news" whatsoever.

Gotta find a way to consistently stay hungry. The "market" does, indeed, march to its own beat. You "may" be right ultimately....but by then, the opportunity would have passed.

So true...a big part of this endeavour is "mental". Will these lessons help when the next "tilt" (if it ever happens) comes around?

Finding love in the "unloved"...Warren apparently bailed on the financials and airlines

Stock Picks and Trading · Picks and Pans Since Jan 2020
msg #152238
5/18/2020 10:50:52 PM

@Nobody. Thanks! How do you qualify a stock that is "in low volume??" As long as you are making money...profit is profit!

This market is cray cray....boom off she goes!



BNTX...have no idea what it does or what it looked interesting so I jumped in!

FAS...rain or shine these guys will not be down that long

COTY...why not

What could tilt this again? 2nd round ...and no vaccine or cure by Sept

Impatience getting the better outta me?

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msg #152208
5/15/2020 10:11:01 PM

Thank you Nobody and Shils for dropping by!

Nobody...u are funny! No such thing as "peasant" (unless you meant "pleasant") picks as these picks can sometimes be more than a 10 bagger! And shills...if there is anything that Im learning recently....I am NOT good (amongst other things) at calling the direction of the market!

@noboby...I am not familiar with the names. If you don't mind sharing an overview of the methodology behind the picks...that would be great; if not, it is ok too. I will put those on my watch list; thank you!

So...while I had one eye open waiting for the shoe to drop..1.5MM cases here with 88K RIPs and Trump is still being Trump; the market has rebounded with a vengeance! Recession? Depression? Whatever you wanna call it? record unemployment and barely anyone spooked! Luring those sitting with cash on the sidelines?

Been goofing around with the visual but trigger challenged.

draw close > T3(3,0.5)
and draw close > T3(4,0.5)
and draw close > T3(5,0.5)
and draw close > T3(6,0.5)
and draw close > T3(7,0.5)
and draw close > T3(8,0.5)
and draw close > T3(9,0.5)
and draw close < T3(10,0.5)

Stock Picks and Trading · Picks and Pans Since Jan 2020
msg #152197
5/14/2020 9:53:54 PM

Absolutely interesting day...

Opened as if the bears were going to rule ....but no follow thru at all as the day was coming to an end!

The lesson that was flashed??? it is good to be patient and to wait and see...

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msg #152191
5/14/2020 1:51:17 PM

@nibor hi!

using the filter posted by Xarlor on 5/11/2020 10:06:33 AM

I get 13 stocks.
DFFN - Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc 0.74 21.31 11,004,600 24.73 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
TRVN - Trevena Inc 1.00 6.72 4,518,500 4.00 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
KOPN - Kopin Corporation 0.82 26.15 3,515,000 -14.02 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
WINMQ - Windstream Holding 0.21 38.48 2,811,200 -13.68 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
GERN - Geron Corporation 1.46 11.45 2,706,400 -1.71 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
TRX - Tanzanian Royalty Exploration Corp 0.73 14.06 2,651,600 4.15 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
ONVO - Organovo Holdings Inc 0.60 7.18 2,413,800 8.68 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
ANY - SPHERE 3D CORP 1.94 36.62 1,367,400 -21.13 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
CFMS - Conformis Inc 1.12 17.72 1,233,800 -13.38 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
RNKLF - Royal Nickel Corp 0.38 -0.26 980,700 -3.69 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
LWLG - PSI-TEC HOLDINGS INC 0.86 4.88 781,800 -15.58 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
XCUR - Exicure Inc 2.66 3.91 399,800 -9.77 historical 3m,6m,1y,2y
NULGF - NuLegacy Gold Corp

Filter Exchange · Price Coming Off of a PVI Low
msg #152187
5/14/2020 9:03:40 AM

Thank you for the replies! I reached out to the wonderful folks at SF and this was the response:


Thank you for the feedback. It looks like this filter does require the advanced subscription.
If you have any additional questions, please do not hesitate to send us an email.

Best Regards, Support
Vestyl Software, L.L.C.

Sometimes it works ..and sometimes it doesn't work and I need to click again for it to generate a list. However, not an expert in codes, I do not know if the list would therefore be valid.

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msg #152185
5/13/2020 11:04:11 PM

I am almost running out of shows that I like to watch....getting tired?

What will it take to push me off the ledge?

My twin has tipped? Will the Guppies follow thru?

The best looking of us is still perched high above...

Ugly sisters coming out to play?

Stock Picks and Trading · Picks and Pans Since Jan 2020
msg #152175
5/12/2020 9:43:13 PM

Took a 50% loss on SPY calls; faded as the day ended. Revenge trade SPY 275P June for $6.50 (why? kept wondering from my past SPY plays of why I didn't reverse trade). EDIT: when i pulled the trigger...I was thinking...crap, this wasn't the plan; what did I just do?

Closed INO calls for almost a 100%. Happy with the entry and exit.

Music about to stop and turn nasty? Reminding myself...not to lead expectations to belief...

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