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msg #151517
3/27/2020 10:06:14 PM


Thank you for sharing the system and taking the time to answer the questions.

I, for one, am very thankful.

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msg #151459
3/25/2020 11:07:10 PM

2 Trillion bailout package stuck ...SPOO faded

Meanwhile US is now 206 cases/1M pop vs China's 56/1M

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msg #151437
3/25/2020 8:25:56 AM

Is this the turn? stop at $16

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msg #151405
3/24/2020 8:52:46 AM

Based on Xarlor's formula...

set{vol63,average volume(63)}
set{volm, vol63 * 21}
set{volm1, volm 1 month ago}
set{volm2, volm 2 months ago}
add column volm{mo vol}
add column volm1{1mo ago vol}
add column volm2{2mo ago vol}

gotta run..
- have to find the highest monthly volume over 'x' time
- draw the volm1 and 2 on vol pane

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msg #151404
3/24/2020 8:23:52 AM

Xarlor, thank you x2!!!!! Grateful for your help as always!

For the low reference...SPY's 3 yr low is 218 and 5 yr low is 181 assuming I didn't mess up this formula that i derived from Xarlor:
set{x1,low 3-year low}
set{x2,x1 2 years ago}

add column 5YL{5yrlo}
draw price line at 5YL

For the volume thing...I'm just in the early stages of trying to understand the correlation between price and volume as I've often wondered if trading could be as "pure" as just looking at price and volume without using anything else. Why? Fascinated by the psychology of the "buy" and "sell" decisions and given today's pandemic heavy headlines, I am able to witness it first hand. In the elevator about 2 weeks ago, an advisor was talking his client out of liquidating and to stay put...I also find myself tempted to "act" expecting this and expecting that. So far, patience has prevailed. So far, the temptation of trying to "catch the bottom" has been avoided.

Lots of damage in a month; WMA150 (Weinstein reference point?) barely budged...

Stay safe!

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msg #151391
3/23/2020 12:18:08 PM

34 posts
msg #151389
- Remove message 3/23/2020 10:37:46 AM

it was also based on TMV that broke through resistance.... dangit. Could've gotten back in this morning at 36.77... its back around $40 again!

Hahahaha...if I had an option contract every time I said danggit for missing a run this year alone, I'd be a friggin rock star! There will always be another babe!

Only thing I don't like about the set up is that it went up too far too fast. Will probably sell 3/4 of my TLT today.

On a totally unexpected (by me anyways) play that I was hoping to be able to build a bigger stake was...

Apr 150C busted a move already....

As always....good luck and your mileage may vary.

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msg #151388
3/23/2020 9:39:23 AM

33 posts
msg #151371
- Remove message 3/22/2020 9:20:42 PM

Hey Sandjco - I drew my resistance line from the black bar and the close on Friday powered through the resistance - looking for a gap up tomorrow and picked up TMF AH on Friday @ 38.25

Good luck svtsnakebitn!
I don't play AH ever. I am sorry as I have issues doing "drawings" lol.

The trend line you were referring to probably is the blue one? I had that in mind. My play was based on the red ones. This would be another perfect example of one chart but seen from 2 different approaches. I wouldn't be surprised if someone else played it short if it doesn't break.

Interesting thing about the virus...

95% of current active cases are mild...but yet, subjectively, if I was judging it based on the news or social media, I would be led to believe it is a horror show out there.

Yes, there will be a slow down. Yes, the streets have probably 90% less traffic and yes, I find it interesting people hoarding TP when I went to Costco (there was a fight too!).

Question to the board:
- is there a way to get more than 3 years of data (it doesn't have to show on the screen)? Say...5 or 7 yr hi and low?
- is there a way to see monthly volume over the last 5 years?
I remembered seeing or reading here that we can "fetch" data past 2 years but we just cannot display it or something like that.

Stay safe!

Kevin..if you are reading any of this....I thank you. I wished things were different.

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msg #151360
3/22/2020 9:53:55 AM

The meltdown continues...

So far, for the whole month...strength has been used to get out of positions by the looks of it.






US now has 81 cases/1M pop vs China's 56/1M.
- NY is the hardest hit. Will they close the Exchange to practice "social distancing"?
- Rates cut; liquidity pumped
- School's! (interesting how this will maybe change the way education is delivered)
- Remote work from home in vogue! (hmmm...will make employers aware that...)
- Airlines getting bailed by the gov't....
- Layoffs happening
- TB12 to Tampa!
- Kenny Rogers RIP at 81

Meanwhile...interesting....In Essex.... getting arrested for stolen Toilet Paper...smh TP? So, when this is over..should I expect a line of ppl returning TP at Costco?

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msg #151283
3/19/2020 1:27:49 AM

Thanks Xarlor; the past month or this past year have been absolutely beyond what I've expected.

I think my own perception of my perceived ignorance (if that makes sense) has kept me grounded and allowed me to figure out what my mistakes were early on (and I am sure I will continue to make them). Yes, there were "emotion" based "rules" there as I am not certain if I can truly pull the trigger "mechanically". Although, I must admit, that would be my goal.

Thank you for sharing the article. I personally didn't see going "short" as bad per was just my feeling of shorting stocks that have been really good to me that kinda felt weird. It was so weird shorting TSLA and/or buying puts on it when has been so good to me. However, I do understand the "yin" and "yang" is indeed necessary to keep the market honest. It was just a weird feeling as I don't think I've ever traded so many puts or shorted shares ever in my life than the last 5 weeks!

It will be really interesting to see how this all unfolds. US is now 29/1M pop

So weird.. early March...
This current haircut seems tame compared to Dec 2018 (China trade war which kinda became a non-event?) which was about 24% (will bring SPY to about 255 from 296 today). Longest correction apparently took 900 days to get over it.

SPY $240.

All the best and thanks for dropping by!

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msg #151266
3/18/2020 12:53:30 AM

What I've "uncovered"...I'd like to call them "rules" but I know I will most likely break a few here and there and then go back to "self therapy" to try not to do it again!

1. You are only as good as the last trade. Not complicated. Check your ego at the door.
2. Stocks don't have feelings; go long or short.
3. Do not trade during the first 15 minutes.
4. No revenge trade. Babe burned you; no need to chase. There are other babes.
5. Adding to a losing trade is most likely a crap shot. Set your limit; let it go. Hard to fix ugly.
6. Technique/Plan is useless if the mind is weak
7. You don't have to label yourself...swing or scalp or ? All you need to know is that you are not buying and holding if you are trading off charts
8. Profit is profit. So what if you may have missed the big run...knowing you called it correctly builds habit and the ability to spot the next one.
9. shooting consistency all the time is better than going for the home run all the time.
10. Market can be illogical. Being "right" can be expensive as time may not be on your side to fix the wrong entry

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