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Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149354
10/15/2019 9:41:51 PM

Filter Exchange · stochastics signal with backtest
msg #149353
10/15/2019 9:39:41 PM

Thanks for doing the po man's version Cheese and thanks for sharing tmuesing!

If i understand this filter correctly...the entry criteria is this:
set{innsto1, count(2 day slope slow stochastic (7,4,3) %D > 0,1)}
set{innsto2, count(slow stochastic (7,4,3) %D crossed above 50,1)}
set{innsto, innsto1 * innsto2}

Thanks in advance

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149325
10/12/2019 10:54:55 AM

Hmm...that faded away.

Uh oh. Long QQQ Nov 197C

Sold 3/4 of ROKU calls for 50% plus gain.

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149317
10/11/2019 8:38:02 AM

Oct 25 116C

Public Filter List · Where is the Market Part II
msg #149314
10/7/2019 9:46:15 PM

Thank you for sharing. I added a line as I couldn't see the triggers and I am not sure what I was doing as I couldn't seem to see it trigger. But after adding the visual trigger, it made sense to me. I just don't know how to make it look "clean" (if that makes sense?).

the more i tried to play with it the more i messed it up lol....

set{vxxc, ind(vxxb,close)}
set{vixc, ind(^vix,close)}
set{vxvc, ind(vxv,close)}
set{spyc, ind(spy,close)}
set{spxl, ind(spxl,close)}
set{vix3, ind(^VIX3M,close)}

set{vxvvix, vxvc / vixc}
set{vixavg, cema(vxvvix,5)}
set{vxvvxx, vxvc / vxxc}
set{vxxavg, cema(vxvvxx,5)}

set{riskon, count(vxvvxx > or = to vxxavg,1)}
set{riskof, count(vxvvxx < or = to vxxavg,1)}

set{risk_on, count(vxvvxx crossed above vxxavg,1)}
set{risk_of, count(vxvvxx crossed below vxxavg,1)}
set{macd3, count(macd(3,5,3) above 0,1)}

set{trigger, risk_on * macd3}

draw ma(8)

draw vxvvxx on plot vxxavg
draw riskon
draw riskof
draw macd3
draw macd(3,6,3)

add column risk_on
add column riskon{riskon=long_spy or short_vxx}
add column separator
add column risk_of
add column riskof{riskof=long_vxx or short_spy}

chart-length 6 months

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149313
10/7/2019 6:48:20 PM

No follow thru. All cash now.

General Discussion · Fibonacci screener
msg #149311
10/7/2019 3:12:26 PM

no worries; guys like you who can code SF well are gems for the community!

hope you didn't take my comment the wrong way.

General Discussion · Fibonacci screener
msg #149308
10/7/2019 12:19:06 PM

I think SF has FIB as well...

Average Volume(30) > 100000

Fibonacci Down(89,13) is below 0.24 within the last 5 days

for sure, I have zero coding, pardon the suggestion. Maybe it helps.

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149294
10/6/2019 10:30:12 AM

Thank you both.

Xarlor, I will add a volume component but didn't add the moving average.

Cheese, thank you for your kind words. I have a long way to go; 3 x 100% gains in a few days is an aberration and statistically difficult to sustain. Albeit, this year has weird...I made more with less trades and all were index plays done with options (which is not what I started to do). Thanks for the StockTA link.

I am not even close yet. You and few others who have been here a while keep the community robust and do add value.

Regarding your comments about Black Swans and tweets, I for sure can understand. The XIV debacle not too long ago was a good reminder. Given the current Global market and the proliferation of social media, you are correct, a crazy tweet can wreck a good position. However, I do see that as an opportunity as well. But it does force you to tighten your risk tolerance (hence, I didn't want to hold a large profitable position over the weekend and decided to shed a majority of it instead of being greedy).

I don't know how to post what was generated by the screener but these were the two that caught my eye:

Trade war, talk of recession, impeachment...doesn't seem to take SPY below 280.

Earnings season coming up. 280 or 302? Guess, I shouldn't really care...I should trade what I'm given.

Good luck all!

Stock Picks and Trading · A Newbie's Journey
msg #149288
10/5/2019 5:11:35 PM

Thanks Cheese and Xarlor

Here is RSI 14 on SPY...haven't used RSI 14 for a long while as I've found it too slow to compound but I should pay attention to it.

Where while it go next?

Mixing Cheese's and Xarlors me
market is etf
set{1A_1, count (close > bottom linear regression line(13,0.75) 1 day ago,1)}
set{1A_2, count (LRS(13) < 0,1)}
set{1A, 1A_1 * 1A_2}

set{2A, count(rsi(14) crossed above 40,1)}

set{trigger, 1A * 2A}
add column trigger > 0

add column 1A
add column 2A
add column rsi(14)

My usual to find the babes amongst the candidates...

As always, I am open to feedback! Thank you in advance.

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