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4/21/2008 8:19:03 AM

There's a difference between "whining" and constructive criticism.
Whining = bad. Always has been, always will be.
Constructive criticism = good.
Whining is about NOT changing.
Constructive critism is about advancing change for the sake of making things better.
Everyone is free to choose ...
Whine or help make things better ...


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4/21/2008 8:25:33 AM

The above comment was for Marine2.
I see Stockfetcher responded while I was typing my message.
Niko ... Please post the "no whining' symbol.
Same as the "no bull$#!t" symbol.

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4/21/2008 11:16:59 AM

Girl, the biggest whinos are these pathetic bulls. They once demanded that Bernanke must bail them out. Now they stick their heads up their respective ass and pretend that everything is fine.

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4/21/2008 1:15:27 PM

As Harry Browne would say:
"You can't give the government the power to do good without also giving it the power to do bad - in fact, to do anything it wants.


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4/21/2008 4:28:12 PM

This is to Karennma. With your comment back to us about whining. This means you should not whine about people that do not comment positively concerning your threads you want them to recognize and action to. When I do have problems concerning this new format you can best assure I won't be addressing them through this forum. Since you wear your feelings on your sleeve and do not realize comments were made to StockFetcher and not to her herself. Sometimes staying neutral and not reacting to others problems or questions might be the best solution to you having a better day.

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4/21/2008 4:35:55 PM

StockFetcher, thank you for replying back. Yes, I will keep you posted via your email address on the problems or questions I have concerning the latest changes. I value this web site as well as many other members. Continuelly improving this site into something that keeps drawing new members as well as keeping the existing members happy and knowledgeable is the only way for this site to become the best investment tool out there. Again, thank you for your positive feedback.

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5/5/2008 12:42:30 PM

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5/6/2008 1:01:24 PM

Here's some more whining:Pull up a filter in old fetcher,Edit,Edit,Test and offset 4 days ago and pull a chart.Change the chart to ESLR.'Change'5.97% right?Pull up a filter in new fetcher,offset 4 days ago(4/30/08).Pull up a chart and change the chart to ESLR.'Change'1.78%Same chart same candle diff. % change.Phooey.

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5/6/2008 1:21:27 PM

@nikoschopen: Looking at the prices for CBI and the date offset specified, I believe the values are correct.

Your filter uses a date offset of 3 and is run on 5/5/2008, the closing value based on your filter date (4/30/2008) would be 39.84.

Your message was posted mid-day yesterday (unfortunately, we dont keep the mid-day prices) but using the extremes from 5/5/2008 (high=40.39, low=38.77), we would see the "close to close" change from 4/30/08 to 5/5/08 would be:

Upper Bound: (40.39 - 39.84) / 39.84 = +1.38%
Lower Bound: (38.77 - 39.84) / 39.84 = -2.69%

It looks like that would place the "Since(%)" of -1.10% in a valid range for yesterday.

I hope I didn't miss the point of your message, but it seems like the "hover" chart might be confusing things as it ends on the date of your filter (from date offset) not the current date.

Tom Support

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