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4/13/2008 8:46:35 AM

Once you get your filter results ...
If I click "Customize", what's that square box for on the right hand side?

(click "hide" or "show" to see the box)

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4/13/2008 8:58:48 AM

When you are composing a filter, as you type the box on the right hand side will show "auto-complete" measures and phrases. For example, if you are typing:
show stocks where av

The box should have entries such as: "Average Volume", "Average Day Range", etc.

To select an option from that box, simply hit tab and then Enter to select the desired option. You can also double-click to select an entry.

We are still working on this feature, but another component is the ability to remember saved variables as you type them in. For example, if you type:
set{myvariable, close + open}


If you had typed the above, you would see "myvariable" in the completion box.

Eventually, we will also provide context-based help from the box on the right side which will provide quick tips about using the measures and exact usage. One problem we have always found when editing a filter is the need to conveniently know what measures are available and how to use them.

Hope that helps, as we add more to this feature and test everything, we will be sure to post an update!

Tom Support

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4/13/2008 3:48:16 PM

Quote from tomb:

Concerning the date offset and "multiples of 5", there are a couple ways to get around that:

1) Select "1 day ago" -- this will move you back (from the filter results date by 1 day.) Clicking this again will move you another day in the past (etc.) Again, keep in mind that the menu selection from the filter results is relative the filter results date you are currently viewing (you can verify this by watching the date change.)

What if I wanted to bring it forward in time, say, from 10 days ago to 9 days ago?

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4/13/2008 6:13:50 PM

Seem to be loosing the global settings when Customize or days previous are used a couple of times.

Also kinda like the red/green fonts in the % up and down columns in old format.

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4/13/2008 11:59:17 PM

I would like to be able to see the search parameters I have entered into the search formulas. The old system would show you what search guide lines you had used. Now I can not find out what information I have in my formulas????? How can I find out what the formulas have stored in the search info. I can not remember what specific info or requirements I placed in my existing search formulas?? Help. thanks..Dean

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4/14/2008 9:43:28 AM

I've been following a filter I created called "Monthly." It selects about 650 stocks recently which I add to a Watch List. With the prior list length, I could add them to the watch list with 7 operations (100 stocks at a time). Now only 25 stocks are showing up on a page so it will take me 26 downloads to get the stocks into a Watch List.

Is there a way around this? If not, it's unusable for me.


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4/14/2008 11:45:56 AM

I like to see the results an arbitrary number of days back. Seems like onlr preprogrammed 1 week, 1 month etc is now available. Can that be changed??

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4/14/2008 11:52:56 AM

decipherlinda, you'll need to go into SETTINGS > RESULTS > "Number of symbols returned per page" and change the number to 100 from the pull-down menu.

hscott, just type "date offset 12 days" (or whatever number you want) directly in ure filter. For example...

date offset 12
close above open

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4/21/2008 1:27:57 AM

About the person's comment on people whinning and crying concerning the latest changes.

We are calling it like it is. There are problems with this latest version, some of us have voiced our feelings about it. Many haven't commented because either they just don't care, or they still don't know what hit them, or they don't want to comment because people like you might chatise them voicing their thoughts. Some like you think the world is a marvelous place and everything is perfect. If we all stood by and never voiced our feelings and just let change happen, systems and processes would not improve for the people that must use them. I am fully aware that progress is healthy and upgrading a previous work process to a later version can be painful and/or unsettling until the bugs get worked out. Seeing that SF did not comment on why they didn't warn us in their Announcement section of the forum in my previous post here tells me they are so busy handling problems concerning the latest version and just haven't had time to get to my question or they don't want to answer it.

No, we are not crying or whinning, it is called open discussion and letting StockFetcher know how we truelly feel. Kissing butts is not the answer. Making this web sites owners know how we feel is what counts.

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4/21/2008 8:09:04 AM

marine2: While we are certainly busy with StockFetcher and making sure everything is working correctly, we are not ignoring any requests or messages. We have reviewed this thread and unfortunately, were not able to find any specific problem reports from you that we were able to assist with or even provide a place for us to start.

You did ask why we did not post a message in the announcements section. Our reason for this was since the actual functionality of the filter page had not changed (except for a couple beta features: such as auto-completing text) we did not feel an announcement was warranted. We did foresee there would be some unplanned issues, and we felt those would be highlighted and addressed in the typical venues (forums and support email.)

Finally, we have again reviewed your messages in this thread:

I go into SF today and try to go into My Filters section and call up one of my filters I created and bam I see a new format. The only problem is, is its not working right. Making something that works into a cuter thing sometimes ruins the design that worked for us before. Either fix this silly new thing you came up with or go back to the old way that you had two days ago. Thank you StockFetcher

In the above you mention it is not working right can you please elaborate? Are you still experiencing problems that are making StockFetcher not work right? Any details you can provide will certainly help!

All I am going to say at this moment is that I am disappointed in the latest version of "My Filters" section. I am going on a business trip but when I come back I will have time to analyze the problems I am having then give StockFetcher proper feedback. Hoping their staff can enlighten me on how to fix the problems I am seeing or hoping by the time I come back SF will have fixed the cute upgrade (so they say) to what once was a working environment, friendly to non computer science graduates. Losing customers I am sure is not what StockFetcher wants. Why wasn't a proper Beta testing administered to before pulling the plug on the previous WORKING WELL tool. Having so many bells and whistles can mess up a good thing. Good example, Microsofts Vista system. So many ingrediants that has bogged and tainted their system. Could we have the same thing going on here? Oh I am sure SF has a positive answer to this one. I need a system that works and not create walls to climb and more time lost than need be. Thank you for taking the time to read my anguished message.

Above you mention I need a system that works, is this related to the previous message. If so, does the problem still persist?

One added note. Why wasn't this new enhancement noted in the ANNOUNCEMENT section of the forum? Didn't SF want to inform us all about what this new tool was all about? Or, is surprise factor IN now?

Warning us about system changes sure helps us prepare for the obviously the inevitable. Since, we didn't get a chance to test this new gizmo before they went live fire and a done deal.

How about giving us veterans of this web site a discount for having to tolerate some of the suddent changes that cause our hair to fall out. Just a thought to ponder.

As indicated above, the core functionality of the filter page is the same. If there are bugs and it is not working right -- that is definitely different. But we did not feel an announcement was necessary as we designed this change so that the underlying filter results page and general StockFetcher filter process did not change.

Again, if you are experiencing any specific problem with the new format please provide more details. If you don't feel forums are the appropriate venue (concern about examples and such) please don't hesitate to contact us via

As always we are busy and not sitting idly by watching StockFetcher. Additionally, we are very pleased with how the upgrade process has gone. The new technology that we put in place with the upgrade will allow us to introduce several new features in the future.

As mentioned above, while we are very pleased with how the upgrade has gone, that definitely does not mean there were not several initial issues; however, at this point we are only able to pinpoint a couple interface problems that will be fixed.

Tom Support

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