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5/6/2022 10:08:57 PM

That's right, it's yours truly!.

For those who remember me, yes, I am still alive. No, my trading account didn't go under.

I've been appointed chairman of the board of a corporation that will be unnamed for privacy's sake. Enjoying my time with that. But as a result, my time has been allocated completely away from trading and other risk-adverse hobbies.

But anyways, I felt the urge to stumble back to memory lane and assess the current state of "Stockfetcher".
To my ultimate dismay, SF hasn't lifted a finger with 'new features' or even considered expanding their coverage of stocks. Still the same boring ol' exchanges....

Intraday would have been pretty nifty to add, speaking of 'nifty' why not include indices like the nifty 50,spx, dax, etc....or how about commodities, perhaps forex, or what about.. CRYPTO?

I think any fair-minded person capable of critical thinking would KNOW that instituting crypto data would INEVTABLTY revive the half-dead horse stockfetcher has been over the past several years.
Whoever runs it, and I say this with sincerity, must have forgotten the site still exists!

I have always been opposed to the concept of cryptocurrency, but I'm not blind to the fact that any market research website like this one, that desires more traffic, should be KEENLY aware that 'cryptocurrency data' is their passport to gaining more users.

I guess SF hasn't gotten the memo yet. Shame.

On a lighter note, and to my pleasant surprise, my filters don't appear to have entirely eroded away! Seems that a lot of them still pump out results that render explosive success, congruent to their respective strategies of course.
But considering how phenomenal the performance of those indicators I pioneered were (the short selling ones), I bet a million bucks I'd still be #1 with performance if it were compared to any other filter spit out on this site.

So yes, KING is indeed the proper term.

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5/6/2022 11:26:41 PM

Well Welcome back!!!!!!

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5/7/2022 8:39:57 PM

It's good to be the king!

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5/8/2022 6:30:20 PM

simply the best…😂

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5/16/2022 12:30:19 PM

Hey King ASA8,

I came across this magic.

I'm using an automated strategy on with the entry at 09:29 and exit of trailing take profit of 10% or stop loss of 5% or close at 15:59. Just wondering if you experimented with other exits other than at close or would the stop loss of 5% cancel out any wins?

I'm using these indicators to get an idea of the trend on the 1hr timeframe. I am just starting to run simulations on the idea.

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5/16/2022 2:12:00 PM

What’s the King going to do for us SF’rs? Great your back but proof is in the pudding they say. Back to the old saying, you’re only as good as what you’ve done for us lately.

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5/16/2022 3:58:07 PM


If you're a pro at plotting support & resistance (which I am not), then you can likely utilize a proper exit based upon that. The screener greatly assists with the general direction of where the price is gonna go, not the particular levels.

Regarding different exits, it's possible to strategically time the exits and the entries, it just requires proper analysis on the intraday chart, and seeing that you could reap success with the filter without the need to magnify on the intraday chart, I didn't have the will to find a better exit.

One thing is for sure: a 5% stop loss applied to this strategy would indeed cancel out multiple wins, as well as with any stop loss, because drawdown would be inevitable for a lot of them. So if you don't have the stomach to withstand volatile drawdown then I recommend against playing the strategy, especially if high risk high reward is not your cup of tea.

Regarding , interesting platform, didn't know it existed...

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5/16/2022 4:09:06 PM


Yeah...hop off your high horse pal.. You've been here for almost 2 decades, go ahead and post your best filter and tell me how it's played. In fact, tell us all how you've been productive over the 2 decades in this community.



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5/16/2022 6:37:43 PM

Dear King,
The Bjorgum Key Levels indicator in the link above makes plotting support and resistance pretty easy and allows for multiple exit entries so I'll add one for the price above support too. If 5% is too tight would a trailing stop of 15% work? I got the stomach for it but there is probably a way to maximize it using risk reward than eventually closing at a 7-10% loss anyways if having to hold over night or over the weekend.

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5/16/2022 10:29:04 PM


You're not wrong, there probably is a way to facilitate some trailing stop loss into the strategy whilst enabling the performance to remain high. I haven't messed around with trailing stop losses, but it may not be a bad idea.

As for the S/R link, I gave it a look, I'd say its pretty handy for identifying S/R zones. I'd love to see it coded in SF...
It certainly beats a majority of the S/R filters I've come across .

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