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3/11/2018 4:55:17 PM

pt another dumb assumption , just like basing a president's 8 years on who he HANGS OUT with, I am not a woman, your reasoning needs a jack daniels I think.

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3/11/2018 5:00:31 PM

klynn, i referred to you as a woman because of the bumper sticker i saw two days ago..."Liberals...where men are women and women are men".

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3/12/2018 8:22:35 AM


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3/12/2018 9:18:49 AM

Dave, ha ha. TDS is a fatal disease to catch. Klynn, just playing with you...dont be all offended like an MSNBC host.

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3/12/2018 1:29:21 PM

pt the last time I had a bumper sticker was in high school, shows where youre at!
can't argue with a clam! don't forget pt , glance at that chart of the sp 500 from 2009 to 2017, see the pretty incline, over 300% gain, you pissed cause you shorted the black guy , huh? racism has its price!

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3/13/2018 9:54:36 AM

pt I disagree with your positions but want to be respectful. When you talk about the big o being anti American which I disagree with wholeheartedly how do you see Trump's cozy relationship with Russia. if the meddling favored Dems or an independent would your stance be altered

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3/13/2018 10:38:47 AM

roca, right on. if we all thought the same the world would be boring. i would argue there has never been any evidence of a trump admin-russia collusion effort. further, you should be angry as a taxpayer that your tax dollars went towards this phony effort. obama is no diff than any other globalist like liberal mccain or liberal flake--they dont see the US as being different/ is not 'that shiny city on a hill" like RR used to say.

would like to talk more roca--you are thoughtful and respectful, but i dont want to hijack an investing board with politics.

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3/13/2018 4:21:36 PM

collusion, why give it a name, lets call it un-American activities, Flynn, manafort, gates, popadoulos,
four high trumpers setting up a meeting with Russian operatives, Russian ops targeting millions with facebook, google, etc, you see no reason to spend American money when our elections are being attacked by Russians. I call you un-American!

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3/13/2018 5:02:12 PM

Let's get back to investing. If you prefer you may set a board called "politics". Thank you.

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3/13/2018 6:25:18 PM

To All:

Politics Goes Here

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