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3/29/2019 6:07:24 PM

This guy is a fraud. The fact that you miss Kevin so much proves you're not capable financially and able to find the shares availabile to trade it. And you lack the guts.
You would double your money every two weeks and you would own half the world and you would not be needing to cry for help from Kevin, whom by the way was long XIV when he left, before tanking 95%
But anyway, fun stuff.

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3/29/2019 6:14:46 PM

Poor shilllihs. You always show your true colors.

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3/29/2019 6:31:44 PM


As part of your earlier shorting threads you had a rule about not shorting a stock that had a reverse split within the last 8 months, if I remember correctl; but a couple of your recent picks have had reverse splits within that window of time.

Are reverse splits not a concern for this new shorting approach?

Ed S.

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3/29/2019 7:09:42 PM


You are correct about what I said regarding reverse splits, but with my personal method of trading now-a-days I find them to be a useful component considering reverse splits are harmful to the stock; primarily because of the dilution prospect. But they still present a danger. Check the sec filings for the company to find about the reason there was even a reverse split. It is imperative to understand why it happened before deciding to go short. I can go into more detail about this.

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3/29/2019 8:08:16 PM

Olathegolf, I'm outa here

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4/1/2019 6:13:20 PM


Nice trading so far. You can't argue with your success, although I do wish that you actually traded these and posted your entry, exit, and commission costs to see how it really plays out rather than as a paper exercise.

Nonetheless, as I have said before I respect those folks here who post their trades before or as they are being made. Good luck on PULM.

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4/1/2019 8:37:03 PM

I do live trade these and they play out relatively adjacent to what I post. I get filled near the open and I cover at the price I report. As for commissions, read the first part of my thread.

My live trading is not the point though. The prospect of my thread is to display the success of my trading system by tracking its performance. No other thread on this forums has shown it has the capability of outperforming what I call-out. Hence why the title is "The Most Profitable Thread on Stockfetcher".

As for PULM, it'll go in my favor, just watch.


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4/1/2019 10:00:00 PM

Good luck with PULM
Volume = 58M
RSI2 = 98.59
ROC1,1 = 81.89

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4/1/2019 11:41:52 PM

What about $VIPS and $MDR..What is your opinion on them?

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4/2/2019 4:40:18 PM

It did indeed drop at the open as I expected it to do, but it didn't drop enough as I had hoped and it didn't hold either. Since it was a breakeven trade, I'll count it as a defeat.

As for your question ahcsim72,

Even though both stocks had an RSI(2) value of over 95 (an overextended condition), it lacks other factors that give me the confidence of a sudden drop so I wouldn't be 100% assertive short selling it. And since it wasn't a mania play, the drop wouldn't be as rewarding.

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