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2/3/2003 7:34:33 PM

Hey all,

We've had a number of requests to improve our charts. Below is an example including some slight modifications:
  • Remove grey background.
  • Increase size of primary plot

    What else can we do to improve things?

    Post your comments and suggestions here and we'll try to get a new version up and running in the next couple of weeks!

    Sample Chart


  • defghca
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    2/4/2003 5:58:16 AM

    do anything with the chart size as long as it is user customizable; personaly i prefer a chart and index that fit on one screen; no page up/down

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    2/4/2003 8:28:50 AM


    Yes to display bigger ticks is ok. It would be fine to disable the volume also.

    The more you can customize the better it will be.

    Thank you


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    2/4/2003 10:25:46 AM

    The current appearance of the charts works for me now.
    I agree with the suggestions of an option to turn off volume, and providing more customization.

    I'll suggest a different style of chart display, multiple charts, used to visually review a set of filter results.
    There are related suggestions for this, but the main features are listed below.

    1. Suggested new feature -- Multiple charts of one stock, displayed side-by-side in one window, for different time periods.
    Reason: For reviewing single stocks, it's useful to review different time periods in one window
    without user action to switch to a different window, or load another page.
    Format: Provide 2 or 3 charts for different time periods
    (E.g., user specified display of 1 year chart, 3 month chart).
    This probably requires a modified chart, for all information to be readable on a smaller chart size.
    In addition to the chart prices and a volume display below, show other info (Close, Prev Close, Change, Range, Volume)
    In the chart settings, specify how many charts are displayed for a stock (1 to 3 charts).
    The default would be one main chart, which matches the current StockFetcher chart appearance.
    The other options could be "second-chart" and "third-chart".
    The options may be referred to in phrases, such as "second-chart-display is weekly"
    Suggestion: Although there is currently no intra-day chart for filter results, it could be added in the future as a third time period.

    2. Suggested new feature -- Multiple charts for different stocks, all charts displayed in one window.
    Reason: For the first visual review of a set of stocks, it's easier to review multiple charts in one window.
    Format: Provide a chart setting, that specifies 2 to 4 charts in a row, to form a grid of several rows.
    Limit the number of small charts per page (10, 20, 50), depending on the performance required to display multiple charts.
    If the different time period feature is implemented for charts (see other suggestion), then
    provide a setting to place multiple charts for one stock in one row with different time periods,
    and the next row applies to the next stock. This would allow review of multiple stocks over multiple time periods.
    Provide a check box near each small chart, to "add to watch list".
    Add a button in the window to "select all charts for watchlist".

    Thanks for the chance to provide the feedback,

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    2/6/2003 9:50:51 AM

    thr auto scaling for the vertical (price) axis could be improuved in the charts
    see [show stocks where the close is more than 50% below the 1 year high
    and the high 30 day high is less than 10% above the low 30 day low]

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    2/6/2003 11:55:30 AM

    I've had the same problem with the vertical (price) auto scaling.
    The prices are too small to be readable, when the vertical scale includes other extreme low or high values. The price bars fit in 5% or less of the vertical scale.

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    2/6/2003 9:15:14 PM

    zfetch, love the suggestion about multiple charts - I too always look at charts over varying time frames and think this would be extremely useful! I like to view the last 2-3 years in weekly charts, followed by a 6month daily and then a 3month daily if I am still interested. This would be a great addition to stockfetchers charting facilities IMO.

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    2/8/2003 12:02:00 PM

    I would love to see high and low price labels on the chart. does a good job of illustrating what I mean if you wish to see an example.

    (P.S. They have an excellent charting engine and many of the things I look to their charts for I would love to see on your site instead!)

    Thanks again for a great site that just keeps getting better.

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    2/9/2003 8:51:30 AM

    Scanning software are very good, but charts are simply usuless for trading. Because of that i use stockfethcer only for scanning and for charting. This combination serves well for me and is reasonably priced (i have silver plan at prophet).
    Suggestion is simple - your charts must be at least as good as prophet:)))

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    2/9/2003 11:13:15 AM

    It's great that you all are constantly trying to improve this site. I think it is a great site and really has saved me lots of time in screening.
    I am concerned all these improvements to the site may warrant an increase in the monthly fee.
    I use your site for screening stocks and the low monthly fee is what convinced me to sign up.
    I pay other sites for the real time data I use in trading.
    All of the posts I have read are really trying to tell you that the site needs to get into real time intra day data results....and that will have to cost more.
    Just think of being able to have your custom filters display real time data, or maybe even with a slight delay. It would be amazing.
    I know you would have plenty of new subscribers if you do this, especially if you keep the costs down compared to other sites.

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