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5/21/2003 9:17:48 PM

I noticed that SF has used the color of red for the volume bar when the price closed down and the color of black for the volume bar when the price closed up. I believe that many of the SF subscribers would prefer green for the volume bar when the price closes up instead of black. I do not believe that the users can change the color of the volume bars themselves?

Let's take a poll -- is there anyone else out there who would like to see the volume bars colored green when the price closes up? Please respond!

Thanks for your comments. Joe

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5/21/2003 9:26:19 PM

Go visit some of the major free charting websites such as or bigcharts, white/black is usually used for gains and red for losses. However, I agree that we should be able to change them if we want and it wouldn't be too hard to code anyways.

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5/22/2003 1:53:31 PM

I actually like the new red and black colors. But, just to make everyone happy, the ability to customize the colors would be good...

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5/22/2003 5:13:06 PM

People enough with the colorful charting rhetoric ....just give me any screening criteria(s) which will produce a definite 8%-16% of GREEN or RED performance with 2 to 5 "date offset" :-) Any ideas and anyone??

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5/22/2003 9:59:24 PM

Fetcher[ SHOW STOCKS WHERE CLOSE HAS BEEN DECREASING OVER THE LAST 3 DAYS AND PRICE TOUCHED LOWER BOLLINGER BAND(20) and average volume(90) is above 100000 and price is between 1 and 10 ]

even better go to the Filter Exchange forum and read the like 100 reply thread on that filter and how to use it

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5/23/2003 4:03:23 PM


We've released a beta version of the chart color customization. Visit the following link for more:

Chart Color Customization announcement

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