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General Discussion · Pocket PC
msg #27555
7/24/2003 10:04:14 PM

Hello everyone,

I am contemplating on buying a pocket pc specially an Ipaq with the latest pocket pc microsoft 2003 operating system. I wonder whether or not StockFetcher site supports the pocket pc version internet browser. Has anyone actually load up this site with their pocket pc?

Filter Exchange · Down from Open X percentage of the time at Close
msg #26748
6/5/2003 12:13:33 PM

Hello everyone,

Help! I am trying to come up with a formula to gather stocks which tend to decrease 80% (or what ever percentage of the time) of the time from the beginning of the day towards the end of the day (or vice versa). Could you please point me in the right direction.

General Discussion · Tools Of The Trade
msg #26663
5/30/2003 1:13:46 PM

Hello everyone,

Anyone in here have an account with I am thinking about opening an account with them. Can I please have your input....thank you .

General Discussion · Color of Volume Bars
msg #26578
5/22/2003 5:13:06 PM

People enough with the colorful charting rhetoric ....just give me any screening criteria(s) which will produce a definite 8%-16% of GREEN or RED performance with 2 to 5 "date offset" :-) Any ideas and anyone??

General Discussion · Screen
msg #26486
5/12/2003 1:33:41 PM

This is an excellent idea but I don't think StockFetcher will implement it .

General Discussion · Tools Of The Trade
msg #26485
5/12/2003 1:31:08 PM

Good stuffs so far ...keep it coming :-)

General Discussion · Close-to-open gap <==Can't get the result I wanted
msg #26484
5/12/2003 1:29:27 PM


Thanks for your info. The reason why is because I want to back test certain stocks which have opened up from the previous close most of the time . If the percentage of the trend then all I have to do is to get in on the previous day just before they close and hold the positions over night . Holding a position over night is very risky therefore I have to find stocks with the highest percentage of ups trend wise .

General Discussion · Tools Of The Trade
msg #26303
4/24/2003 6:11:18 PM

Every "poor" artist has visions but to execute them he/she must have the right tools . What're yours? (keep in mind the overhead cost)

Interactive Brokers

General Discussion · Close-to-open gap <==Can't get the result I wanted
msg #26302
4/24/2003 5:59:38 PM

Hello everyone ....from the novices to the pros,

I am trying to gather stocks which have gap up a certain percentage from the previous closing price when it first traded the next day for a period of trading days . The result of the example below seems to incorrectly filtered the stocks . Any suggestions?

[Close-to-open gap is above 2.5 for at least ten days]

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