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General Discussion · Color of Volume Bars
msg #26577
5/22/2003 1:53:31 PM

I actually like the new red and black colors. But, just to make everyone happy, the ability to customize the colors would be good...

Filter Exchange · bollinger bands
msg #26150
3/28/2003 11:40:28 AM

Hi wallman,
As you said, the results look great.
Could you post details about the way you use the filter?

Filter Exchange · Price Pattern Matches 2boxer
msg #493
2/20/2003 12:09:18 PM

MUDDY, can you please shed some light on how to find hot ETFs or worst performing ETFs?
Thank you.

General Discussion · Help with a filter phrase
msg #277
12/23/2002 2:58:11 PM

Hi all,
I am trying to construct a filter that would identify stocks which opened
at a price GREATER OR EQUAL to yesterday's open. In essence I am looking for a filter phrase that would spell out ">=". I tried using the following phrase but I do not seem to be getting the correct result.
"open is greater than or equal to open 1 day ago"
Would somebody be kind to help me out with this one?
Thank you

Announcements · New Feature: Weekly Indicators and Charts
msg #261
12/17/2002 11:41:31 AM

Great addition!
One question...
How would the technical indicators work with the weekly charts? For example if I wanted to use Slow Stochastic, would the following phrase be correct?

show stocks where the weekly high is below the weekly high 1 week ago
and the weekly low is above the weekly low 1 week ago
and chart-display is weekly


General Discussion · Need help to construct a phrase.
msg #217
12/6/2002 3:50:15 PM

Hi Tom,
Thanks for your reply. Let me clarify what I mean when I say that the stock closed at least midway below yeterdays' close (which is above).
I am trying to find stocks that opened above yesterday's up move but closed at a price which is more than 50 percent below yesterday's close. So if a stock opened at 10 yesterday and closed at 15, I am looking to find the stock if it opened today at, say 16, and closed below 12.5
Hope that makes sense.
Thanks again,

General Discussion · Need help to construct a phrase.
msg #214
12/6/2002 11:59:22 AM

Hi all,
I am trying to construct a phrase for a filter and would like some help.

I am trying to find stocks that have an open greater than or equal to yesterday's close and that closed at least midway below yesterday's close.

Would appreciate your inputs.

General Discussion · Analyze Stock bug?
msg #194
12/4/2002 10:12:52 AM

Thanks for the update.
I believe the problem still persists, although in a different category.
I ran an Analyze on CSCO. The matching bullish indicator shows Slow Stochastic(5) as oversold. From the chart, the Slow Stochastic(5) is actually around 45, which I believe is not oversold.

General Discussion · Analyze Stock bug?
msg #190
12/3/2002 11:56:43 AM

I was running your Analyze Stock facility on SHRP.
In one of the Bearish Matching indicators, it was listed that the Slow Stochastic(13) %K is overbought. Looking at the chart though, the Slow Stohcastic(13) %K was actully below 50. How is that overbought?

General Discussion · Naming custom filters
msg #149
11/19/2002 12:07:16 PM

I was looking to name and save custom filters as I create them, so that I can look them up easily while scanning my filters. Currently, I do not see any facility to do that. Is that right or am I missing something?
Thank you.

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