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7/12/2007 10:44:12 PM

Is it worth the money? Are you making better money with it?
Can you scan for all the criteria they claim as important? I know you cant scan for optionable stocks. Also, what dont you like about it?

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7/13/2007 2:21:54 PM

I am a long time Subscriber. I use the eTables portion (separate add on) to select stocks using a set of criteria that only IBD can provide for me.

This group of selected stocks is then imported into Excel and then I use the autofilter function in Excel to further apply additional selection criteria using the following IBD Headings: New High, EPS, RS, Industry group RS on Optionable stocks.

I do this every end of day. Eventually you end up with a group of stocks that will guarantee you winning trades provided you know when to enter on the low and sell on their high points (using some great filters here). I have made money scalping these stocks.

Bottom line is that using IBD to filter stocks using some of their propietary stock ratings will give you Hot, fundamentally sound, reliable stocks to trade over and over again. This is how I got stocks such as Crox, RIMM, AAPL when they are hot. Just ride the wave when they take off or enter on their low retrace points and you will be rich.

If anyone interested I can show you step by step how to screen for stocks using IBD eTables and using Excel to formulate a Rock Solid system.

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7/13/2007 2:37:18 PM

Danglin...thanks for sharing. I would be interested in finding out more.


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7/13/2007 2:50:09 PM

You have to have a valid subscription to IBD and sign up for eTables. I think the monthly cost is around $29. I can only show you if you already have an electornic subscription to IBD.

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7/13/2007 5:38:53 PM

danglin: Hey, thanks for the info. I'm trying to get info on other systems also, like the Quicken full screen scaning tool. Have you heard of it? if so what do you think? I'm still going to subscribe to ibd and get going with them. Just needed the encoragement. I trade options.

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7/13/2007 8:51:00 PM

I am not familiar with the Quicken full scan. Perhaps someone else can post some recommendations on this.

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7/14/2007 7:52:55 PM

danglin --- I'm a subscriber, very interested in your sifting method ... will you post it here?

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7/16/2007 12:05:25 AM

Here you go. Follow instructions very carefully. You may want to print this out.

Basically, you are filtering stocks with the following criteria using Excel to help you sort these stocks very quickly: New 52 week High, Closing Price = $50+, EPS = 80+, RS = 90+, Industry Group RS A- or better, Stocks optionable (if you are trading options).

1. Sign on IBD and go to eTables if you already have a subscription.
2. Once eTables is loaded click on the "Main Tables" tab.
3. In the "Filter By" selection box near top of table select "New High or up 1 point (Bold).
4. Next, once this is sorted by New High click on the "Export to Excel" link at the upper left hand area.
5. Save the resulting Excel spread sheet if you are using Explorer so you can open this Excel file independently or, if you are using Firefox then open the exported data right away once downloaded as you are able to start working with the file as is.
6. This next step is important. You need to highlight the entire spread sheet by clicking the first upper left hand cell labeled "Company Name", Press and hold down the Shift key on keyboard, scroll down to the very last Rt. lower cell of the very last stock in the table and left click. This will highlight the entire spread sheet. Be careful not to click on anwhere in this highlighted area as this will deactivate your selection.
7. Click Data, then filter, then Autofilter from your upper Windows menu. You should now have a series of down arrows on your column headings in Excel.
8. Click on the little down arrow for each of the following selections and select on "Custom". For Closing price choose greater than or equal, enter 50. Click o.k. For EPS Rating choose custom then greater than or equal to, enter 80. Click o.k. For RS Rating choose custom then greater than or equal to, enter 90.

9. Next, Check the "Industry Group Relative Strength" Column for each stock and delete the ones rated less than A-. That is, keep the ones rated A- or better. You can delete by pointing mouse on the number of the stock on the left hand side of spread sheet, once the entire row is hightlighted just right click and select delete.

10. If you just want optionable stocks then scrool over to the very last column titled "Footnote" and delete the stocks that do not have an "o" . The ones that have "ko" count so don't delete these.

There you have it!!! The resulting filtered stocks are your prime stocks that you need to add to a watchlist. Do this every end of day typically after 8:00 p.m. Eastern time. There will be days you don't have a new entry, other days you have a long list. In a few weeks to months you will have your prime stocks that are the best of the best that you can trade and know very well.

By doing this often enough this will become very easy to do taking no more than 3 mins.

My list is around 130 stocks to date. This is the list I run my filters on.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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7/16/2007 12:23:09 AM

Good post! Explained really well...

Similar to what I do - it works!

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7/16/2007 12:02:06 PM

My list is around 130 stocks to date. This is the list I run my filters on.

Thanks for the information. Very clever.
What stockfetcher filters do you use on the best of the best? And when do you take action?

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