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Filter Exchange · Any ideas?
msg #59513
2/6/2008 9:00:45 PM

probably not --- execution prices would be the issue --- you have to factor in the bid/ask spread, what price do you get in at and out at etc ... it's hard enough on high priced stocks to pinpoint your entry price, with penny and sub-penny its even harder, also you can't short these puppies in the real world --- has to be on the shorting list for your broker and anything under $5 doesn't qualify as far as I know

General Discussion · Software and trading accounts
msg #59512
2/6/2008 8:55:48 PM

i second the interactive brokers suggestion ... just switched from mb trading and have had NO data issues ... also switched from to medved's quotetracker charts, SOOOO much better it's scary ... IB vs MB Trading: commissions at mbtrading on Monday for me would have been over $200, a real problem since I only made $170 on the day, with IB i bagged a a $155 profit, would have lost money if still with MB ... data issues galore with, no news to anyone who has used them ... same issue with MB, constantly losing connection to order server ... very happy with interactive brokers, very quick/fair executions to boot

General Discussion · interactive brokers question ...
msg #55881
10/21/2007 7:36:29 PM

... those of you who have used or are using ib, wondering how the platform fits on the computer screen --- been using mb trading which is great in that it uses pop ups which can be sized and placed-- open orders, watchlist, positions etc .... will be doing day trading full time here shortly and want the cost savings of IB over MB Trading but must have same or preferably better functionality -- fitting on the bottom of the screen in other words, beneath my charts ... oh yes, also, how are the executions? Fast? Good entry/exit prices generally speaking? Thanking you in advance for your thoughts/insights.

General Discussion · Weekly or Daily ?
msg #55630
10/10/2007 9:45:43 PM

chart-display is weekly

Filter Exchange · LONG - SHORT market survey
msg #54248
8/21/2007 1:14:55 AM

for tomorrow, I'm going short, set ups are heavily weighted to a downturn across the board for tomorrow ... long term, look at a MONTHLY 20 year chart of the s&p or nas or dj, we've been steadily rising since Oct of 2002, not a bear in sight on those charts, ma's are neatly stacked and steady up

General Discussion · Anyone subscribing to IBD program? opion please.
msg #53117
7/14/2007 7:52:55 PM

danglin --- I'm a subscriber, very interested in your sifting method ... will you post it here?

General Discussion · who wants to help me write a book-the best ever
msg #50979
4/10/2007 12:41:53 PM

mary -- I'm interested, e-mail me at TakingStock12000 at to discuss possibilities

General Discussion · LOOK AT WHAT ESIGNAL IS DOING!!
msg #49886
2/7/2007 1:12:31 PM

Is it an invasion of privacy or simply common sense business not to allow other web sites to be, in a sense, advertized on THEIR web site -- after all, they've sunk big bucks into their venture, their site, they took the risk of openeing and running a business -- neither of us has a dime invested. In my opinion they have the right to decline people who are using their service to mention and there-by, in a way, advertise other sites. It's good business. If you had opened a print shop and the patrons were using your printing press to produce flyers advertising a better print shop, would you allow it? No. Just throwing out some thoughts, no intention to upset or get into an argument.

StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · Beta Feature Requests
msg #49850
2/6/2007 10:06:25 AM

TOMB -- thanks, that's exactly what I was looking for. It is, however, a little "clunky", the curser/crosshairs don't respond very well to the pressing of the arrow keys. Is there some way to make it more responsive, i.e, pressing the arrow key once makes the cursor move one day every time, either forward or back? I've tried it on two different computers and it really doesn't move forward or back without pressing the arrow key several times and, often, pressing the arrow key no matter how many times does not make the chart/day move forward or back. Love the feature but it does need to be a lot more responsive. Thanks for your great site -- wanted to point out how nice it is to now have area charts available! Love it.

StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · Beta Feature Requests
msg #49817
2/4/2007 5:30:56 PM

Love the ability to move the hard right edge of the chart forward and backward in time, very nice feature. It is, however, difficult to control the movement -- wanting to place the right edge on a particular day or to move from day to day in sequence is quite a struggle with the mouse --- any way to make it more controlled?

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