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Filter Exchange · Finding the ABC after the 123
msg #56965
11/24/2007 7:20:56 PM

Filter Exchange · Finding the ABC after the 123
msg #56922
11/21/2007 8:23:07 PM

I use Elliott Wave in my trading strategy.

To identify Elliott Wave turning points I utilize Profitsource:

It identifies all 123.... and ABC points for you.

My basic strategy is this:
(1) Scan your Watchlist for stocks resting on a trend line or a Fibonacci line of support. (see my prior thread on how to find strong stocks in Investors Business Daily and Vector Vest to create watchlist. email me and I can tell you what program to use to automatically scan for Fib lines and trendlines).

(2) View the resulting symbols in Profitsource to see which stocks are at a Elliott Wave turning point.

(3) Analyze the resulting list to check for a 1 day change in PUT/CALL Open Interest Ratio to see where the "sentiment is".

(4) I only trade when stock has moved passed my midpoint (or pivot point) and when overall market and my symbol sector are moving in my trade direction. I use cool-trade for this by writing algorithm to check for these conditions.

Very sophisticated, comprehensive but SURE trade that guarantees wins.


General Discussion · QUESTION: Is Now The Time To Sit Out Of The Market For Awhile?
msg #56660
11/10/2007 2:20:23 PM

Quick in and out on Option Puts for 1 to 2 day trade worked out for me past few days. You just have to screen for the right stocks.


General Discussion · Taking a poll: your occupation
msg #55353
9/28/2007 8:41:39 PM

Physician. Internal Medicine.

Developing stock trading systems and am actively teaching close friends and family how to use one of my successful systems. Love to trade Options.

(1) Filter stocks from Investors Business Daily (IBD) - check my prior posts on this -,

(2) Import filtered list into Vector Vest and use another screening criteria within vector vest,

(3) Export that list into Stock Fetcher to use another simple filter using price, RSI(2) and trending only,

(4) Place the resulting list into Optionetics Platinum website to screen for a bullish Candlestick2 formation then filter that list for a 1 day percentage increase in total Call Open Interest then filter that list for a 1 day percentage decrease in Put/Call Open Interest Ratio.

Use OptionsXpress Strategy Scan to give me the best Options Strategy to trade based on Risk Reward.

By the time I am done with this process I end up with 3-4 stocks ready to give me good profits in the next 2-3 days, Seriously.

I scalp for 5% profit and set my stop loss at 10%. Make decent income from this.


msg #53717
7/31/2007 6:19:35 PM

You have to be careful with this filter. Stocks selected may be on a longer upswing. Try this instead:

SET{VO%, ATR(10)/ EMA(10)}
and show stocks where WEEKLY RSI(2) ABOVE 99.7
and RSI(2) above 90

sort column 5 descending

"RSI(2) above 90" Works for me i.e. Use Weekly RSI(2) > 99.7 AND current RSI(2) > 90. Whne both of these clash above 90 it's time to take a short trip south. You can scalp with this filter for short term puts if you want to trade options.

General Discussion · Anyone subscribing to IBD program? opion please.
msg #53380
7/24/2007 1:23:44 AM

Sounds quite interesting. I will check out this LRS(20). I believe that if you employ a good, fundamentally sound set of stocks to apply any reasonable system you will get better results. So Take the IBD selected stocks seriously. I am not saying you have to use my selection criteria, IBD 100 can do just fine.

General Discussion · Anyone subscribing to IBD program? opion please.
msg #53376
7/23/2007 10:16:18 PM

arby347. Your input appreciated. Keep in mind that some of the SF filters one may want to use includes retracements and bottom fishing methods. Not just rocket trending stocks that might be too late to jump on. That's what the frequent IBD prescreen stocks are like.

Hanging on to your list of strong fundamental stocks which my IBD screening methods provide will allow for periods of retracement on these stocks that you can buy on the low end and profit on their uptrend which they will eventually do (because they are strong stocks).

Yor point well taken when you state the list is too liquid and Backtesting may not be valid beyond certain dates since some of these stocks may not have made it to the list on your start date yet.

Well, that is why I seldom Backtest. I Forward test using virtal trades while still trading live, of course. I base my confidence in my trading system on the foward testing results I see, as they unfold. Now which testing method would you prefer?

Filter Exchange · MACs of Highs and Lows
msg #53352
7/23/2007 8:34:14 AM

Well. This basically shows stocks that already took off. Are you shorting these or riding the wave?

General Discussion · Challenge
msg #53351
7/23/2007 8:22:56 AM

Does this impress you?

My System Backtesting

Filter Exchange · One for Mary4Money
msg #53348
7/23/2007 3:26:11 AM

Not that simple, son. How low is the RSI(2)?

There are other variables and indicators to consider plus overall market condition. If RSI(2) < 1 for GOOG in particular, then this might be an opportunity but you cannot generalize for all stocks.

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