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12/15/2022 12:27:04 PM


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12/15/2022 5:38:06 PM

I'm out on AAPL for at least 30 days.

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12/27/2022 6:56:20 AM

Looks like it was a bust. I think we see a rally in the markets, but still a lower high
and then we tank the first 3 -6 months of 2023.

Just my opinion. I see 2023 being a tough market for investors and swing traders.

For those using options, this could prove to be quite profitable if one is good
at picking direction and having strong stop losses set up.

There will also be some good bottoms for picking up shares and long term
bullish options coming up in 2023.

Hold on tight!!

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12/27/2022 10:41:22 AM

Thank you for the feedback.Looks like the market is "trying" to make a bottom.I'm on the sidelines at the moment,until I see some kind of trigger event that proves a true bottom is in.Picking bottoms and tops is a tricky business.Best for the new year.Miketranz....

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1/12/2023 5:35:15 AM

It might be might be going up now, you should put it on your watchlist to see what happens the next few days.

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1/12/2023 8:25:08 PM

Kinda old thread but AAPL crossed above 20 day simple moving average and a Elder Impulse green bar so she could run up to the next resistance of lets say $140

Apple Chart

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