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Looking for help on how to change the time of day the filter...Sachaalexander441212/7/2022 2:06:29 PM
Looking for Help Building a Stage 2 Stock Screenerschaballa212/5/2022 4:41:13 PM
Change 6 month chart to 4 month?Smpoll312/5/2022 11:10:37 AM
Volume analysismeatyboy111/22/2022 1:52:40 PM
SMA(15) of RSI(15) / upper symmetric trianglejimdandy811/20/2022 12:09:54 PM
Low above MA for 5 dayscompren111/19/2022 10:20:33 PM
Filter Won't Run00.kennel.horde211/18/2022 10:23:50 AM
Moving Average Differentialmacjoe11311/18/2022 8:00:12 AM
Filter for stocks above 60 sma on 4 hour and 1 hour chartnorthwester311/16/2022 10:47:38 PM
Edit Watchlist Columnjmp23834011/16/2022 2:02:06 PM
The October CPI Report Could Deliver A Massive Shock To Mark...Mactheriverrat211/10/2022 10:40:03 AM
VOLUME SPREAD ANALYSIS (VSA)carlosevangelista111/8/2022 3:02:09 PM
Any chance we can get // to be a comment line as well?rfresh737211/6/2022 9:36:10 AM
EPS last 4 qtrjimdandy011/1/2022 8:14:30 AM
Did Anyone else get this FAKE Email from Stockfetcher?karennma210/29/2022 3:37:57 PM
McGinley Dynamic Formulasnappyfrog1110/28/2022 11:33:55 AM
Ichimoku Cloud Indicatorrfresh737310/23/2022 4:45:14 AM
Help needed - looking for stocks that gapped up 20% in the p...therm110/21/2022 5:16:03 PM
The King Flops or (Humpty Dumpty Falls)shillllihs110/21/2022 2:51:35 PM
bollinger bands with the alligator mouth typecarlosevangelista310/21/2022 9:31:12 AM
Best Buy.Mactheriverrat710/15/2022 6:25:47 AM
Any one day or all daysinventivebuyer910/1/2022 10:58:56 AM
Russell 2000 scanTradereast29/30/2022 2:31:48 PM
Bollinger Band based on OBVpurabshah09/23/2022 8:25:37 PM
Fetch ETF's and Stock in same scan?Smpoll89/20/2022 11:14:05 AM
Follow Line Indicatorsnappyfrog19/15/2022 10:35:05 AM
Can’t create filter without syntax error452940819/5/2022 7:01:47 PM
OR conditioninventivebuyer29/5/2022 1:07:50 PM
Need help Coding this ..dashover39/1/2022 2:21:24 PM
filter not picking up stocksjejellupi18/12/2022 7:10:44 AM
Where are these Forum people?marine278/8/2022 8:25:29 PM
Scripting/Coding the dataflash70438/7/2022 10:40:30 AM
2 closes above the 21 EMAflash70438/6/2022 11:22:31 AM
creating Bollinger band based upon emathegreatnews58/5/2022 9:21:06 PM
bollinger width questionthegreatnews28/5/2022 9:20:18 PM
Missing Data for VRAXjjmcguire48/2/2022 12:26:46 PM
Question for @davesaint86ron2217/31/2022 12:42:41 PM
how to scan Between weeksthegreatnews37/30/2022 8:50:02 PM
Spy WeeklyMactheriverrat07/29/2022 10:04:52 PM
how to show highest profit% gained on chart since scanthegreatnews47/29/2022 7:36:30 PM
ROC & Earnings Yieldflash70407/29/2022 9:41:05 AM
scanning for lower prices why different resultsthegreatnews37/24/2022 2:33:38 PM
2 different bollinger bandwidth scans and Why?thegreatnews27/24/2022 2:47:15 AM
Edgerater July 4th 50% off salenibor10087/18/2022 11:07:38 PM
Correlation analysisdtatu67/17/2022 7:19:57 AM
CPI reports for month of MayMactheriverrat17/13/2022 10:55:07 PM
4thMactheriverrat47/5/2022 9:20:43 PM
THE KING HAS RETURNEDKSK8296/24/2022 11:02:24 PM
My Ratings is not updating in data gridjjmcguire16/22/2022 10:39:52 PM
Is anyone having trouble running or creating a filter?marine226/18/2022 12:37:57 PM
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