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The Future - Year 2030 and BeyondNobody311/8/2021 4:34:56 PM
CryptoTheRumpledOne1211/7/2021 8:23:30 PM
MACD-H % filteralessior211/6/2021 12:26:35 PM
Change % and Open to high questions?cfire23011/4/2021 4:20:58 PM
Filters not savingMactheriverrat110/27/2021 10:26:13 PM
help to create filter!Aadd510/23/2021 4:29:20 PM
myrating is buy for this week onlyjjmcguire210/22/2021 1:31:42 PM
ToS Code Conversionsnappyfrog310/18/2021 11:41:35 PM
Is it possible to organize scanned results by category in de...Smpoll210/14/2021 10:04:28 AM
need help on filterwdewey1956410/11/2021 9:49:31 PM
Penny stocks show no price or volume on Watchlist?kraalarw110/10/2021 9:46:45 AM
Index Is...compren210/7/2021 12:50:59 PM
Hight Tight Flag On Daily Chart Filtermsteve310/6/2021 6:42:52 PM
"within time" not working...kbadeau39/30/2021 11:35:03 AM
trading day vs calendar daymoonriding19/28/2021 11:50:51 AM
How to code 5 day low?moonriding29/27/2021 1:28:27 PM
Only The Geniusesshillllihs59/25/2021 12:39:31 AM
Creating a moving average of another indicatorKeough39/24/2021 4:12:32 PM
How to code Closing Rangemoonriding69/23/2021 9:26:54 AM
Are there filters to look at premarket action?tylercabral09/23/2021 9:04:33 AM
Need help with filtermsteve39/22/2021 12:26:26 PM
Sell off as expectedMactheriverrat09/20/2021 1:23:01 PM
Is there any Strong Phase 2 indicator like Zacks available ?RPbb2021$$09/17/2021 6:38:57 AM
Hull Moving Averageshenco49/14/2021 12:47:03 PM
Filter not workingjjmcguire59/14/2021 12:21:48 PM
How to create my custom Retrace Indicator?tigerdarling49/12/2021 3:02:14 PM
Ignore Checked QuestionJohnT32819/8/2021 6:50:36 AM
Draw position entry price on chartmaheshanand39/7/2021 11:21:48 PM
SymlistDrew259939/6/2021 8:30:27 AM
Help: SF Code for xx trading days backjoepistell58/28/2021 12:50:38 PM
Bull Flag and Fibonacci for Swing Tradecarlosevangelista08/26/2021 9:07:02 AM
Weekly Scanibankcoin18/22/2021 10:06:47 PM
anyone else having to sign in everytime they open SF?push528028/18/2021 12:02:13 PM
Stocks that beat the SP500karennma28/17/2021 5:21:43 PM
corr filter not respondingalfredaita18/17/2021 11:23:34 AM
First Filter - Breakout filterrwwhite9638/16/2021 4:31:53 AM
Website Went Downtheowakefield38/14/2021 7:11:15 AM
Website Went Downtheowakefield08/13/2021 1:49:25 PM
How to Exclude Extreme Values?juicybitch08/12/2021 9:28:38 PM
New lowalessior48/12/2021 10:45:10 AM
Options Software Recommendationskarennma28/12/2021 9:22:28 AM
4% scan?Smpoll108/12/2021 1:25:04 AM
Watchlist for 7/29/21 (DAY TRADE THEORY)0Fx2Give28/7/2021 3:32:49 PM
Custom ROCsnappyfrog08/7/2021 10:57:05 AM
Time to stock up on underwear stock (HBI)? LOLstyliten08/5/2021 10:40:04 AM
Please Help -- Scale of Popup Charts Unusable -- Binoculars ...chasS107/29/2021 12:04:54 PM
anyone here invest in coins?push528017/21/2021 12:39:45 PM
The 4 Stages of Price Movement.Mactheriverrat87/17/2021 2:47:30 PM
Adding to watchlist from individual chart and buy, hold, sel...nicksten31927/17/2021 9:32:47 AM
Can someone explain in simple terms what 'liquidity test' is...Edial07/14/2021 2:03:46 PM
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