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1/9/2019 8:49:18 PM

Looking to explore setups where

Open and close are completely above ema(3) and not touching in any way. Ema has to form an upside down V.
And open and close are completely below ema(3) and ema(3) is forming a V.
You guys are good with this stuff. These may be good for swing trades or day trades, but need to research more.

EXAMPLE TQQQ Dec.01 and Dec.24

draw EMA(3)

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1/10/2019 7:51:32 AM

first stab at it


market market is not OTCBB
and Average Volume(30) > 1000000
and volume > Average Volume(30)

and low 1 days ago > EMA(3) 1 days ago

/* this really limits returns, comment out,
to return more results, and only use the open and close (seen below) */
and high < ema(3)

/* so, open things up a bit, and make only open and close < EMA(3) */
and open < EMA(3)
and close < EMA(3)

/*red candle */
and close < open


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1/10/2019 8:10:47 AM

Not exactly what you are looking for, but I use this for a bump and run. Good results. Once the "cl_up" gives me a blue bar, then I am acutely aware of looking for an exit. Some can run several days. Maybe you can adjust to what you need.

draw close > EMA(4)

Set{emaUp,count(close > EMA(4),1)}
draw emaUp
Set{cl_up,count(low > EMA(4),1)}
draw cl_up


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1/10/2019 9:03:46 AM

Not sure if my concept holds any value, seems to work well if there is enough volume.

Thanx to the both of you, really interesting stuff to analyze.

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1/10/2019 9:31:50 AM

Here is my take on the bullish side of the strategy

Fetcher[/* Bullish ema(3) V swing trade for shillllihs */

market is not OTCBB
Average Volume(30) > 500000

/* V shape formation */
ema(3) 2 days ago > ema(3) 1 day ago
ema(3) > ema(3) 1 day ago

/* Red candle on the V */
close 1 day ago < open 1 day ago

/* Body of V candle not touching ema(3) */
close 1 day ago < ema(3) 1 day ago
open 1 day ago < ema(3) 1 day ago

/* Exclude gap ups */
low < high 1 day ago

/* White candle day after V that crosses above ema(3) */
close > open
open < ema(3)
close > ema(3)

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