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General Discussion · big body candle stick.
msg #145984
1/11/2019 9:10:10 AM

Here is the common 4,8,21 EMA crossover, with additional day range filter

Fetcher[market is sp500
and average volume(90) > 500000
and Day Change > 1
and Day Change > Average Day Range(10)
and open < ema(21)
and open < ema(8)
and open < ema(4)
and close > ema(21)
and close > ema(4)
and close > ema(8)
and close > open
and close 3 days ago < ema(21)
and close 5 days ago < close 3 days ago
and close 5 days ago < ema(90)

Filter Exchange · Design this please
msg #145963
1/10/2019 7:51:32 AM

first stab at it


market market is not OTCBB
and Average Volume(30) > 1000000
and volume > Average Volume(30)

and low 1 days ago > EMA(3) 1 days ago

/* this really limits returns, comment out,
to return more results, and only use the open and close (seen below) */
and high < ema(3)

/* so, open things up a bit, and make only open and close < EMA(3) */
and open < EMA(3)
and close < EMA(3)

/*red candle */
and close < open


General Discussion · ATTENTION EVERYONE!!
msg #145819
1/1/2019 6:37:29 PM

"Sarcasm aside, we are all screwed trying to find a decent filter to use when robotic programs are currently controlling the stock markets. Until the leaders of our exchanges find ways to subdue these unleashed programs built to respond to sudden changes to the market created by who and whatever we as individual investors and traders are screwed. If it continues like it has recently, we all might as well play the momentum changes and cross our fingers or put our income in a cash account and be happy.
This is very easily fixable. All orders must be valid for a minimum of 30 seconds (the amount of time it would take a human to cancel an order).

The machines would eat each other alive, and you wouldn't have for worry about fake orders.

Stock Picks and Trading · 2019 Watch list
msg #145799
12/31/2018 4:16:29 PM

a)Sector has been basing
b)Sector 30 week MA is rising, and sector is outperforming S&P.
c)Stock has to be in the sector
d)Stock is breaking out of a base
e)Stock 30 week MA is rising.

Not married to any names, just criteria.

General Discussion · Interesting new site I stumbled upon .
msg #145674
12/22/2018 3:00:51 PM

Over the years he has tweaked his style, but, kept true to the originality of it. Wanting to get other's take on it.

General Discussion · Interesting new site I stumbled upon .
msg #145668
12/22/2018 8:58:01 AM

I know this is thread necro, but, does anyone still follow charting wealth?

I've been doing some back testing against various etfs, and like what I see. It also seems to calm me down a bit, from over trading.

Stock Picks and Trading · Intraday Alerts
msg #145637
12/20/2018 1:01:57 PM

This bounce should be epic

Filter Exchange · Consolidation sidedways pattern
msg #145587
12/16/2018 4:19:24 PM

off the top of my head:

Fetcher[set{h, high 6 months high}
add column h
and h < 1
do not draw h
draw high 6 months high
chart-time is 7 months

Filter Exchange · stock fetcher
msg #145509
12/9/2018 1:56:24 PM

here is a quick stab at it:

Fetcher[show stocks where high reached a new 52 week high in the past 30 days
Set{hi52w, high 52 week high}
set{pct85, hi52w * .85}
draw pct85 on plot price
and price crossed above pct85 in the past 29 days

Stock Picks and Trading · SPY
msg #145469
12/6/2018 6:11:16 PM

My scans showed a huge buy day (lots of symbols showing up). All on the long side.

I'd like to hear any opposing view points on why today would NOT have been a good day to buy.

Granted, I know we are in a trading range, but, I feel the intermediate term has better Risk:Reward ratio on the long side (for equities).


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