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1/2/2018 9:38:09 AM

Not sure where you're at with your profits, but if it's over 50% certainly something to think about since these are weeklies. Or you can see if it reaches the daily cloud which is around $6.20. Great job on the win!

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1/2/2018 3:15:46 PM

TWX in play again today ( 91.86) 30000 Jul 95 calls bought and selling the 105 call and 82.5 put. The trader has to pay $ 135 net per contract for the trade.

BABA (181.05) spread, 10000 Feb 185 puts bought while simultaneously the same number of Feb 185 calls sold. Short term bearish bet as the net cost of the trade is $ 350 per set of contracts.

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1/2/2018 10:25:56 PM

Interesting that neither TWX or MAR have moved yet. Goes to show even the big players have to wait.

Big Option Volume Play of the Day - XLP

Not a lot of straight Calls today, but an investor thinks they'll be a lot more weakness in XLP as they spent $1.3 million on 10,559 3/16/18 57 Puts for $1.28 when the underlying was at $56.78. Break even is $55.72 which would make XLP fall below the daily 21 EMA. Its has had a nice two months holiday run in Nov & Dec, but Jan has seen a negligible 0.2% gain over the past five years. It's odd that they went out to the Mar Puts as Feb is its best month of the year as it's on an 8 year Feb winning streak with an avg gain of 3.3%.

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1/3/2018 11:26:21 PM

Big Option Volume Play of the Day - FCAU

It's always interesting to see big players trying to be sneaky when they buy small lots over and over and over and over. That's what happened today when an investor(s) kept buying lots of 100-250 of the 6/15/18 22-24 strikes. Underlying price was between $18.70-$19. When all was said & done, it added up to 26 times its 90-day option volume. Its total option Calls vs Puts volume today was 97-3. The volume at the 22 strike was 12.6K. 23 was 10.5K, and 24 was 10.7K.

What's interesting that FCAU reports earnings on 1/25, but clearly this investor(s) thinks it's either going to be a beat or they're willing to wait it out until June if it hits a speed bump. Break even ranges from $22.80 to $24.40. FCAU has been on an uptrend since July and based on these bullish Calls, it's safe to say the drive will last at least through June.

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1/4/2018 10:54:04 PM

Yesterday's spotlight FCAU. The move rarely happens right away after a big buy, but when it does you can nearly double your money overnight. Such was the case with FCAU as it gained 7.61% today catapulting yesterdays 6/15/18 22 strike options 92%, 23 98.5% and 24 100%. The buying wasn't done today as bulls piled more Calls on the three aforementioned strikes. Options volume ran 14 times its 90 day average.

Big Option Volume Play of the Day - MANH

MANH options volume today ran 107 times its 90 day average, the largest I've seen that didn't involve only Spreads. Just like FCAU yesterday, investors kept gobbling up small 100 lots of the 1/19/18 & 2/16/18 55 Calls with shares ranging from $50-$51. The Jan were purchased between .15-.40 while Feb was between .60-$1.60. Break even for Jan ranges between $55.15-$55.40 while Feb between $55.60-$56.60.

Total Calls volume at the Jan strike was 2.13K while Feb was 10.4K. MANH reports earnings somewhere between the last week of Jan & first week of Feb so price needs to move quick so the Feb Calls can be sold as it won't have time to recover if it plunges. This would be a good play for those of you who's looking for at least a double in less than a month.

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1/6/2018 4:51:49 AM

Here are a couple to look at and express your opinions.
FDC - Just broke through resistance at $16.75
IPG - Lots of Calls being bought


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1/6/2018 3:42:32 PM

I bought FDC a couple of weeks back when someone bought a big block of the monthly 17 Calls. It then faded & meandered sideways killing the premium. I almost gave up and sold it, but thank goodness I didn't as it had a beast of a day Friday. The daily chart is ugly in its choppiness, but the weekly is now about the 21 EMA & cloud so it appears for a run. To protect yourself from mayhem, I'd look at the Apr 17/18 for long term & Feb for short term since it reports earnings on 2/12.

IPG has been going sideways on the daily for about a month and I'd wait for a breakout first. It reports earnings in Feb too but looking at the options volume, it's so low that me personally I'd stay away.


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1/6/2018 7:45:06 PM

There is a page on under Unusual options and whiile they are also delayed, it tells you at what price the trade was. If its on the ask, you know its a buy; if its on the bid, its probably a sell. If in between then I do not know. You would have to wait for the reaction of the market to see what the stock does.
This guy also posts it for free.
Good luck.


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1/6/2018 10:22:31 PM

I like the stock dividend calendar on the marketchameilion, I will be paper trading the call method to try and capture the high dividends. Thanks for all the info here!

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1/6/2018 11:29:24 PM

@jsdd03 I don't see where on Barchart under Unusual Options where it tells what price the trade was at. I only see Last Price, not Buy Price. You can screen Bid, Mid, Ask on Market Chameleon so it's more accurate. I do follow Speedy Calls, but many times he doesn't tweet out a particular trade so I follow others along with double checking on MC.

An EXCELLENT tool to use on MC is the Order Sentiment link under Options on the menu on the left hand side. It gives you a pct of Calls on the Ask that doesn't take into account Spread trades. Example is FDC on Friday had 99% at the Ask on the Calls side, which is above its 30 day avg of 94%. I pay very close attention when the 30 day avg is above 90%, but yet that day's Calls on the Ask is still above it. That's confirmation that the stock is extremely bullish!

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