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1/7/2018 8:14:00 AM


How about MU puts looks like they Sold 48C and Bought 48P. Chart also looks weak and if it goes to $46 that looks like a good entry point. Thoughts?

BTW, thanks for all your inputs. Hopefully this thread keeps going as I find it very interesting and profitable. A couple other threads pretty much died that I followed.

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1/7/2018 5:49:52 PM

It's interesting that investors think MU has hit its peak. Break even on the Puts is $44.55 which would bring it back down to the daily 8 EMA. I would certainly look into buying a Put if it goes .10 lower than 1/4 low of $45.01 There are a couple of small gaps to $43.67. Glad to hear you're liking the thread. I honestly thought no one was reading it.

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1/8/2018 10:16:37 PM

Big Option Play of the Day - RIG

RIG along with almost every energy stock, has been on fire. It has gone up almost non stop for the past two weeks and is threatening $12 for the first time since April 12. Weekly show it's imminent of breaking about the cloud and all signs point to the year of energy. But not so fast!

An investor thinks RIG will have a leak as they paid $662K for 24,527 of the 5/18/18 9 Puts for .27 when the underlying was at $11.62. This dwarfs the next premium play of $88.4K. Break even is $8.73 meaning RIG needs to fall from grace another breathtaking 26.4%. Seasonality show both Feb & Mar are extremely weak months over the past 5 years so this investor might think the pattern will occur again. If nothing else, they're banking for weak earnings at end of February. A good spot to piggyback on this play is if price breaks last week's low of $10.59.

I'm currently in the 2/16/18 11 Call for 201% gain so I'll sell at first sign of weakness.

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1/9/2018 8:56:50 AM

@15minofPham ok, now you brought up more questions. With RIG again it states "StoppedIM". I did email OPRA and received the same answer that it shows in the legend.
Why does this only shows up with QTYI also created a paper trading account with ThinkorSwim and it also shows option flow. This trade is no where to be found so now I'm confused. Any ideas?

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1/9/2018 1:25:07 PM

Wanted to thank 15min and mahk for the UNP play back on 12/27. I tagged along on that trade, currently up 50%.

There might just be something to this idea of following the money. :)

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1/9/2018 2:40:49 PM

@lavapit315 I'm not familiar with TOS so I'm sorry I can't help you there. You can confirm volume on Yahoo.

@c1916 Congrats! UNP still look like a beast!

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1/9/2018 3:45:30 PM

Not from Chameleon but from my IB "Hot by option volume" scan:
TGP Feb 17.5 puts. 2 blocks of 6000 contracts bought for $0.20, 1 at 9:50 hrs and 1 at 15:25 hrs with the stock at 20.65. Assuming this was the same trader this is "only" a $ 240.000 investment, yet noteworthy for a play that needs the stock to drop over 15% in 5 weeks to reach breakeven.

c1916, well done! But for the stocks mentioned overall it has been a mixed bag.
TWX has done nothing so far
MAR up 1.34%
DDD and BABA went nearly 8 % and 5% in the opposite direction.

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1/9/2018 4:52:03 PM

This was the first day this year my portfolio was faded mercilessly. Thankfully, I jumped on $GILD 2/16/18 77.50 Call when there was a nice flow at 75 & 77.50 when stock price was mid 76s. I see now there's flow at 80 too. It finally broke out after going sideways for two months. I'm currently up 57% so here's hoping it goes to $80.

Sold my RIG 2/18 11 Calls for 229% gain. On the other hand, FCX, MOMO, MU, NRG went down hard so I'm at -30% on these trades. The latter expires next week so unless it recovers tomorrow, I'll sell it for a loss. The others have Feb & Mar exp.

Big Option Trade of the Day - KODK

Kodak has been a dead stock for years now, just like its antiquated film technology. It got punished when it was last man in adopting digital. CNBC then came out with a story that Kodak is joining the Crypto craze by having its own KodakCoin. Just like that options volume went from boring for years to 195% its 90-day avg volume.

Massive Calls volume seen at the 1/19 7.5 (buying started at .30) & 10 (.40) strikes, 2/16 7.5 (.40) & 4/20 12.5 (.30). Stock was in the low 3s when the CNBC story came out. I'm thinking the pump & dump should last another day or two. I might do a day trade tomorrow if it's above its 15 or 30 min range. This will undoubtedly move & faded fast so stay away if you have a weak heart!

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1/9/2018 6:50:42 PM

Glad you're back mahkoh!

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1/10/2018 6:02:03 AM

Also MANH looked good briefly then fell hard yesterday


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