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12/8/2006 5:38:43 PM

The great thing about forums never know who you have graced and what they have pulled from you. :) Spread the love when you can.

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12/9/2006 11:17:40 AM

TheRumpledOne : I learned (copied) WAIT FOR GREEN from Muddy.

This is what i posted to my group on a real stock in realtime.


This former squeeze/volume/price breakout on 11/22 hit this zone 11/29 at a low of .26 then went to a high of 1.89 just 4 days later
Now it sits at .60 and back in the zone again.
I'm not suggesting it will go up tomorrow but it is worth a watch for a GREEN hold (that i use ) or whatever indicators you use to determine a reasonable entry point.
If you are newer to trading it might be best to avoid this stock,it could be a wild ride but one that could be very profitable.""

NSLT closed thurs 12/7 at .60, opened fri at .52 then about 35 minutes later went even and held there until 11:40 where it hit and held GREEN at .67 then took off to a hod .92 in less than an hour closing at .89 for a 48% gain over the previous close.
Off course nothing works 100% of the time including GREEN hold,but in situations like NSLT where i KNEW i had a much better than a 50/50 shot of catching a very nice profit,it's the only way i go.
I'll let other folks try to catch the dead bottom,i'll go the safer route and WAIT FOR GREEN.

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