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6/13/2008 1:20:41 PM

AAPL...out@$173...3.6%...I don't trust this market for a second. Closed most position today still have some long term holds. I am net short and will remain there for now.

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6/13/2008 8:17:21 PM

I bought WNR on a ma3 crossing ma13. It's just my second trade....we'll see.

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6/15/2008 12:43:39 AM

"I don't believe JohnnyVento's eyes are taking in the full trading spectrum or understands there are many ways to skin cats (or milk cows, he, he). "

so many comments about your post, I need to number them.

1- With all due respect, I believe you when you tell me that you are using $300,000 for trading to make $1500- a 0.5% return on your investment. And there is no need to get into a semantic argument about the word 'risked'- my usage of the word would be interpreted as 'capital that is now on the line and needs to be managed', not 'capital that will suddenly disappear completely'- your chiding me about that is just a sloppy interpretation of language on your part. No further discussion of that point is needed.

2- I seriously doubt that many traders, outside yourself, and DEFINITELY INCLUDING ENFORCER, are using $300,000 of capital in their trades, so my original objection stands.

3- EVEN IF you had all that capital, there are arguably better ways to get a better return on your investment. For instance, if you were paying attention, you would see that scans are run every day to find stocks that increase or decrease over 8% in a day or 15% in 2 days- many stocks run 10, 20, even 50 or more percent in a single day- so you could argue, for instance mathematically, if you were only able to catch a SINGLE 8% gainer a day- and if you run the scans you will see there are many of them- then you only need to risk $18,750 of capital to make that $1500. Can you see why this might be better than 'risking' $300,000, or am I just talking to a brick wall?

5- EVEN IF you are trading 4x long on $300,000 that is still $75,000... refer above to a better management of that 'risk'

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6/15/2008 2:12:11 AM

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6/15/2008 5:41:36 PM

Well Johnny, I didn't disclose my investments or point was that your post appeared to have been made in haste.

Catching .5% 5-6 times a day may be suitable for some. Catching 8% on one trade per every two days may be suitable for others. How you employ your capital is up to the individual. Couple hundred g's sitting in a 30 year old property will yield it's own results for the actual time invested.

Style and methods are diverse....I still look at you OP and point out the narrow view you expressed.

Enjoy :)

Edit: Also consider the expectancy of the trade. I use a scan that specifically targets 8% ADR per day. Some days you get a bigger piece of the range. Some days you don't.

My point still stands unless I am talking to a brick wall.

No need to respond.

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6/16/2008 11:01:44 AM

POT...short@$231...yes folks I shorted POT...I must be crazy.

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6/16/2008 12:07:45 PM

JP, I think you are too. lol

However, ya just might prove ureself correct in the long run. I read a newspaper article last week about the growing resentment towards the "go green" fad and, especially, not-so-sweet ethanol production made possible at the expense of rising food cost.

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6/16/2008 12:36:17 PM

JP ,
It's not one-ups-manship in the crazy department, but, I just bought BAC. I think the banks are washed out and will do well for the next couple months. That is of course if they dont go straight to hell.

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6/16/2008 12:50:32 PM


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6/16/2008 1:30:41 PM are a crazy dude...LOL

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