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2/27/2020 7:45:52 PM

I'm paper trading a filter using standard deviation along with linear regression channels. I just looked at the filter and saw AHPI. It opened this morning (2/27/20) at 5.87, its low was 5.05, its high was 17.95, and it closed at 15.52. According to the chart that's a 321.74% gain. I wish I knew how to predict jumps like that, but until I do I'll settle for a time machine so I can go back to this morning and get in on that.

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2/27/2020 7:50:48 PM

Willing to post this filter you have?

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2/28/2020 12:00:03 AM

Hi Joey
AHPI, CODX, VRXT and a few other names recently mentioned in this forum have been
on various lists of "coronavirus stocks".since late January 2020. AHPI did much better
than some other protective equipment suppliers like DYNT thanks to a short squeeze.
Happy trading

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2/28/2020 1:40:45 AM


Sure. Like I said, I'm just starting to paper trade it so I can't say if it's any good yet, but it's based on the idea that the linear regression lines SF shows will move with the price if they keep going past the top or bottom line. I think that using a standard deviation will be more useful in terms of price action, either falling back down from the top or rising up from the bottom. I'm sure it's not an original idea but I'm testing anything I can think of. Feel free to make any changes or add whatever indicators you like if you want to try it.

Fetcher[market is not ETF
market is not OTCBB

set {buy, count(close crossed above Bottom Linear Regression Line(45,1.0,1),1)}
set {sell, count(close crossed above Top Linear Regression Line(45,1.0,1),1)}

Show stocks where close is between 3 and 20
and Average Volume(30) is > 500000
and 30 day slope of close is > 0.01
and Top Linear Regression Line(45,1.0) is > Top Linear Regression Line(45,1.0,1)

draw high 52 week high on plot price
draw Center Linear Regression Line(45,1.0)
draw Center Linear Regression Line(45,1.0,1)
draw buy
draw sell
draw LRS(20)
do not draw 45 day slope of close

add column Average Day Range(5) {adr5}
add column separator
add column high 10 day high {10dh}
add column buy
add column sell
add column separator
add column industry
add column sector

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2/28/2020 10:08:47 AM

Great filter. Thank you for sharing.

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