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5/12/2003 11:25:27 PM

I'd like to see StockFetcher add the ability for us to do a bit more complex screening based on the analysis of 2 different math formulas.

Right now we can compare 2 simple formulas.

For example:
Fetcher[Close above open and High minus Close below Open minus Low]

But if I want to determine that the Open minus Low is above "3 times the High minus Close" it can't presently be done.

My suggested solution is to allow the assignment of VALUE Statements in the form:

Value1(High minus Close)
Value2(Open minus Low)

This would lead to the ability to write:

Fetcher[Value1(High minus Close) and Value2(Open minus Low)
and Close above open
and Value2 above 3 multiplied by Value1

Value Statements could also be indicators. That would allow a math comparison that we are unable to do now.

For example:

Value1(MA(20) minus MA(50))
and ATR(20) multiplied by 5 above Value1 plus 3

By assigning Value Statements BEFORE any other conditions the value could be used in the screen.

Even if it only simplifies writing the screen I think it would benefit users and reduce processing demands on the server.

If others see the Value (sorry about the pun), please let the great folks at Fetcher know.

Thanks for the consideration,


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5/13/2003 12:45:33 AM

Here's another reason to have Value statements:

Value1(some condition)

Price crossed above Highest(Value1,30)


Value1(some condition)

Price crossed below Lowest(Value1,30)

Of course we'd need the "ACTION Statements" HIGHEST and LOWEST to also become available.

Are Highest and Lowest something subscribers would find benefitial?

Could they be added to the wish list???

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5/13/2003 7:14:16 AM

interesting concept

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