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12/24/2017 1:38:35 PM

All hands on deck. I think this is an excellent method to look at trading differently. Kevin always comes
up with different takes on how to trade the markets. If I am reading his post correctly we are always short
3X etfs based on signals received from 1X etfs. I have not thought of this at all.

My method to find these tradeable 3X etfs is by first looking at crossovers of RSI(2) either above 70 or
below 30 using Williams %R(8) for confirmation. In the mix Shills mentioned using ma(20) so I added that
in as well and ema(8). I also added ADX(2) ADX(7) and MACD(3,5,3).

Preliminary signals would be the RSI(2) signal above70 or below 30 followed %R(8) below -50. Price
below ema(8) or below ma(20) maybe retesting either.

Then using ADX and MACD for refining the signal.

Anyone wishing to change alter or help, please join in.

Here is my 1st effort:

set{fxirsi, ind(fxi,rsi(2))}
set{gdxrsi, ind(gdx,rsi(2))}
set{oilrsi, ind(oil,rsi(2))}
set{rsxrsi, ind(rsx,rsi(2))}
set{slvrsi, ind(slv,rsi(2))}
set{smhrsi, ind(smh,rsi(2))}
set{ungrsi, ind(ung,rsi(2))}
set{vnqrsi, ind(vnq,rsi(2))}
set{xbirsi, ind(xbi,rsi(2))}
set{xoprsi, ind(xop,rsi(2))}
set{xivrsi, ind(xiv,rsi(2))}
set{vxxrsi, ind(vxx,rsi(2))}
set{x70, count(rsi(2) crossed above 70,1)}
set{x30, count(rsi(2) crossed below 30,1)}


set{short_russ, count(rsxrsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_rusl, count(rsxrsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_yang, count(fxirsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_yinn, count(fxirsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_dust, count(gdxrsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_nugt, count(gdxrsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_dwt, count(oilrsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_uwt, count(oilrsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_dslv, count(slvrsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_uslv, count(slvrsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_soxs, count(smhrsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_soxl, count(smhrsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_dgaz, count(ungrsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_ugaz, count(ungrsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_drv, count(vnqrsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_drn, count(vnqrsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_labd, count(xbirsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_labu, count(xbirsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}
set{short_drip, count(xoprsi crossed above 70,1) * x70}
set{short_gush, count(xoprsi crossed below 30,1) * x30}

set{long_xiv, count(xivrsi crossed above 70,1)}
set{long_vxx, count(xivrsi crossed below 30,1)}

set{hit, x70 + x30}
hit above .5

sort on column 5 ascending

draw rsi(2)
draw Williams %R(8) line at -20
draw macd(3,5,3)
draw adx(2)
draw adx(7)
draw ma(20)
draw ema(8)
add column short_russ
add column short_rusl
add column short_yang
add column short_yinn
add column short_dust
add column short_nugt
add column short_dwt
add column short_uwt
add column short_dslv
add column short_uslv
add column short_soxs
add column short_soxl
add column short_dgaz
add column short_ugaz
add column short_drv
add column short_drn
add column short_labd
add column short_labu
add column short_drip
add column short_gush
add column long_xiv
add column long_vxx
add column rsi(2)

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Ignore nibor100
12/24/2017 4:49:38 PM

I'm not following, you want to find other leveraged ETFs to short on Kevin's provided weekly neural signals than the ones he listed to short for corresponding long and short neural signals, because they might be better choices?

Ed S.

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12/24/2017 8:32:40 PM

No, These are the same ETFs he has listed on his thread. Three came up with a signal Friday.

They are RUSS,YANG and DSLV. These are the ones listed on the scan.


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Ignore Kevin_in_GA
12/25/2017 11:28:02 AM

Two things to point out:

1. You are using daily data for these filters, versus weekly which is used for the NN systems.

2. I have no idea what inputs are used to make the BUY and SELL calls, so I am fairly sure that the ones you have selected are not the same as the other systems, even if they give you some of the same calls this week.

As I said in the other thread, the NN systems are not translatable into SF code. This might be a good starting point for your own new system, but it is not likely to follow the same trajectory as the NN systems over time.

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12/25/2017 12:13:59 PM

I agree Kevin. By no means should anyone just go out and buy whatever ETF pops up
on any particular day. What I liked about your overall idea is what prompted me to write
this filter. Your idea of using a very liquid ETF for a trading signal and shorting the 3X etfs is
a very interesting concept. I want to see how this would work. I use RSI(2) above 70
and RSI(2) below 30 as an alert that a trade is possible. Usually buy at 70 and sell at
30. I also include ma(20). Usually ma(20) is good support or resistance usually when
the ma(20) is above ma(50). Not meaning to steal your thunder at all, just wanted to see
what this idea might look like using common indicators. I like your concept on this as you
always have very different takes on trading. Anyway I am to long winded on this. I will
run this scan daily as opposed to yours being weekly and see what this version reveals.

Happy and profitable trading in 2018!

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12/25/2017 12:41:45 PM

Makes sense - I hope this makes you some decent cash in the coming year. Thanks.

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Ignore shillllihs
12/25/2017 3:22:13 PM

It's a great strategy. When I first conceived the idea of supporting Xiv with leveraged etf shorts, I knew it was a great idea that would catch on. First started with Ssg on Dec.12th, then Soxs on the 13th. I knew I was on to something.

I would caution you that though some of those on the list intersect with my shorts, your parameters do not completely coincide with mine. Kudos to you and to all of those who strive to improve on others efforts.

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12/30/2017 12:17:53 PM

Looks like a short on SOXL. Do your own due diligence.

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Ignore Kevin_in_GA
12/30/2017 1:02:48 PM

Just an observation that a SOXL short is the opposite of what the current NN filters are advising.

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Ignore johnpaulca
12/30/2017 2:14:42 PM

SOXL...not enough information to short, sitting at the bottom of bear flag, this could either break or bounce. No indicator can predict what direction it will take. As traders we take all the information that's available and try making an educated guess.

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