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Dividend Aristocratsroca101833/8/2018 6:52:21 AM
doji followed by gap upthambav4032/27/2018 9:09:55 PM
Zerolag MACDemwalker22/26/2018 7:26:38 PM
VWMACD bugemwalker22/24/2018 12:36:49 PM
Noplex Stock Report - technical trading systemCFISHER70072/21/2018 4:00:07 PM
Double Bottom searchBoCap42/14/2018 12:34:06 AM
MACD 52 Week Lowsnappyfrog92/13/2018 8:19:18 PM
What's your opinion?miketranz62/12/2018 4:32:49 AM
Help:The Close is higher then 60 day highjaber6132/11/2018 2:17:45 PM
Help with filter for stock nearing 52 wk highKerry5712/5/2018 11:56:14 PM
Bollinger and Moving Averageprophecy60442/4/2018 2:54:03 PM
Simple Bullish Swing Trade Momentum FiltersLapre506112/1/2018 6:18:39 PM
Lottery Tickets For The Kidsshillllihs02/1/2018 2:53:15 PM
XIV/VXX RSI Crossover Filterdavesaint8612/1/2018 11:55:22 AM
The pullback method by Carrsammyn61/29/2018 8:22:54 PM
Short DUST & NUGTBarTune1141/29/2018 6:13:52 PM
My LINE drawing Feature is NOT workingkarennma41/24/2018 8:58:14 PM
Yet another RSI(2) thread. What am I missing?sammyn31/22/2018 9:53:47 PM
Parabolic Sarmarine2101/19/2018 1:12:46 PM
Elliot Wave Oscillatorprophecy60411/6/2018 9:50:44 PM
EMA 5 and EMA 10 pullback after a raiseprophecy60411/6/2018 3:32:00 PM
SWING/DAY TRADE FILTERrisjr171/5/2018 1:53:19 PM
FILTERS with SAME stock results ....karennma141/4/2018 5:21:59 PM
Shorting ETF Exchangeshillllihs21/4/2018 1:37:32 PM
Random Collection of Filterssandjco71/3/2018 7:07:30 PM
Something to play with...compound_gains21/2/2018 12:25:23 PM
My 1st attempt at coding SF for Kevin's Neural FilterSAFeTRADE1012/30/2017 2:35:00 PM
please helpreeseman012/26/2017 6:50:40 PM
The Ron Groenke V TheorySAFeTRADE1512/23/2017 3:32:25 PM
What happened to "read only" threads? Please bring them bac...Kevin_in_GA012/22/2017 6:42:50 PM
Has anyone here done any “Ichimoku Cloud” scripting in SF?glgene712/21/2017 2:12:34 PM
next day trend continues, close above open if uptrend, or be...tibor320012/20/2017 3:11:58 PM
Exclude Symlist or Do not apply to Symlist?JohnT328312/18/2017 11:09:09 PM
BOLLINGER BAND TRADING STRATEGYKevin_in_GA38812/17/2017 1:32:52 AM
RSI Divergencekozzythedog1312/16/2017 4:38:28 PM
Chart-time is 2 years NOT Workingkarennma212/16/2017 3:55:56 PM
Days lowrustyknight212/12/2017 3:25:49 PM
Need help with filter: Weekly chartshrosas112/10/2017 10:27:26 PM
3 year RSI over 70dogwizard212/3/2017 11:00:28 AM
VOLUME & PRICE REACH A NEW 6 MONTH HIGHriggs312/1/2017 2:35:33 PM
IWP IWS TLT 1X Filterdavesaint86012/1/2017 2:17:06 PM
oh my god-this is crazy- how to know exactly the rsi-2 tops ...MARY4MONEY1411/28/2017 3:36:43 PM
Pullback filter win ratiomiketranz311/27/2017 9:39:08 PM
Xivshillllihs1111/27/2017 1:40:43 PM
Another Look at Volatility Number 3SAFeTRADE611/26/2017 7:20:55 PM
Another Look at Volatility Number 2SAFeTRADE011/24/2017 4:19:25 PM
Volatility Numbers with chart of SPYSAFeTRADE011/23/2017 4:09:07 PM
Shills ultimate $1 Filtershillllihs20411/22/2017 11:37:29 PM
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