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12/8/2013 8:07:02 AM


To delete the rating you can just click on the rating toggle again to remove if this is the same day. For example, if you click sell on GOOG by accident, click sell again to remove.

If a trading day has passed, this rating may no longer be modified.

Regards, Support

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12/8/2013 10:11:31 PM


... I'm pretty sure I tried that already ... that said ... it seems to have gone "bye-bye" !!!

Thank you !!!


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12/9/2013 7:46:07 PM

StockFetcher Staff, could you please see if you could put a filter identifier on each chart or listing of stocks found by one of my filters I have created and stored on the "My Filters" list. For example if I find 5 stocks via my #8 filter from My Filters group that #8 will be shown on its chart or listing (the two types of findings you give to us for viewing).

Also, with this identification established it will show in the MyRatings filter's charts or listings. For MyRatings filter identification process you could show its "My Filter" list number at the point where it was bought (ex. #8 filter and / or sold). Your present way of showing the buys and sells on your MyRating filter to which gives us results via either chart or listing visuals does not show us what filter that buy point was. Today for example if I go into create a filter and type, "show stocks where myrating is buy" it will give me all the stocks I have currently identified as a buy (green Flag). But, when I look at this listing or charts that have buy identifiers none show me what filter I used to find this particular company / stock at that point in time. I need each listing / charting to show me what filter found this company at that point in time. In this case it was one of my 100 filters I have created in My Filters section of your StockFetcher site.

I am hoping you can do this for us. Please answer back on how you feel about this. Thank you.


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12/10/2013 8:39:53 AM


I've added this to our feature request list. There are a number of implementation concerns that make these requests fairly complicated.


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12/10/2013 3:54:57 PM

Granted the coding to do this filter identification wouldn't be a walk in the park but it would immensely help us identify what filter in our 100 "My Filter" filters (more filters if you have the advanced verson of StockFetcher) created this buy / sell flag. Right now you have a feature showing where we can put buy / sell flags on specific stocks to which were identified via a specific filter but that's it. No identifier to which filter this chart or listed stock came from.

Currently, you have a feature that is almost there but not completely there. I hope you can fix that. Thank you.

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4/12/2016 3:25:39 PM

How does one build into a filter some thing like....

'Change myrating to buy'

So all filter results can be automatically be flagged as buy after the filter criteria are net?

One could the set a second filter to flag as hold to close the position.

This makes looking back on a chart to see filter performance nice and easy.

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