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Announcements · MyRatings - Buy,Sell,Hold
msg #127947
4/12/2016 3:25:39 PM

How does one build into a filter some thing like....

'Change myrating to buy'

So all filter results can be automatically be flagged as buy after the filter criteria are net?

One could the set a second filter to flag as hold to close the position.

This makes looking back on a chart to see filter performance nice and easy.

General Discussion · Please can you help me improve a filter?
msg #127629
3/17/2016 1:47:43 AM


Instead of ;

set{x, count(high above upper sma Envelope(10,5),200)} 
set{y, count(low below lower sma Envelope(10,5),200)} 


set{x, count(CROSS above upper sma Envelope(10,5),200)} 
set{y, count(CROSS below lower sma Envelope(10,5),200)} 
add column X
Add colum Y

This will measure the crosses of the MA evelopes boundries as opossed to time spent outside of them. In fact i would keep measure of time outside of the boundries. A smaller time outside the boundaries with a high number of crosses will be what you are looking to trade.

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