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4/24/2019 12:41:13 PM

From the site -- a few things:

Worthy Bonds are Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) registered, 36-month, 5% interest bearing obligations of Worthy Peer Capital, Inc.
They are not typical bonds that carry a rating or are traded publicly. Rather, they are closer to corporate bonds, as they are obligations recourse to Worthy Peer Capital, Inc.

Bonds are sold by Worthy Peer Capital, Inc. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of Worthy Financial, Inc. The team at Worthy has decades of experience in investment banking, financial services and business management.

Worthy Peer Capital invests all bond sale proceeds into fully secured, asset-backed small business loans.
This provides solid returns and a lower risk profile than traditional secured loans and other investment instruments.

Inventory financing is a form of asset-based lending that allows businesses to use inventory as collateral to obtain a loan usually structured as a revolving line of credit. This line of credit can be used to purchase additional inventory or to help a business get through seasonal fluctuations in cash flow, among other situations.

Bonds can be purchased by accredited and non-accredited investors.

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4/24/2019 1:27:09 PM

other than this in the sec filings that I bolded. ... no experience.

Risks Related to Our Company
We are an early-stage startup with no operating history, and we may never become profitable.

We do not expect to be profitable for the foreseeable future. If we are unable to obtain or maintain profitability, we will not be able to attract investment, compete, or maintain operations.

Our auditors have raised substantial doubt about our ability to continue as a growing concern. No assurances can be given that the Company will achieve success in selling its Worthy Bonds.

We have a limited operating history in a rapidly evolving industry, which makes it difficult to evaluate our future prospects and may increase the risk that we will not be successful.

We have a limited operating history in an evolving industry that may not develop as expected. Assessing our business and future prospects is challenging in light of the risks and difficulties we may encounter. These risks and difficulties include our ability to:

increase the number and total volume of loans and other credit products extended to borrowers;

improve the terms on which loans are made to borrowers as our business becomes more efficient;

increase the effectiveness of our direct marketing and lead generation through referral sources;

successfully develop and deploy new products;

favorably compete with other companies that are currently in, or may in the future enter, the business of lending to small businesses;

successfully navigate economic conditions and fluctuations in the credit market;

effectively manage the growth of our business; and
successfully expand our business into adjacent markets.

We may not be able to successfully address these risks and difficulties, which could harm our business and cause our operating results to suffer.

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4/24/2019 1:34:34 PM


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