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2/11/2018 8:09:33 AM

1)Pullback or start of a new bear market? 2)What are you going do in either case? 3)What long or short filters would be applicable in either case?

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2/11/2018 11:25:31 AM

Definitely a pullback but we are not done. Not the start of a bear market but we are in for more pain. most likely up Monday and/or Tuesday and then the pain. Going short SSO and Long VXX Monday or Tuesday. Long SQQQ as well on Monday or Tuesday. I dont have any good short filters really...just look at moving averages.

Individual stocks to short are ACOR, AMLP SFUN and DISCK.

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2/11/2018 1:27:42 PM

I don't think its a bear market or even a start of one . Consolidation pullback yes but this is from weekly new highs after weekly new highs. Yes there is some higher volume but not of a bear market selloff type. Even the markets were flirting with those Guppy Moving average Bubble's. Seems like every time the markets have a correction pullback the same media idiots join the bandwagon talking of how markets today look just like 2007.

The economy is doing rather well I would say because every where I go from Lowe's to Wal Mart there are help wanted signs and that what I see not what the talking media heads try to tell us.

I have my own barometer of what the economy is doing. If you start seeing eating out Restaurants close and you say to your self "I'm surprised they closed" then you know thing are slowing down.

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2/11/2018 2:39:22 PM

Bear Market
* Market goes to hell in a hand basket Symlist */

apply to symlist(uvxy,tvix,vxx,vixy,drip,ery,yang,soxs,vxz,tecs,edz,dust,faz,sdow,spxs,spxu,sqqq,tza,jdst,labd,dgaz,sco,dxd,qid)
chart-time is 6 months
draw ema(25)
draw ema(30)
draw ema(35)
draw ema(40)
draw ema(45)
draw ema(50)

* AxA is number of consecutive days cma(DMA(8,-5),8) above (+)/below(-) previous cma(DMA(8,-5),8) */
set{AAb,days( cma(DMA(8,-5),1) is above cma(DMA(8,-5),8) ,250)}
set{AAa,days( cma(DMA(8,-5),1) is below cma(DMA(8,-5),8) ,250)}
set{dmax8, AAa - AAb} and add column dmax8 {dma_x_1over8}
do not Draw AxA
Set{cntcmadma1abovecmadma8,count( cma(DMA(8,-5),1) > cma(DMA(8,-5),8) ,1)}
draw cntcmadma1abovecmadma8

Set{cntcmadma1abovecmadma8b,count( cma(DMA(8,-5),1)< cma(DMA(8,-5),8) ,1)}

draw cntcmadma1abovecmadma8b

Set{cntcmadma8abovecmadma8,count( cma(DMA(8,-5),8) > cma(DMA(8,-5),8) 1day ago,1)}
draw cntcmadma8abovecmadma8

Set{cntcmadma8abovecmadma8b,count( cma(DMA(8,-5),8)< cma(DMA(8,-5),8) 1day ago,1)}

draw cntcmadma8abovecmadma8b

draw cntema13aboveema13b
set{E3,dma(8,-5),8)-cma(DMA(8,-5),8) }
set{Fastdma8Longposition, count(E3 > 0,1)}
set{Fastdma8Shortposition, count(E3 < 0,1)}
draw Fastdma8Longposition on plot
draw Fastdma8Shortposition on plot
draw cma(DMA(8,-5),1)
draw cma(DMA(8,-5),8)
do not draw dma(8,-5),8


Bull market pullback - Wait for some good setups to show up.

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2/11/2018 5:46:46 PM

No one knows until we're well into a bear market. Bear market needs volatility, now do we have that??

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2/11/2018 11:56:25 PM

Don't know what the results will be, but it's a great name for a Symlist...

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2/12/2018 4:32:49 AM

Roger that Jim !

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