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5/18/2019 4:24:21 PM

I've been working on this filter for some time, and wanted to share and get some feedback.
It doesn't give many candidates on a daily basis.
It is a self timing filter, which is my persuasion.
What I have witnessed in the results are encouraging.
I'm trying to wrap my head around a strategy trading this filter.
I plan on putting very little money at risk for each trade.
I'm thinking about buying 6 month to 9 month leaps 20% out of the money. ( cheaply priced calls)
and simultaneously buying 6-9 month 20% out of the money ( cheaply priced puts)
What I have seen with the results, is very encouraging.
The stock either slowly meanders upward, usually gaining between 8-35%.
Or abruptly reverses course and sells off, usually losing between 10-35% of it's value.
This is a filter, that lets you have skin in the game, for little money, with a high probability of success.

draw cema(low,30)
draw cema(low,20)
draw cema(low,10)
draw cema(low,5)
show stocks where cema(low,5) is above cema(low,10) for the last 2 months
and low is touching cema(low,10)
and cema(low,10) is above cema(low,20)
and cema(low,10) is touching cema(low,5)
and stock is optionable

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5/19/2019 7:15:50 AM

In essence you are just buying cheap long term straddles or strangles.

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