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11/2/2018 9:25:48 AM

Hat tip to graft for the basis of this filter. And to mac for his inspiration.

Looking for a filter that produces symbols in an uptrend, but catching them during a bounce.

My thoughts are the trader group is above the investor group, but the low drops into the investors group, but bounces.

thoughts? what can I add to the filter.

built upon
and close above 4
add column Average Day Range(30)
and average day range above .9
do not draw Average Day Range

/* above average volume */
and Average Volume(50) is above 400000
/*we can filter on increased volume
and volume > Average Volume(30)

/*uptrending */
and close above ema(250)
set{lr_slope, Linear Regression(90) slope}
and lr_slope > .01
do not draw lr_slope

draw EMA(3)
draw EMA(5)
draw EMA(8)
draw EMA(10)
draw EMA(12)
draw EMA(15)

draw EMA(60)
draw EMA(50)
draw EMA(45)
draw EMA(40)
draw EMA(35)
draw EMA(30)

/* investor group width */
set{igw, ema(30) - ema(60)}
set{igw2, igw / ema(60)}
set{IGwidth, igw2 * 100}
add column IGwidth

/*trader grp/investor grp separation */
/*The white space between the trader and investor groups*/
set{tradgrpmin, min(ema(3), ema(15))}
set{invgrpmax, max(ema(30), ema(60))}
set{tisep, tradgrpmin - invgrpmax}
set{tisep2, tisep / invgrpmax}
set{TG_IGsep, tisep2 * 100}
add column TG_IGsep

/*to be sure there is some White space between groups*/
TG_IGsep > 0
do not draw TG_IGsep

/* find a candle that dips into the investor group, and rebounds */
and open > EMA(30)
and low < EMA(30)
and close > EMA(4)

/*A couple of bells and whistles for back testing*/
set{entry, close}
set{target, entry + atr(14)}
set{ stop, entry - atr(14)}
draw price line at target
draw price line at stop

draw cci(14) line at -100
draw Fast Stochastics Slow %D(5,1) line at 20

chart-time is 100 days


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