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4/14/2004 11:21:14 PM


I WISH I could find those stocks the day before their first big move (no holy grail here) But I do notice that in the next day(s) they do tend to have "a high probability of making a large" which is what cjx3000 was looking for. In fact often this big move has enough energy to cause "echo' price spike through the next days or weeks.

The one thing I have noticed about them is the day before they actually make that move is they tend to have a fairly tight Bollinger(20) compression. Although COHT did not display that effect unless you look back 18 days before when it had another very big day.

My original thought on this was there was some sort of monemtum that carried the stock up in after/premarket.Also that there were moany who scramble to cover their short position which cause even more growth in the stock. I am trying to uderstand what are the psychological human characterisitics that cause stock to perform in this way and are those characteristics able to be quantified.

I have done quite well using this *kind* of information in the real market but there is no way I would hold any of these stocks overnight because there is just no telling where they are going and how fast. But it is an edge to have them on the screen during the day and latch on if the oportunity arises.

I guess one could work out a strategy where they buy these at close and pay VERY close attention in after/premarket using mental stop losses and be ready to unload if you land one like txtrapper pointed out above that drops. If you are into shorting then these might make really good candidates for the next trading day.

I am not recommending this as a usable strategy in any way. I know that a lot of new traders read these posts and my view is this "DON'T DO IT"! Unless you are ready to loose all your money.


cegis - thanks for the continued input on getting the link clickable. I will continue to try and get it right. I have not found the feature documented so it has been mainly trial and error. I will try and refrain from using "<" and ">" when posting so the like will be clickable. Here is a repost of the previous filter that had a broken link:

This filter still has some price potential in the following days and is about third on my list in terms of favorite scans.

close above the upper bollinger(20)
AND day point range greater than 1.0
AND price between 1 and 10
AND volume above 5000

-- Yepher

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4/15/2004 7:51:52 AM


try this: When referring to these values, use the days ago syntax to calculate current position based on a previous value.

Fetcher[show stocks where the High is above the R2 1 day ago]

Fetcher[show stocks where the close is more than 10% above the R1 1 day ago]

Fetcher[show stocks where the High 1 day ago is above the R2 2 days ago]


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4/15/2004 11:30:14 AM


Thanks for the discussion. I think it's gonna take me a few reads to digest it all. Currently, I don't day trade (too often). I prefer swing trading at the moment. But I do understand your comments on continuing big moves. I just haven't figured out how to discern if those follow-up moves are going to be up or down :-<. Sometimes the psychology of the market seems totally illogical. Unfortunately, I have a very logical mind, so my calls can be way off base. And, glad I can help on
Fetcher[ ]

. I just found out about the > thing recently...


I'm familiar with the days ago syntax, but I must admit I have no clue what R1 and R2 are. Care to elaborate? My point to Yepher was that his filter catches stocks that HAD huge moves today. If you could only catch them a day earlier! <G>


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4/15/2004 1:15:46 PM


I was interested in the R1 and R2 as well. I found them in the Stock Fetcher manual on page 78. It seems these values are for Pivot Points. Other values are PP, R1, S1, R2, S2.


I am not strong on my understanding how stock fetcher uses pivot points so thanks for some additional insight.

-- Yepher

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