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entry/exitSTANLEY KIRK31/11/2004 12:44:58 AM
Interesting Filtertxtrapper01/4/2004 11:13:39 PM
Extreme oversold on Weekly chartEWZuber31/4/2004 11:07:57 PM
Simple Exit Pointschoop41/4/2004 1:53:05 PM
High yearalhajri412/30/2003 6:48:53 PM
help-rising tight narrow channel low volatility stocksww4321012/30/2003 9:17:52 AM
ERSIpetrolpeter012/27/2003 11:26:12 AM
how do i get stochastic 5,3,3STANLEY KIRK112/18/2003 7:00:52 PM
HOW DO i GET STOCHASTIC 5,3,3STANLEY KIRK112/18/2003 6:56:39 PM
RSI (2) time frame- please helpsdcclark612/15/2003 4:51:20 PM
Any suggestions on what I may be missing?kbjones001412/15/2003 2:58:17 AM
JoeGrossinger,rrochon112/7/2003 10:01:01 PM
Sharing all of my own Filters....jordage1412/7/2003 5:30:37 PM
killer $$$ makerholygrail012/1/2003 10:57:34 PM
High growth lovw volatility screensww4321012/1/2003 8:09:50 PM
How to select stocks in a price channel?vladimir611/29/2003 10:55:41 AM
Free Trading Simulatoracervapsych611/26/2003 1:15:03 AM
Convergent Stochastic Theory - EWZubernktanaka811/25/2003 3:31:26 PM
good short filter ...I don't know how to write itWBUFFET101411/25/2003 8:54:35 AM
DE-TREND IS YOUR FRIENDrisjr111/23/2003 12:24:52 PM
great bottom fisher filter taking strength and finding botto...holygrail811/21/2003 8:36:13 PM
mika's Rainy Day Filtermika911/21/2003 8:09:43 PM
Help: How to have part of larger filter statement occur in p...jim_c_hill011/16/2003 11:08:45 PM
looking for a special short filterWBUFFET101411/11/2003 11:06:23 AM
THis guys filter ...cdrudek111/8/2003 4:55:49 PM
Biggest 1 day gainer filterjordage811/7/2003 2:37:48 AM
SF Muddy Method boardtodddunning711/6/2003 7:10:24 PM
Filter help requestDasKapital011/6/2003 12:25:20 PM
Filter Help ,,,cdrudek111/6/2003 2:27:51 AM
Infonrd1exr011/4/2003 8:50:21 PM
Looking for a good momentum screen ...xplorer2811/1/2003 3:11:13 PM
PARABOLIC SAR, THINK OUTSIDE THE BANDS!!risjr2210/31/2003 12:49:07 PM
the best 0f the mm manipulationholygrail1610/29/2003 11:50:59 PM
finding weekly double patterns and viewing them.stockmarket010/27/2003 12:38:06 PM
Linear Regressionwamphraywater610/26/2003 5:59:37 PM
WILDCARD FILTER!txtrapper1610/25/2003 8:48:10 PM
Astounding Filter!!JoeGrossinger610/24/2003 9:46:03 PM
Channel bottom or tops - can this be shown in columnwannaretire010/23/2003 6:11:26 PM
MACD - Price DivergenceJoeGrossinger110/20/2003 6:21:55 PM
mika's Dragon-Tail filtermika3710/20/2003 5:16:42 PM
Zig-Zag RulesJoeGrossinger510/15/2003 5:23:11 PM
the nr7 pattern definitionjimhsu010/15/2003 12:45:41 AM
New syntax for weekly/daily +xoverEWZuber010/13/2003 11:31:05 PM
filtersalhajri010/12/2003 4:22:39 AM
Looking at this filterjimhsu410/11/2003 1:05:05 AM
mika's V-neck filtermika1610/10/2003 7:04:27 PM
killer filter good for about 1-8 daysholygrail010/10/2003 5:01:39 PM
The Ultimate Ultimate dont bother posting anymore filters fi...JoeGrossinger2010/10/2003 9:14:08 AM
playing the dead cat bounce for big bucksholygrail110/8/2003 10:20:14 PM
explanation of pos divergencesholygrail310/8/2003 5:04:15 AM
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