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msg #122453
1/3/2015 4:23:06 PM


I know many of you still use this document for getting StockFetcher indicator help.

Sorry to say that the server is very old and tired and will be taken down soon. You should backup a copy of pages if you need to keep on accessing them.

I am not sure if or when I will put it back on-line. If enough folks really want it maybe I could find some other solution to providing this information.

-- Yepher

General Discussion · Is there anyone out here that can write this filter(s)?
msg #114985
8/20/2013 3:47:48 PM


You can display the two on the same chart by doing something like this:

set{sym1, ind(spy, close)}
set{sym2, ind(gld, close)}

close equals sym1

add column sym1
add column sym2
draw sym1 on plot sym1
draw sym2 on plot sym1

See the "sym1,sym2" graph

I am not 100% sure what you meant by the other part of your question. You cannot automatically scan all stocks to see which ones cross and diverge. You can determine which ones are like oil to a specific water. To do that you need to use the crosses or converges some number of days and and diverging with ind(...). The symbol in "ind(...)" is the water and it will find the oil for you ;)

Filter Exchange · Excluding specific sector/industry
msg #114933
8/16/2013 8:27:13 PM

thank you.

General Discussion · 10 Stocks That Have Paid Uninterrupted Dividends Since 1899
msg #114932
8/16/2013 8:23:08 PM


Thanks for the information. Does the back test take into account dividends as part of gains or does it only look at stock price?

-- Yepher

General Discussion · 10 Stocks That Have Paid Uninterrupted Dividends Since 1899
msg #114918
8/16/2013 10:23:43 AM

This is not an exact match to the BDS stocks list but it is close.

General Discussion · 10 Stocks That Have Paid Uninterrupted Dividends Since 1899
msg #114913
8/16/2013 10:01:15 AM

I was reading the book "Little Book of Dividends - A Safe Formula for Guaranteed Returns".

This is the filter he calls "Payout Ratio".


Little Book of Big Dividends - Chapter 3 If Einstein was a Dividend Investor

Payout Ratio

Rules from chapter:
- Ignore stocks with payout ratio > 60%
- Find stocks with a Quadrix score above 75

set{ divYear, dividend }
set{earnings, Trailing EPS}

set{payoutRatio, divYear / earnings }
set{shares, 1000/close}
set{myVal, shares * divYear }

payoutRatio below .60

and earnings above 0
and divYear above 0
and myVal above 20
and volume above 100000
and since dividend below 95

set{ CurrDiv, dividend / close }
set{ CurrDivPct, CurrDiv * 100 }

add column payoutRatio
add column divYear
add column earnings{Yearly EPS}
add column since dividend {since_div}
add column eps
add column dividend {dividend}

add column dividend yield {div yield}
add column CurrDivPct{Current Div Pct}
add column myVal{Value}
add column industry
add column market


The books seems to give a good strategy for the Dividend focused investor.

Has any read the book or have experience with the BSD formula?

-- Yepher

Filter Exchange · Excluding specific sector/industry
msg #114902
8/15/2013 7:05:12 PM


This is a variation of what @four suggests. You could leverage the "buy", "sell", "hold" attributes to accomplish something like this.

Create a filter that gets the stocks you don't want to see. Mark each of those as "sell". Once they are marked you can then add this to any of your normal filters so those stocks will not be shown " and myrating is not sell"

Of course this assumes you are not already using the buy, sale, or hold attributes. This also assumes that other scans you may want to see those results.

My $.02
-- Yepher

StockFetcher 2.0 Beta · COAL STOCKS
msg #94784
7/14/2010 7:28:26 PM

Hmm, it should be under "Nonmetallic Mineral Mining".

apply to Industry(MINING - NON FERROUS)
and add column industry description
and add column industry

But that does not seem to return coal mining stock..

When I bring up a coal mining stock directly it reports the industry is "NA". This maybe a problem in SF.

volume equals ind(NCOCD,volume)
and close equals ind(NCOCD,close)
and add column industry description
and add column industry

General Discussion · World Cup (2010)
msg #94490
7/1/2010 11:44:48 PM

Maybe but I still love Brazil... Viva Brazil !!!!!!

General Discussion · I wonder how many subscribers left SF ?
msg #69443
11/30/2008 10:13:48 PM

Thank you for all the kind words.

I am glad the documentation has been helpful to you. I was wondering if anyone still finds it useful.

I have been meaning to update it. If it is useful I will add the missing items that were added since the last update.

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